Baby’s fifteen month update: Kipper will turn sixteen months in a weeks time and I have come to the conclusion that we can no longer call him a baby. He is a proper toddler, pretty confident on his feet nothing much fazes him and he’s even started to try and manage steps alone… although coming down front ways is less than ideal. I think part of me will always want another baby and its hard in some ways accepting that my baby days are over. But saying that although I miss new born snuggles it means more when they cuddle back.

Clothing Size – The 12-18 month clothes are already on the small side. As I write this from Italy I have realised this holiday that we will not be about to use the 18-24 month rompers in October should we go away again. Length wise they are okay but I struggle to get them over his shoulders and done up round the legs. They are hand me downs from Monkey and so may have shrunken a bit in the wash. T-shirt we are definitely into the 18-24 months, yet trouser wise he is 12-18 assuming there is some stretch, as he has the most adorable chubby little legs. Which reminds me I need to capture them on film before he looses that baby softness.

Teeth – Teeth wise we have them all apart from the four incisors and the four far back molars. I wanted to keep a record of when they came through but they’ve all come through so quickly that Im struggling to remember.

Health – Other than the asthma he’s going great. He will take his anti sickness pill in the morning without water now, just literally swallow it down. I don’t even like going that. We’ve had a trip to A&E this month after he fell over at nursery and hit the top of his eye on the rabbit hutch. Thankfully we got away with it and its just affected his eye lid. They glued the cut but to be honest I am not sure it really needed it. Its healed and scared but hopefully over time the purple line will fade. With his personality I always expected an early trip to A&E but I did not expect it at 15 months!

Loves – We have a new found love of steps, the more up and down the better. He will spend ages repeating an action learning everytime. He especially likes the ones in my mums house an has now learnt to come down backwards.

He’s fascinated by animals having learnt the word Doggy and Cat. As soon as he sees one he will stop what he’s doing and point at it saying its name. He’s not brave enough to go up to them yet (which is just as well) but I am sure it will not take long. He’s also developed a love for Ducks, another word that he has learnt.

TV remote controls. We have an old one that Monkey use to enjoy playing with, only Kippers a bit too smart for that and realises its not a ‘real’ one. Worryingly he’s already learnt to point it towards the TV and press a button.

He still has a preference for the outside and I have already stocked up on wellies and a waterproof in anticipation of Autumn coming.

Playing with his older brother, when we looked around some ruins in Italy the other day he would search for his brother calling in a sing song voice. Monkey would then jump out from behind a doorway or wall and run up to him. Kipper would chuckle with delight and the whole game would start again.

Hates – Still prefers to feed himself and he’s getting there with his spoons. He doesn’t like feeling like he is missing out. If Monkey is outside he wants to be outside. If Monkey was in the pool on holiday he wants to be in the pool. Even though is cold and actually he doesn’t really want to be in the pool. He will still insists on it.

Surprisingly he has dealt with reins quite well so far. I did think that he would hate them but because of the fact it enables him to get out of the buggy he’s not been too bad.

Habits – He brings his sandals to me when he wants to go outside and sits down and waits for me to put them on. He’s learnt how to take them off himself already pulling back the velcro straps and shaking them off.

In the mornings he would use to cry for you to go and get him but more recently he will lay in his cot and sing. Although its pretty illegible there is a definite tune to row, row, row your boat, ba ba blacksheep and old macdonald.

He is getting more attached to his dummy and likes to have at least three or four to choose from at bedtime. He will also go to sleep holding one, although I have been trying to encourage the use of a muslin. When he’s tired he will lay down on something soft and go ahhhhh. Although naptimes during the day are still an issue.

Hes started using all sorts of expressions, snorting an turning his nose up when he doesn’t like something. He has also started growling when he’s angry or excited. Which can be hilarious.

Milestones & Firsts – Just before the Summer break I took Kipper to his first Music Bus Class which he loved. He’s really into music, dancing and singing to himself and us when give the option so I think he will really love it over time. We’ve had our first trip to Italy, we took Monkey at a similar age.

Development – Will say Ta now when he wants something although hasn’t grasped the concept of ‘more’ yet. He’s getting much better physically on his feet and will run off quite happily. Loves to climb anything in sight. He’s constantly babbling and will have a conversation with you in Kipper speak. We are reviewing a little trike which he likes to sit on and he’s getting the idea of pushing himself a long slowly. He’s also starting to retaliate if Monkey annoys him, which is interesting to watch and I am wondering if it might not necessarily be him that will come off worse when confronted.

Eating – We have finally dropped a bottle – yay! He no longer requires his 11pm bottle. Which I think maybe the beginning of moving away from formula – the question is which milk is best? Kipper has always had a sweet tooth especially when it comes to fruit. We have also been trying some soya chocolate desert which is extremely rich but he loves it. I am more concerned with the move towards ‘white’ foods. Still not a lover of potatoes anything ready goes down well. I swear he would live on breadsticks and brioche given the choice. Yet he still seems to like strong flavours including pesto which he has tried on holiday. Not a lover of water melon though.

Sleeping – Kipper will now self settle most nights an very rarely wakes up. I think going forward I will be removing this item from our updates unless regression happens… eek.

Toys – He’s been favouring his metal spinning top these last few weeks and push along Monkey, which he likes to take everywhere with him. Although he can’t work it he also brings the jack in the box over to me a lot and sits patiently for it to pop up. We have been sent a toddler bike to review which he is very interested in and I think maybe come a firm favourite as he loves anything physical. After going to music bus for the first time I think it maybe time to get the musical instruments out too.

Favourite Outfit – I brought some new t-shirts for our holiday in Next and really love the farm one which has featured a fair amount on my Instagram feed. I am struggling to get photos of him as he’s moving so much now that I buy an outfit with that in mind and fail miserably. I also really love the cotton all in one with the jungle animals on it although the weather will be too cold for it once we return home from Italy.

Words – Duck, cat, dog (pepper), bye bye – with a wave

Things I don’t want to forget – Cuddles, although quite physical he will often lean in for cuddles and go awww as he does it. The way he screws his nose up and snorts at you if you try to give him something he doesn’t like to eat.

Looking forward to … dressing him up in a spooky outfit for Halloween, especially as we maybe away for the occasion.


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