I am not sure why but I use to be a lot more organised when I didn’t have kids. Although there is a probably one hundred and one reasons for this, I do think the main one is that I am constantly running from one thing to the next. From nursery drop off, to work, to school pick up, to after school clubs, to swimming…At the weekend we are juggling trying to clean, tidy, quality time as a family of four, birthday parties, seeing grandparents… The list goes on.

It does mean that sometimes (read …quite often) that I am shoving snacks in the backpack as I run out the door. Although I would love to be the person with lots of different pots of various pre prepped and pre cut snacks it just isn’t me. I have realised that as a parent you have to play to your strengths and then fly by the seat of your pants with the rest. Which is why I was glad when we were sent some GoGo squeeZ to try out. They are perfect for a busy family life like ours. It also means that I have something to hand which is healthy. Rather than succumbing to the crisps and the chocolate while out and about.

Although launching in the UK this year the company behind GoGo squeeZ actually originated in Northern France in 1881. They launched their first fruit in a pouch in 1998 and just ten years later sold over one million pouches in the US. Their heritage gives me confidence that they know what they are doing.

GoGo squeeZ have three fruit flavours and two yogurt ones. The fruit are apple, apple & strawberry and apple mango. Kipper loves all three flavours. I love that it is 100% fruit with no nasties. I also really like the tops on these compared to some of the others on the market. They have a paddle either side which means although Kipper will still chew them and try to get them in his mouth when I am not looking. Its harder than the round topped ones you get elsewhere. GoGo squeeZ also have two yoghurt flavours – banana and strawberry. Monkey has been trying theses out because of Kipper not being able to have dairy.

One of the massive benefits of the yoghurt pouches is that you don’t need a fridge to store them in! Only once open should they be kept int he fridge and consumed within 24 hours. Not that I have to worry as I don’t think they even touch the sides. Neither child leaves any! I did wonder how they achieved yoghurt that doesn’t need to be in fridge as it goes against everything my mum has ever told me. But on the back of the packet it shows you how they produce the pouches and was enough to put my mind at rest.

A couple of other things worth noting is that due to being able to preserve the pouches at ambient room tempter during the pasteurisation process means that there is no additional preservatives added. Both also meet the standards for fruit snacks in school in England, Scotland and Wales. So they are perfect for his lunch boxes too.

Both GoGo squeeZ varieties have been a huge hit with the boys, we will definitely be looking to squeeze more goodness into our days. If you would like to as well then they are now available at Tesco a pack of four costs £2.55 which is also cheaper than the market leader.Signature

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  1. Tracy Nixon Reply

    These sound great for packed lunches, picnics and when out and about. Pouches seem to be so popular these days and are so easy to reseal and they are not bulky to carry even when empty!

  2. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Great for ALL our adventures
    Great for packed lunches too

  3. fiona waterworth Reply

    Never seen these in our local shops but we give our children fubes

  4. Karen Usher Reply

    So easy and great for days out when you don’t have much room in the bag, or even on a plane if they go under the 100ml criteria!

  5. My son would love the apple and mango; he is digging mango at the moment

  6. Laura Kevlin Reply

    You had me at ‘you don’t need a fridge to store them’! 🙂 These sound fab and a great mess-free way of getting fruit into the little ones when out and about. Like you, I am not a Bento-box kind of Mum!

  7. Deborah Mackenzie Reply

    Such a good idea and that they don’t need refrigerating is awesome as they can be packed and taken on days out.

  8. So handy and a real bonus that they are not clumpy as my backpack is always both full and heavy with children’s stuff.

  9. Sian Buckingham Reply

    My little ones love yogurts! Bet these would go down a treat!

  10. I like the sound of these – especially not having to keep the yogurt one in the fridge until opened, that would be very handy for when we go out and want snacks to take without having to take ice blocks!

  11. vivian allman Reply

    these look so handy for our trips out to the park and loving the pikachu top!!!

  12. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    They sound really good; I love that they’re so portable and don’t have special storage requirements if you want to take them out and about.

  13. THis would be so handy no matter where you go! I think it’s a very good idea

  14. nolene oneill Reply

    My daughter loves these! when she was younger i found a shelf full of the disposable screw on spoons in tesco which where great as she had got in to the habit of squirting it everywhere for a laugh

  15. Gill Mitchell Reply

    They look delicious, I’m sure my two children would love them too.

  16. Natalie Gillham Reply

    Great for kids and for mum as they also keep them entertained without mess!

  17. Hayley Todd Reply

    These looks so cool! They are perfect for taking out and about on days out!

  18. caroline tokes Reply

    These look great and handy for packed lunches or trips out

  19. jackie grout Reply

    Ideal for packed lunches or when in a real hurry and made of good ingrediance too x

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