Fred Pressure Fit Clear Stairgate Review: Kipper is at that age where he’s too young to negotiate with but clearly knows what he wants. In fact I get the impression that he could be a little bit of a handful as he grows up. The face he pulls when he’s not happy at the moment is comical and we’ve already had the first throw myself on the floor and kick tantrum. He’s also very inquisitive helping himself to the contents of the cupboards, turning on the washing machine and playing with the dishwasher. The real concern though is the cooker. He’s obsessed. Monkey never showed any interest in anything in the kitchen so its come as a little bit of a shock. This has lead us to realise that we need to put another stairgate in.
If I am honest its something which I really didn’t want to do. I am not overly house proud but I just think stairgates are ugly. We’ve tried the metal ones and the wood effect ones in our time as parents and they were functional. They did their job. What I wanted this time round though was something that looked nice as well. Especially as our house tends to be the back drop for photos, I can just imagine every one of our Christmas photos having the stair gate in.
And thats when I discovered the Fred Pressure Fit Clear Stairgate. As far as stair gates go it really is beautiful. The panel is made of crystal clear professional grade acrylic. I like that I can see through into the other room. Being a little workers cottage our house can seem a but dark in the lounge. The acrylic lets the light shine through from our double aspect kitchen. When sitting in either room its almost possible to forget that its even there. Kipper of course is not overly impressed with the introduction of the gate. Yet its not needed cleaning anywhere as much as I thought it would. Somehow the sticky finger prints and face marks don’t seem that bad. Of course it will need cleaning more than your traditional stairgate but I am happy to do this for something that looks so unobtrusive.
As its a pressure gate it needs to be fitted with wallcups. It comes with both an adhesive fittings and the option to screw them into the door frame. Hubby fitted it in around ten minutes. The stairgate itself is expandable and can fit a gap between 75 cm and 96.5cm. There are two extensions which come in the kit, although you can extend it further to 124cm by added up to another four extension pieces. These are available separately.
There is an Accu-Fit indicator which helps you toe ensure the gate has been installed properly. As you fit the gate to the wall and tighten it up the indicator disappears, so basically when you can’t see the red line anymore then you know that its fitted properly. There is also a magnetic spirt level included in the fixtures so you can make sure its straight. I was also particularly impressed with the glow in the dark strip which fits on the bottom, as I am forever stubbing my toes on the one we have at the top of our stairs!
We have set up our stairgate to swing either way, but there re some clear plastic wedges included so you can opt for one way only if you wanted. Its easy of use and its possible to open and close it with one hand which is great as I undoubtedly have my hands full. Monkey at five struggles to open it as he does not have the strength in his hands. Sometimes this can be an advantage! Although I know he finds it frustrating so that is something to bear in mind if you have older siblings.
Of course the most important thing about the stairgate is how it measures up on the safety side of things. You will please to know that not only does it look lovely, it also exceeds the safety standards – EN1930. At 77cm high its the perfect height for Kipper as he can’t climb over it like he tries to do with everything else in the house.
I am really happy with our new stairgate, I just wish I had discovered these when I had Monkey. The Fred Pressure Fit Clear Stairgate is available to buy online from Cheeky Rascals at £120. If you would like one to use at the top of the stairs they have a screw fit one without the bottom bar for £150.

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We were given a Fred Pressure Fit Clear Stairgate  for the purpose of this review all opinions are my own


  1. I seen this product on your Instagram feed and I loved the look of it, it looks so much better than the usual stair gate. I will be remembering this product when Alfie is the move!

  2. Oh I had this on your Instagram feed and thought what a clever little stairgate it was. I wish these had been around when I needed them. Such a good idea and I don’t why anyone didn’t invent one like this earlier!

  3. I’m so jealous that these are now available just we come to the end of needing stair gates. These are brilliant and so much better than any I’ve seen before. I’m letting my cousin know about them as it won’t be long before she will need some and these are great x

  4. That is a really lovely stair gate. We have the ugly ones in our house, and I know it’s not going to be long before the toddler can climb over them either… I don’t think he would be able to with these though!

  5. I always felt like the stair gates made our house seem smaller and closed off, but this keeps it all quite open plan!

  6. I love this stair gate. It looks a lot better than the horrible white things we had. I’ll have to remember this if I ever have any more x

  7. That stair gate looks amazing. I love the look it. You’re right – most stair gates are ugly but this looks really stylish. I think the idea of an indicator to tell you when it’s fitted properly and the glow in the dark tape on the bottom are really clever additions. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  8. Ooh I loved this when I saw it on insta! What a fab idea to make stairgates less of an eye sore and more in keeping with your home. It looks great and certainly seems to do the job!

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