Moving into the toddler room at nursery: And in a blink of an eye I don’t have a baby anymore! If I am honest Ive not had a baby for quite some time, Kipper turned seventeen months this weekend. So he is very much a toddler. Yet knowing he was still in the baby room at nursery helped me to still hold back the inevitable at least for a while. A week or so ago his key worker mentioned he would be going into the next room soon. I hadn’t really given it much thought with so much going on at home. But then last week when I went to pick him up they told me he was in that room….

Its not as if they hadn’t given me warning, its just it hadn’t registered or if it had I had decided to ignore it. Walking from the baby room to the other it hit me, Kipper had started his settle sessions in the toddler room. I was no longer a mother of a baby but a developing, lively toddler. I left feeling quite emotional. I also felt irrational like someone had decided my last baby was no longer a baby and surely that was something only I could decide? I am not sure I made a great first impression on his new key worker as I literally demanded my son and busily set about putting his shoes on so we could leave as quickly as possible. I didn’t really care what he had been up to that day or that he was fine in the new room. I just wanted to leave. As it also dawning on me that I would miss the cosyiness of the baby room the chats with the ladies, the toddler room had far more kids in it. Which also means more parents at picking up and dropping off, more harassment more stress. There would be no time to talk about what everyone got up to at the weekend.
Of course he’s going to be fine in that room, and if I look at it logically he’s more than ready to move up. He’s on his feet, he’s confident, and he’s starting to talk. In fact his first settle session he walked round saying hiya to everyone. Physically he’s quite big so he looks like he fits in too. I know he will enjoy the explorations and messy play they get up to in the toddler room. I also know that in time he will move out of the toddler room into the preschool room and I will go through the same emotions. But until then both he and I need to learn to embrace the change and look for the positives. Yes the baby months have gone, but the toddler months are by far my favourite and we need to make the most of every single one of them.


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  1. It’s so much bigger for us than for them isn’t it? He’ll be fine but it’s the realisation that he’s so big now!! Bless him x

  2. Aww each milestone comes with some level of heartache as a Mummy I think. He’ll blossom in the toddler room and learn so much from the older children 🙂

  3. I remember when my daughter first reached this milestone and i admit i felt so sad – time passes so quickly and i am sure he will do so well in the toddler room x

  4. Wowzers time flies so fast…funny though usually they are fine and it’s usually us parents who overthink it. In any case god luck with the move! x

  5. This moment is always so bittersweet isn’t it? I’m a nursery nurse, so I see these transitions every week and don’t worry, you’re not alone it’s the same for everyone as I think transitioning from a baby to a toddler is always the biggest jump.

  6. I’m sure the new experiences and stimulation will suit him. I can understand how unsettling it is for you though!

  7. Gosh I remember when my son moved up from the baby to toddler room. Like you I’d be warned but suddenly that’s the room I collected him from. The biggest move to effect me was the move into preschool. That shocked me!

  8. awww, a milstone! my youngest just started walking, it’s so exciting to see them moving into a new era, but sad for those baby days that we say good by to

  9. AElaine Skye Clark Reply

    It’s really difficult , but try to cherish this time….they grow so fast.?

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