Pumpkin Patches UK – Reviewed by Parents: Its the season pumpkin pictures seem to be popping up on Instagram all over the place. It feels early this year but that could be because I am envious of all the beautiful pictures. So if you are a parent also looking for pumpkin pictures I guess the question is which one? Well I thought it would be helpful to round up some of the pumpkin patches that other parents have visited and written about. Ive tried to cover as many counties as possible and if you have come across one I am missing then please let me know ion the comments and I will get it added.

Pumpkin Patches – Sussex

  • Slindon Pumpkin Festival – We have an Autumn tradition in the Mudpie Friday house which is to visit Slindon Pumpkin Festival. We have been every year since Monkey was born. We have a picture of him at 4 months old sitting in a pumpkin, which is a Slindon Pumpkins, pumpkin! I was secretly hoping to get one for Kipper today, but he’s quite a bit bigger than Monkey and even their extra large ones were too small.

Pumpkin Patches – Hampshire

  • Pickwell Farm – We also picked our own corn too which was so cool – I’ve never picked corn before. Though I have to admit the corn section was a little creepy looking. I think we’ve all see too many scary movies! Rachel from IllustartedTeaCup.com
  • National Forest Adventure Farm – They have a pumpkin patch this year alongside all the other farm activities they offer. We have been before and used to go quite regularly when Eva was little as they have a huge softplay area with slides inside too. We had yearly passes then and would meet with friends – before the days of school runs and peak times – and I have so many fond memories of those days that do not feel that long ago, yet our ‘babies’ are all now nearly 6! Laura at LittleLadiesBigWorld.co.uk
  • Bourne Valley Pick Your Own – We finished off our pick your own pumpkin hunt with a play in the small playground and chatter with the ducks. Lara AdventuresofaMum.com

Pumpkin Patches – Herdforshire

  • Willows Activity Farm – If you live in and around London this maybe a good option but make sure you book your tickets in advance. Mel at LeCoindelMel.com

Pumpkin Patches – Essex

  • Colchester Pumpkin Patch – There were pumpkin activities to take part in but Ethan and Little E were happy to walk around and look at all of the pumpkins. There was a Maize Trail that we thankfully didn’t get lost in and the children enjoyed walking around. Jane at MyLittleEscapades.com

Pumpkin Patches – Kent

  • Sevington Nr Ashford Pick Your Own – Easily located (it’s just off the M20 and well signposted), we parked up and got ready for our pumpkin picking adventure. This was our first year, as honestly I never even realised these kind of places existed in the UK! Emily at EmilyandIndiana.com
  • Beuncle Farm – It took us about an hour and twenty minutes to drive to the Beluncle PYO farm, near Rochester, Kent. It was so worth the trip, even though weather was cold and very overcast and I did think that we may get wet at any point.

– Pumpkin Patches – Cambridgeshire

  • Hill Farm Pick Your Own –  The farm had a really good display of pumpkins. If you needed ideas on how to design less traditional pumpkins then they had some great ideas. In particular I love their Nemo and Dory ones. Jaymee at TheMumDiaries.co.uk

Pumpkin Patches – Staffordshire

  • Bednall – We’ve been going for the last three years – ever since the girls have been old enough to know what it’s all about.  It’s become a bit of a family tradition and we really enjoy going. Picturetakermemorymaker.co.uk

Pumpkin Patches – Warwickshire

  • Hatton Country World – We make no secret of our love for Hatton World and we enjoyed their Water Wars over the summer so were delighted to be invited back for their annual Pumpkin Week in the run up to Halloween. LittleLilypad.co.uk

Pumpkin Patches – Yorkshire

  • York Maze – Looking for the golden ticket hidden in a pumpkin with Nikki at Yorkshirewonders.co.uk
  • Farmer Copleys – Earlier this week we decided to go pumpkin picking at Farmer Copleys in Pontefract. We went to the Pumpkin Festival last year and enjoyed it so much that we have decided to make it a yearly family tradition. Emma at TheyGrowSoQuick.com

Pumpkin Patches – West Midlands

  • Essington Farm – In October, Essington Farm have free tractor rides down to their pumpkin patch and families can walk amongst the crops to pick their own. Emma at MrsShilts.com

Pumpkin Patches – Oxfordshire

  • Millets Farm – One of our favourite days out is Millets Farm, its a journey I can just about cope with on my own with the girls and its a brilliant day out. That’s a win win for me. Laura at DearBearandBeany.com

Pumpkin Patches – Scotland 

  • Arnprior Pumpkins –  Is easy to find as the village is pretty much linear along the main road and there are plenty of signs pointing out where the parking is. Jenny at MonkeyandMouse.co.uk

Pumpkin Patches – Ireland

  • Kennedys Pumpkin Patch – They have the family tickets which are 10 Euro or the single tickets which are 3 Euro. By the time I decided whether we go or not, the family tickets were sold out.  Janine at JaninesLittleWorld.com

Happy pumpkin hunting everyone.


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  1. I never went to a pumpkin patch until I was an adult. I grew up in Hawai’i and we didn’t have any there. #BloggerClubUK

  2. L is desperate to go pumpkin picking this year so I shall have to try and find one near us. #bloggerclubuk

  3. The Halloween season has come a long way since I was dressed in a binbah with a bought plastic mask slapped on my face. Saying that this looks like great fun ?

  4. Great idea. Unfortunately, the East Midlands was missing. Hopefully lots of people will share ideas for the othe counties and you can repeat this next year. X #bloggerclubuk

  5. We love Millets and Hatton too, although Hatton is a bit of a trek to the field – they don’t provide wheelbarrows so take a buggy or wagon unless you opt for smaller pumpkins or take a strong man with you.

  6. Loving the photos appearing of these pumpkin patches and there certainly seems to be one for everyone. #BloggerClubUK

  7. Nicola - Clarke Life Reply

    Visiting a pumpkin patch is on my to do list for this weekend but there don’t seem to be any in Northamptonshire. Reckon we’ll be making a bit of a longer journey to one of these so thanks for sharing! #bloggerclubUK

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