I am a little obsessed with recording memories of the boys and our lives. I tend to hoard keepsakes and I have lost count of the number of photos which I have taken over the last five years. I think theres around 20,000 on my laptop currently! Which when I come to think about it seems a bit strange. You see I keep a lot of paperwork for the boys, baby journals, birthday books and questionnaires, nursery diaries, school assembly pamphlets, pictures and drawings. But I never seem to print any of the pictures. The odd photo may make it into a frame, but other than that I never look at photo of the boys. I had forgotten all about this one of Monkey covered in black paint. He looks so young. I love this photo, yet I had forgotten all about it.

When I looked back over the 20,000 photos on my MAC there are a lot of pictures of both boys that I have forgotten about. Theres also a lot of rubbish ones – which are at the wrong angles or  a little fuzzy. I don’t have time to search through all the out takes, through the different date or location files. I am constantly juggling family and work as it is, so accessing memories for me needs to be easy. Which is where Optimalprint comes in. They have developed a quick and easy photo flipbook which you can create on your phone.

Its possible to import the photos directly from your social medial accounts and since I am such a fan of Instagram this really appeals to me. I love my Instagram feed and spend a lot time making sure the photos I share are as beautiful as they can be. But again I never print them. Creating a Flipbook can be done in a matter of minutes. By selecting the photos you want to upload, adding a title and choosing a cover before proceeding to payment. The photos are automatically put into the book in date order and there is the option to swap them around if you would like. Designed in a 20cm x 20cm format they are perfect for Instagram and square photos. I decided to use the photos I took while we were in Tuscany to create our book. It was a special holiday for us and we made so many memories. Having them in photo book format not only will allow me to remember these special moments but also share them with family.

Once my Flipbook was completed I was able to log into my account from my mobile and view it electronically. Not only that but I can send it on to  friends and family so that they can view it and order their own copies if they would like. Printed in the UK, Optimalprint promise to get your book to your door within seven days and this promise extends to the EU and Norway too.

I was really pleased with my Flipbook when it turned up the quality was second to none, it took me a little by surprise considering the price. I really wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I do. The colours are amazing and look exactly like my photos do on screen. There is no misprinting and the definition on the photos is really sharp. The cover is substantial and the paper is thick. I can really imagine a series of these on my book shelves one for every month of the year.

In my mind is how creating a photo book should be, with no concerns about designing layouts or lining up photos to make it all just so. Its a far cry from when I spent hours compiling a photo book of our honeymoon pre kids and pre juggling act. Its should be a quick process something I can do in front of the TV or while I am on social media. Ater all the most important thing is that it takes the photos off my laptop and phone and put them into paper format. Helping me store those memories of the kids in my memory bank for when I am old and grey and need the photos to remind me of all our happy times.

Optimalprint Flipbooks are available to order on line through their website, a 60 page books starts at just £24 which is amazing value when you consider the ease and the quality. Optimalprint are offering my readers as 50% discount up to the 31st of October so why not try them out for yourself and use Mudpie50 at checkout. I can see me making another one of our half term adventures.

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  1. Tee Simpson

    I love the idea of photobooks as I dont really print picture. Be a lovely keepsake too

  2. paula cheadle

    I have a few photo books, they are very good

  3. paula cheadle

    I have a few photo books, they are very good

  4. Random Musings

    This is amazing. So professional looking!

  5. You have reminded me to investigate photo books for Christmas gifts. Thank you.

  6. Kerry Kilmister

    oh this is lovely! I love recording every family memory too, so that I can look back on them

  7. Lorna Ledger

    Lovely idea, I think these are prefect for family memories

  8. five little doves

    Ahh this is lovely! I LOVE photo books, I try hard to make them every few months but you know what it’s like, sometimes a year passes and I’ve never got round to it. This does look fab, I’m going to get some made before Christmas! xx

  9. Nicola | Mummy to Dex

    I love this! I usually buy my Grandma a photo book for Christmas as she isn’t massive on technology, so it’s a lovely way for her to keep memories of Dex. Thanks so much for offering the discount, I’ll be sure to use it as it works out so cheap!

  10. Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    I love a photobook and I used to be really good at doing them each year, but life got busy and I haven’t done any for years. I must correct that as I know I will regret it otherwise. I love that you can do it on your phone, this will mean I might actually do it x

  11. Oh I love your photobook. We are big fans of them and they also make for fantastic gifts. I also love that you can do it from your phone. It means that you can do it on your morning commute if you are sat on the train or bus.

  12. Emma Raphael

    I think you and I are very similar when it comes to the amount of photographs I have on a system. I am slowly getting organised with photobooks too. This company sound really good!

  13. Michelle Twin Mum

    I have thousands upon thousands of images too. My son is now 14 and thats 14 years of photos! I have started to make photo books (I printed the best ones out and made albums up to 4 years ago!) as they make lovely gifts or keepsakes. Mich x

  14. What a lovely way to capture all your memories 🙂 will definitely look into this x

  15. Margaret Gallagher

    Amazing way to keep memories
    I’ll have a look

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