Monopoly Gamer Edition Review: My name is Clare and I have a confession to make, I love Monopoly. I use to play it a lot as a child and I have always secretly wanted to visit all the property names in London and get a photo of us as family standing next to the street signs. I think as a house we now own four different sets, the traditional red and white with the metal playing pieces and tatty notes. A Brighton Edition from when Hubby and I first got together and we use to live there, as well as an Ultimate Banking set which we reviewed last year and is perfect for Monkey to play. And now the new Monopoly Gamer Edition. I was secretly excited to review this as it combined not only my love for monopoly but also another icon from my childhood – Mario! So how did we get on?

So firstly whats changed? Actually quite a bit:

Like other more recent editions there is no paper money instead you move around the board picking up and dropping (especially in my case) coins. If you can imagine those little yellow coins from the computer game then you are spot on. There are single coins and those which are worth five coins.

The playing pieces are the characters from the video game – Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong and Yoshi. There are only four playing pieces but if you want to extend the number you can buy additional characters. Which maybe a good idea if you want to get strategic.

The board is a similar layout with the properties named after the games and characters as you would expect although there feels like a smaller number of spaces and each ‘set’ of properties only includes two. Once you own both you can charge double rent. There are no hotels so you need to keep an eye on who has what otherwise you may miss rent due to you. I get the impression that this could be the point, as its meant to be quite fast paced. You also have to either buy or auction each property you land on which means the properties can get brought up pretty quickly.

There are no electricity works or train stations instead there are ‘star’ spaces (is it only me that suddenly hears that annoying music when I think of Mario jumping up to get a star) and the green teleport tube spaces. The star space will give you extra coins, although how many will depend on your character and the tubes allow you to move around the board at pace.

The inclusion of a power up die. This is rolled at the same time as the normal dice and deepening on what is rolled it can mean all players need to drop a coin, the player picks up three coins or an opponent must drop three coins on the space they are currently on. As you pass across spaces with coins on them you get to add them to your pile.

Chance cards and community chest cards have been replaced by Boss cards which you either pick up as you pass go or if you land on the green tubes. There are eight boss cards in total and only once all these are completed or passed on does the game end.

The winner is the person who has the most points – points are derived from coins, property and beating the boss cards! When we first started playing the game I did think that it wouldn’t be long until we went bankrupt but actually the game tends to last a good hour and a half.

I know that sounds like quite a lot of changes and to be honest the first time we read the instructions it did feel like a lot to take in. But within a couple of games we got the hang of it and the new features soon became second nature. Monkey loves a game of monopoly too, but at the age of five he tends to pair up with one of us. Not surprising since the recommended age is 8+.

Things we love:

  • Monopoly have brought strategy back into the game, since each character has its own super power which interacts differently with different squares on the board and the dice. Since you are doing two things each move – moving spaces and using the power up die, its best to consider which one you want to use first, as you can get different results. A couple of times the first time we played I missed out on picking up coins because I moved first and then used the power up.
  • There is a lot of detail in the playing pieces, and I like that you can purchase additional ones which will change the game because of the different special abilities. It also opens the game up to more than four players.
  • Although initially there is a lot to take in with instructions once you start playing its actually quite straightforward and I don’t think it will be long until Monkey will be able to play alone.
  • I really like just how different the Gamer Edition is to traditional monopoly, yes you still need to go round the board and buy properties but there are so many little things in keeping with the gamer theme.

We really enjoy playing Monopoly Gamer, which has an RRP of £28.99. I can fast see it becoming Monkey’s new favourite game. You can buy Monopoly Gamer from all good toy retailers and online with Amazon.


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  1. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Loving the new look – perfect addition to our games night fun

  2. Oh I haven’t seen this one before! We love Monopoly and have all kinds of versions of it but not this one! You can’t beat a game of Monopoly and I’m sure any gamers will love this edition, it looks like you did!

  3. Jessica Woods Reply

    This looks like great fun definitely would get the kids interested

  4. fiona waterworth Reply

    We love monopoly at christmas and have the christmas set,

  5. sarah mcvicar Reply

    we have the original. hubby always wins though, this looks fun,xx

  6. Lorna Ledger Reply

    Love this, it would get younger people interested in playing a board game!

  7. I used to love monopoly when I was younger. My kids love anything Mario but are too young for this at the moment. I can’t wait to play it when they’re a bit older though.

  8. Sarah Austin Reply

    Monopoly is still our favourite game! We now have a card version too!


    This looks great, love the little figures that you can be

  10. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    I haven’t seen this version of monopoly, it looks great and brings back memories I loved playing Mario etc when I was a child and monopoly xXx

  11. Tracy Nixon Reply

    I’m loving the new and updated look – I think I am tempted!….

  12. Kerry Kilmister Reply

    My teenage son is a big gamer. I’m thinking this might appeal to him!!

  13. Samantha Mann Reply

    I havne seen this edition before! Looks great… hubby would love it as well as the kids

  14. ceril roberts Reply

    This is a good way to get children more involved in board games by incorporating characters from video games – cool!

  15. This looks great. Monopoly is my favourite board game of all time. I wasn’t very good at maths, but was always the banker in Monopoly and it helped loads with my mental arithmetic.

  16. ellie spider Reply

    oh this looks awesome – i love that the characters have different abilities

  17. This is supercool. Monopoloy is one of, if not my favourite board game. What a good way of getting the kids off the console and playing traditional board games.

  18. Hayley Colburn Reply

    I love all the different editions of monopoly, we have a back kto the future one

  19. sharon stanley Reply

    It’s great that it combines characters from computer games as well as a traditional game. I might just be able to tear my fiance from his PS4 for a bit

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