Oregon Scientific AR Day & Night Globe Review: Monkey has a real interest in maps ever since we got one of the UK which we stick pins in very time we visit somewhere new. Yet until now I haven’t introduced him to the concept of a globe. He knows the world is round but he’s not had the chance to play with a globe before now. That is until we were sent the Oregon Scientific AR Day & Night Globe.

I am not sure who was more excited about its arrival me or him! Ive always secretly wanted a globe since I was tiny. The globe comes fully assembled with little packaging. On the bottom of the stand there is an on/off switch. It does not have a power cable instead it is operated by battery power or can be charged by a USB cable. One thing to be aware of and is my only tiny gripe is that it doesn’t come with the three AAA batteries or a USB lead. I think its a great idea that it can be charged by a USB cable so it is a bit of a disappointment that there was not one included in the box.

The globe is the perfect size for those just starting to take an interest in geography. The printing is clear and the colours are bright and inviting. Monkey enjoyed spinning it around initially talking about the places we had visited. But it wasn’t long until we were downloading the accompanying app. Which you can get free in the App Store. We put it onto an iPad but I think in hindsight it maybe easier to use on a  phone.  Monkey struggled to hold the iPad and click the app at the same time so a phone would be better for little hands.

The app allows you to ‘unlock augmented reality content, all Monkey needs to do is select the options he would like and run the iPad across the globe. There are four to choose from – dinosaurs, animals, climate and landmarks. No surprise that dinosaurs were Monkey’s favourite choice. Once you have a dinosaur, on the globe if you tap it then app will tell you all about the dinosaur and its location. Monkey was mesmerised! Exploring the app further revealed that there is also a quiz, challenges and flag games. There are over 400 pieces of information contained within the app. The Oregon Scientific AR Day & Night Globe is far from a normal globe.

We’ve not mastered it yet and I think thats because we were using the iPad but its also possible to take a photo of the dinosaur or animal and then transpose them onto another surface. Monkey thought it was great that he could hold a dinosaur in his hand!

My favourite part of the globe is the fact that you can also see 88 constellation by night! It acts a super cool night light at bedtime. Monkey loves looking at the stars so its nice to be able to see the constellations in picture form. Rather than just pin pricks in the sky. We have started to point them out to him too, which is expanding his knowledge further.

The Oregon Scientific AR Day & Night Globe is suitable for children ages 5 with an RRP of £39.99, although available with Amazon for £29.99. Monkey has really enjoyed playing with the Oregon Scientific AR Day & Night Globe and I know we are going to get a lot more use out of it going forward. I can really see it supporting his learning at school as he gets older. It would make a great Christmas present as its the gift that keeps giving and has real longevity plus the practical side of a lamp.


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We were given a Oregon Scientific AR Day & Night Globe for the purpose of this review all words and opinions are my own.


  1. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Great way to learn my nephews have something similar too

  2. This looks so much fun and educational too! I can imagine my daughter would find it fascinating ?

  3. Wow what an incredible way to learn about the world….I love the fact that you can see all those constellations at night a budding star gazers dream!

  4. I like this so much I’m probably going to get one for my 7yr old for Christmas. He’s fascinated by the world map that he has on his wall, I’m sure he’d love one of these – thanks for sharing!

  5. This looks completely awesome. And the night time mode is out of this world ?

  6. I’ve secretly always wanted a globe too! I think this is a great way to learn about the world with your children and I’ll be keeping it in mind for when my son is a bit older. (If I can wait that long!)

  7. This looks great. I’ve been looking at something like this for my wee bit for Christmas. Think this might be just the thing.

  8. Sarah Austin Reply

    Great way to learn and I always forget where the smaller countries are!

  9. I love this, my oldest is very interested in where country’s are just as I was when I was younger. I am jealous of kids these days though there’s so many cool things that we didn’t have – I would have been thrilled if I’d had one of these!

  10. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    This looks like lots of fun and very educational, I think my children would love it xXx

  11. john prendergast Reply

    I remember having a light up globe when i was younger this looks good with the augmented reality content

  12. Carol Cross Reply

    My granddaughter is just getting interested in the world, the planet’s etc. Would love to get her a globe. All sorted for xmas so will have to be a birthday present

  13. Charlie Brunton Reply

    That’s an awesome idea! I’m sure my little sisters would love the interaction & the connection to a tablet! It’s strange that the usb cable wasn’t included though!

  14. This is a really good way to encourage them to learn whilst maintaining their attention. I’ve previously tried with an inflatable globe, but they just normally end up playing catch with it!

  15. paula cheadle Reply

    fantastic idea, perfect to learn where different places are

  16. anthony harrington Reply

    these look great! fun and educational, would make an excellent gift

  17. Anthea Holloway Reply

    I love this and the size is really good for children. They won’t even realise how much they are learning!

  18. david waterworth Reply

    I remember getting a globe for christmas, I just wish it had been as good as this one

  19. sarah mcvicar Reply

    Oh wow this looks fantastic. my son has an obsession with the world and the solar system at the moment. I’d love to get him this xx

  20. jo liddement Reply

    I love the fact that you can see the constellation by night. Overall this looks a fantastic globe for children to learn about Earth.

  21. Leila Benhamida Reply

    This is really good. Everything is turning digital nowadays. Love the size of globe.

  22. LYNN HEATH Reply

    My son would find this really fascinating – a great way to learn about the world

  23. Lyndsey Cooksey Reply

    This looks brilliant! My daughter would like this as it’s got the constellations on it too. Great to have in her bedroom

  24. Sian Hallewell Reply

    well just pressed on the amazon link to go investigate, this does look really good.got a 4 year old interested in the night sky, so possible present

  25. I grew up in a home with a globe on the TV so I love to see globes and maps and dream about visiting interesting places. This is a wonderful up-to-date take on globes for children.


    A fantastic globe, my grandson would love it, a brilliant way to learn about the world & constellations

  27. Sarah Pearce Reply

    My daughter would love this,she has started to show an interest in astronomy,and after starting secondary school this year she is enjoying geography. So this would come in useful for her and my ever inquisitive toddler!!!

  28. Hayley Colburn Reply

    I would have loved this when I was younger, when it comes to space and the planets though my son prefers things like star wars at the moment

  29. sharon stanley Reply

    I haven’t seen these before. I wish I had seen them before emptying my bank account for Christmas and two birthdays as would have made a great Christmas gift for our middle daughter, however her birthday is next july so I will be definitley grabbing one. What a great idea to incorporate AR into geographical learning.

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