We have a little tradition in the Mudpie Fridays household which is Friday night means curry night! Monkey will always ask for curry on a Friday night and although we don’t have it every week, but when we do he really enjoys it. Some weeks we will go out, some weeks we will cook in and others we will get the take out from the supermarket. If we are eating out Monkey will ask for either korma or butter chicken. Our local restaurant will take a bit of the spice out of the butter chicken as its more of a medium dish.

Kipper has also become a bit of a curry head and will help Monkey polish off his curry. When we do go out I like watching the faces of the other customers when they see us walk in with the boys. We always eat early when the restaurant opens but we still get the looks that we don’t really belong. Not that it bothers us. We have been going to our local restaurant now for over ten years and they are super kid orientated. Both of the owners have families of their own. We went this week and took some friends with us which meant we had more children than adults!


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  1. It is a lovely tradition to have and I know what you mean about the looks from others, it used to bother me but now I know that the children will be good and i don’t care quite so much! #TheOrdinaryMoments

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