We have some Christmas Traditions in the Mudpie house, one of which is picking out our Christmas tree. Normally we would go to a specific little place with a big red bus where we drink tea and eat cake. However this year the weather was so bad that none of us really felt like cutting down the tree. So we headed over to our local garden centre. Which also happened to be inside. After all we didn’t really want to take a wet tree into the living room.

Kipper now being 18 months thought it was brilliant running all over the place. Tumbling into the trees, stopping to touch and smell. He was fascinated. Mainly with the running probably. Our garden centre gives out chocolates and hot chocolate. Monkey was a bit more interested in the chocolates than then tree. Having moved the lounge around we had decided we would prefer a tall skinny tree. Although I like the short fat ones we don’t really have the space. I also like a tree with a bit of height between the branches so that decorations actually hang.

The garden centre tries hard and puts on a little display of stuffed reindeer and a nativity. Kipper was taken with the donkey that moved its head up and down and liked to pat it. So although its not as pretty as cutting our own. Its still a family milestone what I want to record as one day these two will be picking their own trees out…


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  1. It looks like such an adventure picking your tree. The children have never had a real one at home but I can see how it would be such a magical experience – and such a great tradition too! x

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