Review: Transformers The Last Knight Mega 1Step Changer Dragonstorm – Monkey is just starting to get into Transformers after we reviewed The Last Knight Radio Control Autobot Sqweeks. Monkey liked it but was a little disappointed that it didn’t actually ‘transform’ so I knew we would be onto a winner with the Dragonstorm. As it is a 1Step changer it means that it will go from dragon to knight in one easy mega step.

The box is quite large and the fact that you can test the toy in it meant that Monkey was extremely eager to get it out of the packaging! Thankfully the toy comes with ‘testing’ batteries included but our experience is that they last a long time and we have not needed to change them yet.

The Dragonstorm arrives in four pieces, the main transformer, two wings and a tail/ weapon. The wings do seem to fall off easily, but Monkey is not deterred by this. In order to change from dragon to knight all you need to do is to press and hold the lever on the back of the dragon. Then pull the lever forward and up to reveal the knight in one motion. Monkey finds it very easy to do.

You can see a purple coloured light in the top picture which appears when you transform or when you press the button on the knights chest. This is ‘Cyberfire’ technology. If you have any of the other transformers with this, then buy shining the light on them you will reveal hidden symbols.

Once in knight mode the tail becomes a sword for the knight to hold. Its possible to move the arms but the legs are not posable which is a shame.

Things we love:

  • Its the good quality that we expect from Hasbro. There is a lot of detail on the top itself and thought has been given to how the handle fits into it so that it doesn’t look out of place.
  • The button on the front which makes the knight talk – there are twenty phases and movie inspired sounds including mechanical ones, roaring (which is a particular favourite) and phases such as ‘three heads are better than one’. Sounds can also be heard when you pull the handle.
  • It includes batteries and is so easy to ‘transform’ that Monkey can do it all alone.
  • If your little one is transformer mad then you may want to look at the Hasbro Transformers Website which includes a number of games as well as other great activities.

I would like to see moveable legs and some other features for the money, as it costs £79.99. But if you child is transformers mad then I am sure they would not be disappointed. Monkey loves it and will quite happily play with it making up his own transformer games. He has asked if we could try out some other transformers so that we could have some ‘battles’. The Last Knight Mega 1Step Changer Dragonstorm is available from all good toy shops and from online retailers like Amazon.


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We were given The Last Knight Mega 1Step Changer Dragonstorm to enable us to write this review. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Alison Johnson

    This looks like something my Grandson would love. A very comprehensive review which would make me want to get it for him. So many toys promise a lot & deliver very little but this looks like he would have many hours of fun with it. Although I do think it’s a little on th expensive side.

  2. Sarah Austin

    looks great – my god son would love this!

  3. Tracy Nixon

    Looks like a fab toy for my sons birthday

  4. Rachel Atkinson

    Looks amazing – my godson would love this

  5. Kerry Taylor

    We’re not old enough for Transformers yet, but I’m looking forward to these sorts of cool toys!

  6. Lorna Ledger

    How cool is this?! good that it’s in four bits so they can feel clever by helping you to build it! My Niece and Nephew would certainly like it! Roar/Robot!

  7. Andi Gurney

    Love the fact it is a dragon, which mt daughter loves. When i looked at these in the shops they seemed quite limited for the price

  8. Tee Simpson

    Looks like a fab toy for my nephews birthday

  9. Natalie Crossan

    My daughter absolutely loves Transformers, she got a few for Christmas 😀

  10. jo liddement

    This looks like a thoughtful design with lots of buttons to press and lots of detail and i love the fact that batteries are included too.

  11. Sheila Reeves

    Lokks really well made, love the featues, especially the talking – seems to have more phrases than other similar priced toys

  12. Rebecca Mercer

    My son would love this, looks great fun

  13. Leila Benhamida

    Great size toy with hours of playtime. Love this type of toys for children to go wild with their imagination.

  14. Laura Lee

    This looks amazing my son would have loved something like this for Christmas i might have to keep an eye out and see if i can catch it in the sales ??

  15. Anthea Holloway

    What a super toy and I bet both girls and boys will enjoy playing with this. I know my grandchildren would love it.

  16. Tee Simpson

    This toy looks so cool. I know my nephew would love it

  17. Kayleigh Watkins

    Loved not lived bloody auto correct xx

  18. Kayleigh Watkins

    Now this looks like a fun toy, my son is 13 now but he would have loved this when he was younger, he lived the transformers cartoons and has the dvd boxset of the transformers movies xxx


    This looks fab, my grandsons would have hours of fun creating stories where The Last Knight saves the day

  20. paula cheadle

    my grandson loves these, this one looks fantastic

  21. What a beauty. We only have girls in our family but I find they enjoy these toys immenseley.

  22. Lynsey Buchanan

    My little nephew would love the Transformers The Last Knight Mega 1Step Changer Dragonstorm

  23. Anthea Holloway

    This is a lovely toy which needs a bit of work which is good I think!

  24. Great toys for little boys although the new ones are not quite as cool as the originals in my opinion, and super collectable too!

  25. Judy Kennedy

    My daughter has this for her birthday and plays with her brother as she has no girl friends who like it.

  26. Kev Cannon

    Great review, my son likes transformers but struggles to make them transform due to his poor fine motor skills – this one looks a bit easier to manipulate

  27. Sarah Pearce

    This looks great,my nephew has just joined the Transformer craze so this would be a great toy for his birthday x

  28. I would love one of these sets to play with the nephew


  29. lesley renshaw

    I haven’t seen Transformers since I was a kid so good to see they’re still about an their toys are as engaging for children as they were back in the day x

  30. Lyndsey Cooksey

    Looks like a great toy! My nephew would play with this for hours! Good size too, thanks for the review!

  31. gaynor spanswick

    Lovely toy but I would have expected more for the price, it’s good to see peoples reviews before buying if you can.Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas.

  32. Margaret Gallagher

    A DREAM TREAT for the boys -so much fun

  33. A.E. ADKINS

    This looks great, the boys would love it!

  34. david waterworth

    Thats really good, transformers have come a long way from their first models, like you for the price tag I would have expected some movement as well

  35. Leila Benhamida

    Looks great. My children are not so keen on Transformers. But great gift for a fan.

  36. Iris Tilley

    Wow it’s amazing how much fun and work goes into creating this toy

  37. Kate Davies

    These look great, my 5 year old son loves transformers but some of the toys are way to fiddly. This looks perfect and would keep him busy for ages.

  38. anthony harrington

    this something my Grandson would engage with, amazing how many great toys are around now.

  39. June Lord

    Looks really good. I think my son would love it, my daughters also for that matter. I can’t believe how popular transformers still are. I still remember how popular they were when growing up in the 80s.

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