2018 is the Chinese year of the dog

Chinese New Year will fall on the 16th February in 2018 and will be the year of the dog. We are a little worried as it is apparently dog years are the most unlucky for those previously born in the year of a dog. You see Hubby was born in the year of a dog, so is now expecting an unlucky year! In our house we also have a sheep (me) a dragon (Monkey) and a monkey (Kipper). Regardless of your zodiac sign, it seemed a good excuse to get a little crafty with my last post for Bostik Bloggers in 2017. Since it is the year of the dog I have decided to make a little dog puppet.

To make you own you will need:

  • two toilet rolls
  • three brown pipe cleaners
  • googley eyes
  • brown felt
  • two lolly pop sticks
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • white Bostik glue
  • black marker if you would like to add spots

Step One: Cut one of the toilet rolls in half. From the brown felt cut two ears and attach to the back of the half toilet roll with Bostik white glue. Do the same with the goggley eyes

Step Two: Cut two of the pipe cleaners in half turn one end in on itself to make a little paw. Punch four holes in the toilet role with a pair of scissors and knot the pipe cleaner on the inside to secure

Step Three: Punch another hole in the top of the toilet roll with the legs on the and the bottom of the head at the back with the ears. Secure the two together with a pipe cleaner

Step Four: Use the Bostik glue to secure the lolly pop sticks in a cross. Once dry attach a piece of ribbon at the back of the dogs bottom and another at the back of the head secure to the lolly pop sticks.

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  1. fiona waterworth

    I love the idea, my problem is the toilet roll tube, my stupid border collie goes for them to rip to shreds, so she will probaly kill the dog.

  2. Edward Guerreiro

    This looks like a fun little craft project. I’m going to try this with my niece. We will also paint the toilet roll tubes, because she loves to paint.

  3. becci cleary

    This looks FAB! My 8 year old always brings a hand crafted project of whatever year it is home from school – I think they are all amazing!

  4. Richard Smallbone

    My wife works in childcare and she thinks this is a great way to keep children entertained. So simple and cheap to do and I’m sure the adults get some fun out of it too, I know I’m going to when I make them with my daughter!

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