Christmas Lights {Ordinary Moments}

I am not sure how this tradition came about but each year I try and take a picture of the boys with Christmas lights. I have been doing it since Monkey was tiny. Sometimes I manage to get a good photo other times its very much pot luck. Every year I think to myself that I must try and get better at taking photos in low light.

Kipper was only seven months last year so although interested in the lights he wasnt fasinated. This year at nineteen months I was hoping he would be and I would get plenty of opportunity to take a photo. Nope. Still not that interested! This was the best of a bad bunch of photos, he loves playing peekaboo!

Monkey is lucky enough to have a small tree in his room each year which the elves bring him. Last year I brought these funky ball lights in mutli colours. We only have white lights downstairs, but Monkey’s coloured ones remind me of my own childhood. They also give you a pretty good opportuinity for photos becuase they are so much larger, although you do need an obliging child.


One week and counting!



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