Paddington Trunki Review: As Kipper gets older we are hoping to travel more and more. We already have trips planned to France and Portugal this year. Since Kipper turns two in May we will be able to have carry on hand luggage for him. Monkey has had a Trunki for sometime and he absolutely loves it. Taking it everywhere with him even when staying with grandparents overnight. Its his little suitcase of choice and he always asks to take it. Its really grown with us. We first used our Trunki when we took Monkey to Canada. He had only just turned three, an eight hour flight I thought we were mad! You can read all about it in my post Flying Transatlantic with a 3 year old. It actually went quite well and was in part to the fact that Monkey loved his ride on suitcase and was happy to be pulled around the airport.

Awww didn’t he look diddy! So when Trunki got in touch and asked if we could like one for Kipper I of course said yes. We chose a Paddington Bear Trunki priced at £44.99. Kipper loved it on sight, climbing on and wanting to ride it around the kitchen.


The reasons we love Trunki so much:

  • The boys have both fallen in love with their characters on first sight
  • Its a good size which is large enough to put in all the essentials for an overnight stay or a trip on a plane. Yet its also deemed as hand luggage.
  • Perfect for being pulled around the airport or down the street for that matter. Now Monkey is that much bigger he can pull round Kipper on his own. Both boys think this is brilliant. The strap is adjustable so it means we can shorten it for Monkey.
  • Its a good place to sit and stops the I’m tired or ‘up up’
  • They are fun!
  • Each Trunki comes with a 5 year guarantee
  • Delivery is fast and free, they also ship internationally (prices vary)
  • The price is very reasonable at £44.99 when you consider the price of other children’s suitcases
  • There are 21 cute deigns to choose from as well as the ability to design your own!

Each Trunki has these great features:

Kipper was so taken with his Paddington Trunki that he was trying to work out how to take it apart (yes thats his favourite pass time at the moment!).

The lovely people at Trunki have given my readers a chance to win their own Paddington Trunki. To enter please use the Gleam application below and note the T&Cs:

Paddington Trunki worth £44.99

  • Competition is open to residents of the UK aged 18
  • There is no cash alternative offered
  • The winner will be drawn at random and will receive a Paddington Trunki
  • The giveaway will close on the 18th Feb
  • The Winner will be asked to provide an email address and full postal address

I have some other giveaways running at the moment so please check them out in the Blog Giveaways Page above.

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  1. Sue McCarthy Reply

    I think Trunkies are a great invention.
    Love Kipper’s tiger outfit!

  2. My little boy is goes on trips abroad to visit grandparents so this would be amazing to win!

  3. Laura Pritchard Reply

    Perfect for my kids when we go on holiday to Portugal in April!

  4. Chris Andrews Reply

    if l were the lucky winner l would have a very excited grandson


    My granddaughter loves Paddington so this would be a big hit with her

  6. Andrea Fletcher Reply

    My grandson loves Paddington so this would be perfect for his holiday.

  7. We are going on a cruise in August with our toddler, this would be perfect for her things

  8. Fiona Johnstone Reply

    I love Trunkis. My granddaughter would adore this. She loves Paddington. Wouldn’t it be great if they made adult sized fun Trunkis.

  9. Rebecca Sutton Reply

    Awww my daughter is paddington mad! she would go crazy over this.

  10. Sadiyya Maryam Reply

    Many thanks for this great giveaway. My daughter is a huge Paddington Bear fan.

  11. Beverley Cousins Reply

    Loved padding bear when i was growing up and he’s still as cute as ever lol, my grandson can’t get enough of him and he loves marmalade sandwiches! lol

  12. We love Trunki. This would be a lovely surprise for my little man <3

  13. Ren Taylor Reply

    I would love to win this for my little nephew for his holiday to France later this year!!

  14. Lynne Manton Reply

    A trunki would be so good when the little man needs to rest his legs!

  15. Oh, my son would ADORE this! We love Paddington and he’d enjoying having his own ‘big boy’ suitcase

  16. Karen Hughes Reply

    This would be perfect for my daughter. She has been obsessed with Paddington since the first movie
    Paddington pjs/dressing gown (Primark & M&S)
    Paddington duvet ( internet)
    Paddington chocolate goodies (M & S)

    This prize would be the icing on the cake

  17. Laura Walker Reply

    This would be great for holidays my little boy would love having his own little case

  18. Ursula Hunt Reply

    I have one grandchild with a Trunki which she loves to pack to come to Grandma’s house, I know the other little granddaughter would love one too so this would be perfect

  19. Kate Davies Reply

    My little boy would love the paddington design and this would be perfect for when he stays over at his grandparents or holidays.

  20. Helen Stratton Reply

    We have been thinking about purchasing a Trunki and this one is very cute!

  21. Lynsey Buchanan Reply

    Wonderful giveaway this trunki would be much used and much loved.

  22. Ruth Harwood Reply

    the kids are massive paddington fans – they’d love this!!

  23. Claire Noke Reply

    My son, Jensen is a MASSIVE Paddington fan !! This trunki is AMAZING. He would absolutely adore this xx

  24. Sarah Lambert Reply

    I would love the Paddington Trunki and I know my daughter would too 🙂

  25. Keri Jones Reply

    I love Trunki products and this is such a lovely design. Another fab giveaway, thank you xx

  26. I absolutely love this Paddington was always my favourite and my kids are also growing up to love him <3

  27. A.E. ADKINS Reply

    Youngest would love this, may have to fight Paddington mad Auntie for this one though!

  28. Susan Smith Reply

    Would be thrillled to win for our little one, who is going on her first holiday

  29. katrina walsh Reply

    How completely adorable. Would love to win for my nephew

  30. Fiona jk42 Reply

    My granddaughter would love this and could use it when she comes to stay with us.

  31. Kristin Burdsall Reply

    Not been a fan of trunkis so far but this is fabulous!|

  32. laura jones Reply

    trunkis are such fun practical and fun too lots of brilliant designs

  33. kayleigh dudley Reply

    this is gorgeous, perfect for my son to take on our family holidy this year, be great to fill with his favourite toys sunglasses and swimming shorts

  34. Carrie-Anne Brown Reply

    these are lovely! would love one for my little boy, fingers crossed!


    This is fantastic especially to carry things like colouring books ect when we go on our holidays.

  36. Alex Evans Reply

    Kids do love to try to take things apart, don’t they? ? Sign of an inquisitive mind.

  37. Our little boy loves Paddington and we’re going away on the first flight he’ll actually remember in May so this would be an amazing prize to win for him.

  38. Lorna Ledger Reply

    My Niece and Nephew would love this! Very cute and quirky! Feels just for them

  39. JULIE WARD Reply

    Grandson is going to Benidorm later in the year he would love his own Trunki

  40. Jane Davies Reply

    Fingers crossed ! We’re all massive Paddington fans here and the little one would love this for our holidays in September ! Thanks 🙂

  41. Laura Harrison Reply

    I would love to win this for my little boy for when we visit both sets of his grandparents and also for when we go on holiday x

  42. Lauren Jones Reply

    My niece is going on her first holiday in May she look so cool at the airport with this !

  43. Kerry Taylor Reply

    These are such a great idea, and I love the Paddington theme. It goes so well!

  44. My youngest would love this, out of my 3 he is the only one to not have had a trunki??

  45. This would be great for my grandchildren to take on their travels!

  46. Alison Johnson Reply

    My Grandson would love this, he’s a big Paddington fan.

  47. Hayley Elvin Reply

    This would be lovely for my youngest son when we travel. Thank you for the chance

  48. Thei always thought Trunki cases looked good, but until I read this I did not know how cleverly designed they are. I would love to win one for my grandson so he can come visit me and go on lots of holidays! He loves Paddington.

  49. Hayley Colburn Reply

    My 2 youngest have just watched Paddington 2, they absolutely loved it, the Trunki looks fab!

  50. Helen Woodcock Reply

    My little brother’s two favourite things combined – Paddington and Trunki! I only wish it was acceptable for adults to roll around on one of these too…

  51. Charlie Brunton Reply

    I absolutely LOVE this Trunki! It’s adorable! I would love to win it for my little niece Paisley ♥️

  52. Christina Palmer Reply

    My youngest Grandson would love this and as he stays at ours regularly it would be ideal for all of his little cars that ge fetches with him

  53. Sylvia Paul Reply

    My Nephew is Paddington mad after seeing the movie, he would be thrilled with this x

  54. for my daughter Alba off on her first trip abroad in a few weeks This would be wonderful and make it even more exciting and hopefully the airport more fun

  55. Natalie Crossan Reply

    This is amazing – we’re slightly obsessed with trunkis in our house and we love paddington too!!

  56. Rachael O’brien Reply

    This would be perfect for my two year old who has recently started staying with daddy over night on some weekends ! Fingers crossed , Thankyou for this chance x

  57. lorraine kirk Reply

    My son would love to pack all of his teddies in this 🙂

  58. Angela Surgenor Reply

    My daughter loves Paddington,and she loves these cases. This would be ideal for going away

  59. Maria Hackett Reply

    We love Trunki! My eldest has the Terence trunki and would love this for my toddler twins!

  60. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    Aww this is so cute, my children love Paddington as I did as a child, I especially loved the naughty Christmas advert this year lol xxx

  61. Kim Neville Reply

    My son loves Paddington and would enjoy putting all his items in it for our travels

  62. Victoria Prince Reply

    Trunkis are brilliant 🙂 I love the fact they’ve come out with a Paddington one now – so appropriate!

  63. Jennifer Baker Reply

    Esme would love to take Trunki to Florida in September x x x

  64. Laura Findlay Reply

    My son would love to take a Trunki to Australia with us x

  65. What a superb idea when the children get tired! And so colourful too. Do they make Trunkis for adults? lol.

  66. Nickie Sword Reply

    Trunki’s are a fab idea and so much fun for children. I’d love one for my son.

  67. Tracey Hallmark Reply

    I love the Trunki suitcases they have a fab fun factor and as we enjoyed Paddington 2 at the cinema recently I know my 3 year old niece would love this one for her next holidays in March.

  68. Leanne perrett Reply

    i love paddington ever since i was a little girl so of course my little ones like him 🙂

  69. Danielle Graves Reply

    Absolutely love Trunki they are fab! Would love to win one for my son x

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