2018 Bucket List January Update: At the beginning of the year we put together a bucket list as a family of all the things which we would like to do in 2018. To be honest with you I didn’t limit the number of things we put on it. I was in the throws of the Christmas break and didn’t give much thought to how much time we don’t have when we are working. Now looking back on the list and working out what we can cross out makes me realise that we may have bitten off more than we can chew! Anyway at least we have managed to cross a couple of things off.

We have started working our way through visiting  12 new National Trust properties this year. Our first was Bodium. Which has also meant that we have kicked off our ABC of Castles! Monkey has taken to finding castles like a fish to water. We have visited two in quick succession also managing to tick Penvensey off our list too. He is already asking when we will be able to visit our next one. I doubt we will be able to get them all done in 2018 but it is at least getting us outside more which was the plan. Bodium is by far the prettiest castle we have ever been too and is how I imagined a castle would look when I was a little girl.

In January I went out for a girlie night with a couple of friends and we have another one booked for Feb. May we have a wine tasting planned and September I am jetting off to celebrate another friends 40th Birthday. Hubby and I even managed to go out on our own to celebrate his Birthday last weekend. So although its only January I think our social lives have already shown improvement.  So I am going to tick this one off the list too. Along a similar theme I spent a few days in Scotland with some lovely blogging friends, I also got to tick off another one of the castles – Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness.

The final thing off our list this month is Kippers trip to the sensory room. It is something which I use to do a lot with Monkey when he was little and I am conscious that its not been the same for Kipper. In February I am planning on taking him to a different one with a glowing ball pool.

So all in all for a month that has literally flown by I don’t think we did too bad. I also have a photo shoot planned in the bluebells over Easter but that will have to wait until April to get ticked off. I am feeling like there could be some baking coming up in February.

Whats on your list this year?



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  1. This is such a brilliant idea. I wish you luck completely the rest of your list #BloggerClubUK

  2. What a great start to your list! I have achieved pretty much zero of what I set out to achieve this year, but there is always February! Im glad you could cross off U on your castle list – and what a great castle that was!

  3. That trip to Scotland looks incredible and the cabin looks so cosy and idyllic. It’s so cute that you’ve done a yearly bucket list and some of the points on it are so cute. I love Strawberry picking and hoping to do that this summer with the boys!

  4. Oh I love this idea, and might have to pinch it for my family (although belatedly!)… I love that you have already started ticking things off too… That log cabin is just stunning especially, and that castle – beautiful! 🙂

  5. I love your bucket list, some great things to achieve this year! The sensory looks amazing, I shall have to see if there is something like that here. And that castle looks stunning!

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