Last month I joined in with the Siblings Project with  Dear Beautiful. I am hoping to keep a little record of how the boys relationship develops through 2018. If I am honest its been a month of ups and downs in their relationship. There are times when I can really see the closeness developing and others when they just want to wind each other up. I am not sure why I question this because character wise they really are like chalk and cheese at the moment. Which means they are bound to clash.

This months photos were taken when we went to visit the Butterflies at Wisley. Monkey loved looking around the glass house ticking off his butterflies. Kipper wanted to get out as soon as we got in there. Mind you he is a toddler! Towards the end of our visit we explored the herb garden. The little hedges that lined the beds were the perfect height for Kipper to run around. Monkey decided to join in and they chased each other and ran away from each other for some time.

Kipper has decided to do the splits at every opportunity, quite often falling on his bottom. Monkey thinks its hilarious and tends to encourage him whenever he gets the chance. Only this time ie back fired on him as he also ended up on his knees. Then for some reason Hubby suggested looking through Kippers legs which resulted in Kipper sitting firmly on Monkeys head! He’s not light. This is typical of their relationship when they are getting on.

Yet Monkey is still struggling with the introduction of a sibling even after almost 21 months. We are asking him to talk to us about how he is feeling and to tell us what he is thinking. We have made it clear that it doesn’t matter what those feelings are as long as he’s talking about it. He won’t get into trouble if they are not very kind. We are hoping that by talking about the times he would like it to be just a family of three that we can somehow work through it. I can see his point when Kipper clunks him over the head with the biggest hardest toy he can find.

But at the same time Kipper is really starting to doat on his older brother. Monkey has spent most of half term staying with his grandparents. But each morning and evening Kipper will go into his bedroom and call for him. Looking up at his cabin bed hoping to see his older brother. Turning a little despondent when he’s not there….sob.

We are going away this weekend to celebrate the last of half term so I am hoping that they will get a chance to spend some quality time together. Nothing beats sleeping in the same room as your older brother so I am sure it will be full of hilarity. I am also sure that as Kippers language gets better the boys will grow closer. There are already certain things that Kipper will only do for Monkey – like take his dummy out to take his medicine etc. All Monkey needs to do is ask. Whereas Hubby and I have to chase him round the house. I am hoping the constant reminder of these little things will help Monkey grow closer to his brother.

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  1. My girls struggled to bond with each other when they were much younger. As they grew, so did their relationships.

  2. Oh it’s so hard. I don’t think my eldest has quite got over the arrival of her siblings but it has helped as they’ve got older and are able to play and communicate more. Lovely photos

  3. Haha they look like best friends together. Having a great time. 🙂 My two can be the same. Matthew went into grandads racing car (it is a Hyundai but he calls it racing car) for literally ten minutes and Chloe missed him. #siblingsproject

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