‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Last weekend was one of those that went by in a blur. On the Saturday I had a work event and went to see England v Wales in the Six Nations. On the Sunday Hubby flew to Switzerland and I dropped Monkey down to my in-laws for part of half term. Which meant that we had very little family time.

I did manage to capture this picture of Monkey just before he broke up from school. In the very small spattering of snow which we had. He’s desperate for a large dump which it feels like a lot of the country have had, yet we have managed to miss. Although its painful when you have to get up and do things like work and school. Theres something about snow which is really magical and I wish he could have his wish come true.

Since Hubby was going to be aware for Shrove Tuesday we decided to have our pancakes early on the Sunday morning. This is the first year we have made them with egg. When Monkey was younger he had an allergy which he’s now grown out of. It was Kipper’s first experience of pancakes and despite the lashings of free from chocolate spread he wasn’t too keen. Not that you can tell in this photo!

Have a good week everyone x

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  1. We’ve not had any snow ‘stick’ round here and I do feel disappointed for the children, they would love to have a proper amount of it to go out and play in! Love that photo of Kipper, I would’ve thought he really enjoyed the pancakes based on how happy he looks! x #LivingArrows

  2. Lovely photos! So clear and crisp!

    You are so lucky with that amount of snow as in here we really didnt get any. I wish we actually get some. My son hadnt experience it yet so having some would be awesome.


  3. My boys are desperate for snow too – we may well get it if it gets as cold as they say next week. Glad Monkey has grown out of his egg allergy and how cute does Kipper look? #Living Arrows x

  4. Kipper looks so pleased with the pancakes in the picture – clearly appearances can be deceiving! Monkey is looking SO grown up too! x

  5. Gorgeous photos. We have been lucky enough to get quite a bit of snow this year and apparently there may be more on the way this week.

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