Our 2018 Bucket List {February Update}

2018 Bucket List February Update: At the beginning of the year we put together a bucket list as a family of all the things which we would like to do in 2018. February is such a short month, I did think when I came to write this post that we wouldn’t be able to cross anything off the list. However to my surprise we have managed to cross a couple more things off. Many of the things on our list are season dependant so I expect to cross much more off in the Summer months.

We have continued working though visiting our list  12 new National Trust properties by visiting Cliveden at the weekend. It wasn’t our intention but when we realised that it was so close to Windsor and the weather was glorious we went for a look round. There will be a post coming soon.

We have also done well with our ABC of Castles ticking two more off the list – Corfe and Windsor. Our intention to go away once a month is going well as we were lucky enough to spend the last weekend of half term in Dorset. As Monkey had an inset day we got away for three nights staying at Caalm Camp, glamping in a Mongolian Yurt. The last weekend in Feb we spent in Windsor. Which really enjoyed, although we didn’t manage as much exploring as we would like. So Hubby and I have added it to our list of destinations to go without the kids.

While in Dorset we managed to fit in two museums. The Dinosaur one and also a trip to the Dorset County Museum to see Dippy on tour. Neither museum we had visited before. The Dinosaur museum was quite small and occupied an hour or so. We weren’t planning on visiting Dippy as it looked like online that we would need to book tickets. But since it was practically across the road Hubby popped in and asked. I didn’t even realise it was free! As well as visiting Dippy himself they boys took part in the arts and crafts that had also be laid on.

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday early because Hubby was travelling that week. This year was the first year we could make proper pancakes. Up until now Monkey has been too allergic to egg to consider making them in the traditional way. However since he has overcome that allergy we all enjoyed pancakes on Sunday morning. Although Kipper wasn’t that sure despite the free from chocolate spread.

Although we haven’t actually done it yet, I have booked a professional photo shoot of the boys for the end of March. All going well we will be able to cross it off our list next month along with finding bluebells. We also managed to go to a Zoo we haven’t been to before. Heading over to Paradise Wildlife Park to be a Mini Zookeeper. As well as the experiences we took part in I was surprised by just how close you could get to the animals. It was a brilliant day out which is why we have said yes when they invited us back in March for their special Dinosaur opening.

So all in all we made a good dent into the list now. Although the things we have done tend to be the easier things. Monkey has changed his mind and is now having a Lego party. I have booked both the hall and the entertainment, everything else can wait until nearer the time.


Whats on your bucket list this year?


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  1. Kerry Taylor

    What a great idea. We have a toned down version, which is to have at least one fun day out a month. Last month’s was delayed due to chicken pox, so we have two to squeeze in this month, as well as birthday celebrations!

  2. Susan B

    That is a great family list. Well done on managing to cross off a couple of things already. I must try harder to do ours before we get too much further into 2018.

  3. Tracy Albiero

    I LOVE THIS!!! I want to make a yearly bucket list. That way when we are bored mid summer or on weekends we can take out the list and cross some things off! Great idea! #bloggerclubUK

  4. Sarah - Mud Cakes and wine

    Yahh proper pancakes how brilliant and must have been lovely. God you got to see dippy on your too #bloggerclubuk

  5. sarah

    Gosh you put me to shame! It’s been a pretty quiet year for the C family so far I had better get my finger out. Look forward to seeing your photo shoot pictures. #Bloggerclubuk

  6. Helen at Welsh Mum Writing

    Wow, the list looks huge but you’re making good progress. I’m actually planning on doing less this year as I get a bit carried away and are prone to being a bit overenthusiastic and obsessive. I’m trying to be more flexible. We do have a few things to do this year though – swimming lessons featuring for us too! #BloggerClubUK

  7. Emma McCarthy

    What an awesome list and seems like yo have had so much fun already! Flu, work, family commitments have hindered us going out and enjoying life a bit so can’t wait for Spring to come around so we can get out and do stuff! #BloggerClubUk

  8. Frankie

    Great bucket list, we haven’t written one down but we want to go to more music festivals this year and I know GS no 1 wants to learn to snowboard so I think it would be a great idea to discuss over our family Sunday dinner and come up with som3 things for the rest of the year x #bloggerclubuk

  9. Kirsty Fox

    I love this list, I would love to try a few of those things although the 40 before 40 won’t work for me, I turn the big 40 on Friday!

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