UNTAMED Fingerlings Review: If you are regular readers of Mudpie Fridays then you will know that Monkey is a little dinosaur mad! Which is why when we were asked to review the new UNTAMED by Fingerlings I jumped at the chance. Secretly jealous of the fact until now they had predominately been aimed at girls. The new UNTAMED versions also developed by Wowwee open up Fingerlings to both girls and boys.

There are four different UNTAMED velociraptors Fingerlings to collect. We received Stealth who is green and purple. There is also a blue and orange one called Fury, red and yellow one called Blaze and Razor who is purple and dark green. Apparently according to Monkey he thinks we should collect them all! He is obviously very taken with the little baby dinosaurs.

Just like the other Finglerings they react to motion, touch and sound. Using their claws the grip around your finger. Monkey at almost six Stealth fitted onto his fingers fine. Despite the clever robotics that go on inside the toy it is surprisingly light and not difficult to hold.  Movement wise Stealth will open and close his eyes, move his head from side to side and chomp his jaws. In untamed mode the little dino will roar, hiss and chomp. He’s also been known to let a little gas out. Which as you can expect entertains Monkey no end. If he is in tame mode he will nuzzle and purr. There are over 40 different sounds and animations to spot. So far we have only seen tame mode a couple of times. Not that deters Monkey at all he loves him.

Stealth has been a huge hit in our house. I love the fact that come with batteries. Although I have ordered some new ones as it requires 4 x LR44 which are not something we have in our battery stock. Being relatively small it also means that they are the perfect size to take out an about with you. I also like that it does have an on, off switch on the back of the head and it only makes a noise when you have it on your finger and pet it. Which means I don’t end up jumping out of skin when I walk past his bedroom because of random noises!

The UNTAMED Fingerlings are aimed at children aged five and over. Priced at £16.99 they are available from a number of high street retailers including The Toy Shop, Argos and Smyths Toys. We made a short video so you can see Stealth in action below:

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We were sent a UNTAMED Fingerlings for the purpose of this review, all words and opinions are my own.


  1. I literally just ordered one of these for my little one – Fury I think it was. He’s obsessed with dinosaurs too and thanks to getting some pocket money for Easter, it was the first thing he asked for!

  2. Rosemary Tily Reply

    I was quite impressed by this new toy and for what it does felt it was good value. Will have to look out for them as it would make an ideal present for Jack who will be five this April.

  3. Lorna Ledger Reply

    So cool, can you imagine having these when we were kids, it’s like they are from the future!

  4. Oh my word how much fun are these? L would love them but I’m not sure I could give them to him, I’d want to play too much #bloggerclubuk

  5. Rich Tyler Reply

    My little boy love dinosaurs, these would be right up his street

  6. Hayley Colburn Reply

    great to see a more boy aimed fingerling, my girl’s love the monkies and I’m sure my son would love this, my youngest daughter too probably as she is loving dinosaurs

  7. paula cheadle Reply

    my grandson was only moaning that they were no boys fingerlings


    My grandsons love Fingerlings and dinosaurs so they’d love these

  9. Kate Andrews Reply

    Great toy, not just for little boys, my daughter would love this

  10. Anthea Holloway Reply

    I would love to get these for my granddaughter who loves anything to do with dinosaurs!

  11. Natalie Crossan Reply

    I really love these – my daughter hasn’t got one but her friend brought one over and they all loved it!

  12. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    These look great my kids would love them they love dinosaurs

  13. Sheila Reeves @cakereev Reply

    These look really good, my dinosaur-mad nephew would love them!

  14. These look amazing! My girls have the monkeys (which a searched high and low for at Christmas time!) the dinosaurs look great, especially as my daughter has been studying them at school! #bloggerclubuk

  15. Tee Simpson Reply

    My nephew would love these. He is dinosaur mad. Great review

  16. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    My daughter Sheriah 5 is obsessed with lol dolls she has not mentioned these as yet ?

  17. lesley renshaw Reply

    I love that they’re expanding their ideas and creating new characters like dinosaurs. More appealing for a wider selection of children.

  18. Hayley Todd Reply

    My daughter loves Fingerlings, and she would adore this dinosaur as at the moment she is fascinated by them. It is great that they are diversifying their range and I especially like the fact they can be turned on and off and are only activated when they are actually on a finger!

  19. Adrian Bold Reply

    These look great, although slightly creepy! My nephew would love them.

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