2018 Bucket List March Update: At the beginning of the year we put together a bucket list as a family of all the things which we would like to do in 2018. March has been a busy month for work and all the snow has meant we have not been very productive with the bucket lit. In fact its been a bit of a fail this month. The weather has also caused us to delay a couple of things including the photo shoot I had arranged and our annual trip to the bluebells. Many of the things on our list are season dependant so I expect to cross much more off in the Summer months.

We haven’t managed any more of our ABC of Castles this month or any of the 12 National Trust Properties we hoped to Visit. Although now the weather is improving and it feels like we are actually heading into Spring hopefully this will have changed by this time next month.

One of the things we can tick off this month is Going on an Egg Hunt. In fact the kids were quite spoilt. As we had an Easter Egg Hunt at home and we also managed to take part in one at a local National Trust Property.

We also managed our monthly getaway in March, which was to Center Parcs Longleat Forest. It was a wonderful break. We loved it so much we even made a video:

But that is all that we got up to off of our actual Bucket List. I must try harder in April – mind you I am hoping that we will be able to tick off the bluebells, the photo shoot, a trip away (well we actually have three planned – April is a busy month. One of our National Trust Properties, maybe a castle, the scrapbook has been started but technically in April so expect that too. We also spent Easter Monday as a tourist in London so more on that as well…..

Whats on your bucket list this year?


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  1. Great post – love the idea of an annual bucket list! My main goal this year is to keep growing and give birth to our baby boy!

  2. I wish I kept yearly bucket lists as opposed to life ones! That way I would definitely get things in the year that I wanted done for sure!

  3. You have some great things on your bucket list. I have not been strawberry picking since I was a child but always wanted to take my kids. I must take them this year 🙂

  4. I wrote a bucket list last year and we didn’t achieve even Half of it which was disappointing so we decided not to do one for this year 🙂

  5. Such a fab bucket list! I never make one because I know we would fail miserably! I’m going to visit the bluebells again this year though, and hopefully get some spring picnics in!

  6. Such a fab bucket list! I never make one because I know we would fail miserably! I’m going to visit the bluebells again this year though, and hopefully get some spring picnics in!

  7. The strange weather has a lot to answer for! Hopefully you’ll get lots more ticked off in April. I love your kids coats by the way!

  8. Oh I am determined to find some bluebells this year! This is a great bucket list, so many fun ideas. Good luck for next month, sounds like it’s going to busy but like you’re going to be having lots of fun too xx

  9. Having a bucket list to keep yourself accountable for the fun you all get together is a brilliant idea! I love the fact you all have a getaway together every month. It’s perfect to stay close as a family and really unwind!

  10. Ahhh, it’s great that you’re making so much progress with your 2018 bucket list. I loved the photographs of your Longleat getaway! 🙂 I’m also looking forward to your next castle post. 😀

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