One of the things which I wanted to do in 2018 was keep a record of the boys developing relationship. Which means this year I will be joining in with the Siblings Project with  Dear Beautiful. I maybe fating next month now but this month I feel like there has been less arguing. Even with the Easter holidays there has been less squabbling. Although they still have an issue over a little blue chair. Which I am resolving by buying Kipper a similar one in green for his birthday. But toy wise they seem to be willing to share more. Or rather Monkey is willing to share more.

For example he has been given a new toy to review – Kinetic Rock. It comes with a digger. Kipper is obsessed with most vehicles. He quickly declared that the digger was his. Unlike the usual fight that then occurs. Monkey just gave in. Although he told me later that its really his since it goes with his set. But he didn’t mind Kipper playing with it and thinking that it was his. Kipper has also started to understand what is his and what is someone else. He will often point at something and say the name of who it belongs to. I think this identification is starting to help Kipper understand, even if he doesn’t like the outcome!

I think that by taking Monkey to Barcelona it has made him reevaluate his relationship with his little brother. He missed Kipper while we were away. So has come back more accepting. I just hope it continues. He is a lot more attentive. This months photos were taken when we visited Great Yarmouth. We found some steps (Kipper’s favourite thing ever!) and a lovely green wall which was a great backdrop! Monkey was helping Kipper up and down the steps and comforting him when he slipped. Kipper then promptly trod on Monkey’s fingers by accident. Without sulking or questioning he then said sorry and gave Monkey a hug. Normally when I ask him to say sorry I get a tantrum. So I was pretty impressed I didn’t have to ask him more than once!

I also think that because Kipper has learnt three magic words this month – ‘I wub you’. It helps as Monkey feels like he is getting something back. Every night he will tell Monkey that he loves him. Plus if Monkey is needing some reassurance those words work wonders. Next month feels like its going to be busy both on the work and home front with Kipper turning two and a couple of breaks planned. I am hoping to be able to create some more play opportunities for them to enjoy together….wish me luck!



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  1. Margaret GALLAGHER Reply

    Great fun for you all – before you know it kipper will be speaking in sentences

  2. Jessica woods Reply

    Your boys have an amazing bond that will grow with them every day 🙂 so cute

  3. Theresa Thomas Reply

    Awesome photos I like seeing what you and your boys get up to

  4. Lindsey stuart Reply

    Aww your boys are super cute!
    haha this post really made me chuckle! I hope Kipper likes his new green chair
    Funny because my two argue about a little red chair that is out in the garden, My eldest hardly fits on it now but to be awkward he still persists on running to it first when they are both out.

  5. sharon stanley Reply

    Our kids fight over a certain cup which has now been discontinued, but now it seems they fight more that they are in different years at school and my youngest always wants to play with my middle child. As for the teen, well that’s a whole different ballgame altogether. She seems to just hate her little sisters, but then hey she’s a teen. They hate everything unless it has a screen and everything seems like too much effort. This teen phase I will be happy to say goodbye to, but by then I will be ready for phase 2 as my middle child will be in secondary school by then. God help me. It’s lovely to see that your kids are now getting along better. Our younger two get on most of the time but have their moments too. I think it’s spending so much time with one another.

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