Both the boys love being outside, playing in garden, racing around on a scooter or practicing on a balance bike. We were invited to spend some time with Haven on one of their tot activity breaks last weekend. One of the activities they wanted to try was Learn to Scoot. I say ‘they’ really it was Monkey that really joined in with all the races. Kipper thought it was much more fun being pushed around on the scooter by Hubby.

We took their new Mini Hornit Lids with us. Available in eight different designs and two sizes they are very funky kids helmets. I totally agree with their claim of being a lot cooler than most other kids helmets. They are fully adjustable, light weight and something that children will want to wear. Monkey opted for the Stealth design. Which is basically matt black. For Kipper we chose Commander which reminded me of a frog for some reason. Its mint great with orange goggles on the front and I keep thinking of the frog dance song every time I see it!

Monkey whizzed around on his scooter not a care in the world. His Mini Hornit Lid not bothering him in the slightest. Even though it was warm in the tent we were in he didn’t get all hot and sweaty. I think this was something to do with the eleven air vents.

Each lid also has an LED light at the back which works when you press it. Its a great safety feature which I have not seen on other helmets. Although my two are a little young to be riding around in the dark I can see it being useful for older children or at dusk. It had three modes (constant, flashing fast and flashing slow) and will give up to 20 hours of light when flashing.

We opted for a size medium for Monkey which is 53cm-58cm and aimed at children five  years plus. For Kipper who has a head on the larger side, bless him I opted for small which is 48cm – 53cm and aimed at children between the ages of two and five. The both fits very well, it helps that they are fully adjustable both at the back and with the straps.

Each lid costs £29.99 and delivery is free. If you would like to try one out for yourself then the lovely people at Hornit have given my readers the chance to win one for themselves. The winner will be able to chose the size and design of their choice (subject to availability). To enter please use the Gleam application below and note the T&Cs.

Mini Hornit Lid – Kids Helment

  • Competition is open to residents of the UK aged 18
  • There is no cash alternative offered
  • The winner will be drawn at random and will receive a Mini Hornit Lid in their choice of size and pattern (subject to availability)
  • The giveaway will close on the 18th May
  • The Winner will be asked to provide an email address and full postal address

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We were sent the Mini Hornit Lids for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.


  1. Ursula Hunt Reply

    Great designs that encourages children to wear them without a fuss

  2. Kimberly Meadows Reply

    Would be ideal for my little scooter mad granddaughter.


    My son needs a helmet as we have just bought a bike for his up coming birthday!

  4. Dawn Samples Reply

    I like the light feature and this would be perfect for my son when he’s on his bike or scooter x

  5. My 5 year old would love one of these to go with his new wiggins bike!

  6. katrina walsh Reply

    I think my lot would be delighted to pop this on! Very cool

  7. James McLaughlin Reply

    An amazing Giveaway! Fingers Crossed and hope I win. ??????

  8. My little grandson is just starting to get going with his bike only backwards for now but he’ll get there lol. Thanks for the chance to win

  9. Lisa Wilkinson Reply

    My little girl would love this. Thanks for the giveaway

  10. Tracy Newton Reply

    I can’t express how important helmets are. My son once fell off his bike and smashed his helmet. He had a bruise imprint across his head, in the shape of the helmet. I dread to think what would have happened if he was not wearing one.

  11. Christina Palmer Reply

    This would be ideal for my youngest grandson now he is learning to ride a bike

  12. Theresa Thomas Reply

    Perfect giveaway, I hate seeing children on bike and scooters without a helmet

  13. Kerryn Johnson Reply

    This would be great for my granddaughter as she is just learning to ride a bike

  14. Susan Willshee Reply

    These are great! I’m constantly worried about how Leo throws himself around on his scooter. One of these might help ease my mind about head injuries

  15. Rebecca Sutton Reply

    were getting my daughter a bike for her birthday, so this would be a handy accessory to go with it.

  16. Charlotte Wilde Reply

    this looks great – i’d love to win it for my youngest – shes always on her scooter!

  17. Pauline Dring Reply

    I would love to give one of these helmets to our granddaughter. She is learning to ride her new bike but does not have a helmet as yet

  18. This would be perfect for my grandson as we’re hoping to buy him a scooter at the weekend.

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