Its been another one of those weeks. For several months I have managed to run the blog and work along side it efficiently. But for some reason I am really struggling in the evenings to be motivated enough to write. Quite often I just sit with my laptop on my lap wondering where to start. Work is going well albeit very busy with lots of new projects which I think is using my most of my mental capacity at the moment. I just keep needing to remind myself that this is meant to be enjoyable… it could be time for a little break.

My weekly Look Magazine which may have lead to a new bag purchase… opps! I am hoping it will arrive in time for next weekend. I have also been reading my CV and a job application for work. Its a promotion I REALLY want! Yet I have a suspicion it may not be in the grand plan, yet I will put my all into it regardless as if you don’t try you never know. Plus if this one isn’t meant to be I will have gained experience for next time.

Monkey has been reading The Wildest Cowboy. Its a book which I really like, it has a very strong message as it teaches children not to live in fear.

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W E D N E S D A Y • 2 5 / 0 4 It was so nice spending the weekend outside, we did as much as we could in the garden including the first BBQ of the season. Yay! Monkey also did his reading practice outside, trying out The Wildest Cowboy written by Garth Jennings and Sara Ogilvie. The story is all about Bingo B Brown and his little dog who roll into town with a wagon full of Wild West goodies. Only to find that the town is scared of the Wildest Cowboy in the West! Not wanting to give too much away…..Bingo B Brown comes to the rescue. I love the way the sentences almost sing to you and the message in the story is a very important one where fun wins out over fear. The book is available now on amazon. #ad @macmillankidsuk #thewildestcowboy #saraogilvie

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This week we have been sent a new film to review. Sheep and Wolves. In a magical faraway land, in a picturesque village nestled among green meadows and rolling hills, lives a flock of carefree sheep. But their idyllic and stress-free solitude is interrupted when a pack of wolves sets up camp in a nearby ravine.

When the wolves retiring pack leader Magra announces that his future successor must prove his worth by defeating their rivals, the powerful and blood-thirsty Ragear steps forward. But, the only wolf brave enough to challenge himGrey, the packs favourite but hopeless goofball who must prove his worth by overcoming his fears. However after taking a magical potion to boost his courage, he suddenly turned into …A ram!

I really liked the film with its feel good message and happy ending. Which is just as well since we have watched it several times over. Rated PG its one of my new favourites. If you would like to get your hands on a copy then please enter via the gleam application at the bottom of this post.



The boys exploring the bluebell woods at the weekend. Kipper wasn’t overly impressed with the request for yet another photo below:

Since this weeks been so busy we haven’t made anything other than dinner, the beds and washing. I am hoping to get a little more creative in the coming weeks. Especially with Kippers second Birthday coming up.


Still sticking to the theme of what the kids wore, with the weather taking a turn for the better last weekend I was very grateful for Kippers new outfit from UBANG. He looks so grown up in this photo.

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M O N D A Y • 2 3 / 0 4 I had a quiet weekend with the boys spending time in the sun and exploring various gardens. I have been writing all about it over on my #LivingArrows post which is now live. I took a lot of photos this weekend which maybe because I have brought myself a new lens. It has resulted with me falling back in love with my old trusty DSLR. In this photo Kipper is smiling at my mum, before promptly getting himself into mischief! I was so grateful for his outfit in this picture from @ubang_official. The hot weather took us a little by surprise and lacking very much in the heat wave clothing department, so I was very grateful for this short and tee combo. Along with his super comfy blue shoes from @bobuxshoes #gifted.

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This weekend we are off to the Isle of Wight although the weather does not look like its going to be on our side unfortunately. I am hoping to be able to switch off and not worry too much about the interview I have next week, which also sees me fly to Edinburgh for a couple of days. I think its safe to say its going to be a busy one!
What are your #LittleLoves this week?
To win one of two copies of Sheep and Wolves then please enter via the gleam application below. Please note the T&Cs below. Good luck!


Sheep and Wolves DVD

  • There are two DVDs available
  • Competition is open to residents of the UK aged 18 and over
  • There is no cash alternative offered
  • Each winner will be drawn at random and will receive a copy of Sheep and Wolves
  • The giveaway will close on the 20th May at midnight, the winners will be notified through Twitter
  • The Winners will be asked to provide a full postal address

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  1. Ursula Hunt Reply

    The clothes highlighted and worn by the children are lovely

  2. Margaret Clarkson Reply

    Fabulous photographs. Thank you for offering a great prize.

  3. I’m so in love with those rainbow tshirts the boys are wearing. They’re gorgeous. How exciting about your potential promotion. Good luck for next week! #littleloves

  4. Love the photo in the bluebells – his face! Their TShirts are gorgeous. We’re hoping to go bluebell hunting next weekend. Hope you have fun on the Isle of Wight – I have fond memories of visiting there with my Mum when I was a little girl and I’m desperate to take my girls there. Good luck in your interview – keeping everything crossed for you!

  5. I love the bluebell photo, and the rainbow tops! Bluebells are out in force here too and I can’t wait to take some photos! Goodluck in your interview, Edinburgh is one of my favourite places to visit!

  6. I think teaching children to not live in fear is a great lesson that’s overlooked.

  7. Charlotte Wilde Reply

    Would love ot win this prize for my daughters … for when the weather isn;t nice enough to be outside all the time!

  8. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    Thankyou for the great giveaway would love to win for my little ones

  9. claire davey Reply

    ahh those rainbow t-shirts look awesome my son would love them for sure but your photos and prize is so amazing thank-you

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