BRIO Builder Deluxe Set Review: We are big fans of BRIO in the Mudpie Fridays household. In fact we have written about a number of BRIO toys over the last twelve months mainly for Kippers age. So it was nice to be asked to review something aimed well into Monkey’s age group. We were sent the BRIO Builder Deluxe Set, which has a whopping 270 pieces in a handy blue storage box. Like many boys his age Monkey loves anything construction based. Often spending hours building the next big thing, only to promptly take it apart and start all over again. I was surprised to find that BRIO offered these types of toys since we have only ever had their trains and small play items before. I had high expectations for the set so did it live up to them?

What really attracted me to the set initially was the fact that it also came with a number of tools –  a screwdriver, a hammer, a spanner and pliers. Unlike other similar sets on the market I thought this dimension would add considerably to the free play element. Along with the tools there are a number of both wooden and plastic components to build whatever you fancy. Some of the wooden parts also have eyes on them which I think is a nice touch. I was also pleased to see wheels included as anything vehicle based is always a big hit.

Monkey couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Also included is a small leaflet which has a couple of ideas of what you could make. The idea really is to encourage free play and for Monkey not to be constrained by anything other than his imagination. Although it was useful to have some ideas. It does not include instructions though so this is worth bearing in mind. Hubby tried to help Monkey make the crane and it proved a little too difficult for him. We got there in the end by using our own imaginations and not the pictures.

We have had it for a couple of weeks now and I quite often find him hidden away building something. We have had cars, robots and random contraptions which I am not entirely sure what they are.

Things we love about the BRIO Builder Deluxe Set

  • Well known established brand
  • All the pieces are the quality that I would expect from Brio. Even the plastic is good quality and the colours are bright. I also really like the translucent colours. All wood is FSC certified.
  • They all came individually packaged as well to make sure they are protected during transit.
  • Its hard wearing – its been played with a lot and still looks brand new. Even the threads on the screws are still in perfect condition.
  • Ascetically pleasing
  • Helps to develop imaginative play
  • I like how it comes in its own storage box, which is easy to lock and stackable. Theres a also enough room in the box to potentially top up the set with one of the others that BRIO offers in the range.

The BRIO Builder Deluxe Set is aimed at three years plus and priced at £85. I can see Monkey making use of this set for a long time to come. At almost six I still think that we’ve a good couple of years. So well worth the prices, especially if we had it from when Monkey was three.  Its available to buy from most high street toy companies in store and online. It is also available on Amazon. I can see us adding to our set in the coming months, especially as Monkey’s birthday is in June.

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  1. Hayley Colburn Reply

    I prefer these type of things so much more than lego, I get stressed at the site of some of the sets my son has, far too many tiny pieces and instructions to follow, (I’m really not patient enough for older kids’ lego)

  2. Lorna Ledger Reply

    Amazing! I could see my Niece and Nephew having hours of fun with this, and although the initial investment might be a bit pricey for a toy, it’s something that would truly last years and the options would be unlimited, great buy for any family member

  3. Looks like a nice toy, although I don’t have children my nephew loves Lego and this maybe a good birthday or Christmas present for him.thank you for sharing x

  4. This looks fantastic! Max is a big fan of Brio with all the trains, and he loves his Lego (in fact he’s building some while I write this), so this combines the two perfectly. It looks pretty complex for 3+ too, so I could see us getting years of play out of this set.

  5. oh wow what a cool set and looks like it provides hours of fun for your son , i do love creative toys as they boost up imagination

  6. This looks like a fab set, it’s like the Lego Technic stuff but for younger kids and I have no doubt that LP would’ve loved it. At 9 he’s probably too old for BRIO but not quite old enough for Lego Technic.

  7. Looks great, will have to add this to the list of things i buy for the boy but I actually play with more.


  8. Oh my son loves Brio! It’s a daddy/ son bonding activity they love to do together. What date is Monkey’s birthday? My son is 24th June. #BloggerClubUK

  9. What a fantastic piece of kit! So many possibilities. I love toys that aren’t just a one hit wonder.

  10. I think both grownups and children can have lots of imaginative fun together with this Brio set #bloggerclubuk

  11. Sarah Roberts Reply

    Great fun to get involved with the kids, we enjoy as much as they do

  12. I never had the patience to sit and build stuff but my brother absolutely loved it and this looks real fun.

  13. OMG! Baba loves Brio, well the trains and cars. But I had no idea they also have building sets like this! It looks awesome and I am so going to remember that for when he is older. so much fun

  14. We love these types of toys which are so good for both the imagination and motor skills – this looks like a great set.

  15. These look like a magnificent alternative to legos! This encourages imaginative play, following instructions, and problem solving! You had me at “it comes with its own storage box!” Anything that comes with a home for it, sells me immediately!

  16. Oh this looks fantastic. I love how organized it is – into little bags like that. And the instructions look like ones I could actually follow along with. My boys love Lego so Brio would be a big hit!!

  17. Aww I used to love doing sets like this with my grandparents as a child, so I can’t wait until I can do the same with my children 🙂

  18. Ren Taylor Reply

    I actually prefer lego but I love the quality of the Brio sets and my friends little boy has some and he adores them ….. great review

  19. Looks great. I was after something for a child’s friend. I try to buy her something that might get her interested in STEM #bloggerclubuk

  20. This looks mega exciting. I can see how happy your son is to play with BRIO Builder Deluxe Set. There also seems to be a LOT of STEM products about at the moment.

    John M

  21. Brio are always such great toys, they last really well. I lve that you can follow the instructions and make something or otherwise just use whatever pieces you like and let your imagination run wild. Mich x

  22. My little lad loves making things from Brio, he is much better at it than me though, I love it when you find things that are fun to play with and at the same time educational

  23. Not familiar with Brio but I have read about it today and loved this set, I know my nephew would love it.

  24. This takes me back. My boys used to play for hours with their brio trainset, but we didn’t have anything like this.

  25. Brio is a great way to get kids playing imaginitvely! I think that the price is well worth it for something hard wearing that will be played with for years.

  26. Ohh this looks like fun! We love Brio toys but I haven’t seen them like this before! I think mine are a little young yet but I’m sure they will be well into it by next year!

  27. Mr C is a structural engineer so he is always encouraging the girls to create things with their Lego. I think Mr C and the girls would prefer this Brio pack though because it looks more technical so they would all really enjoy it. A great price too!

  28. Margaret GALLAGHER Reply

    Great for the boys -learning and gun combined ALWAYS a winner

  29. paula cheadle Reply

    looks like a lot of fun, my grandson would love this, will have to look in to it

  30. Brio is a fabulous brand and product so it’s good to see them continuing to develop their product range. I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t love their products.

  31. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    I have never tried brio always bought Lego so I would like to maybe try when my daughter’s about older ATM shed lose all the bits ?

  32. That’s a fab kit my little grandson would love this. We have the brio railway set but not seen this before. Thanks for sharing

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