One of the things which I wanted to do in 2018 was keep a record of the boys developing relationship, and I am a little late this month! In my April post I wrote about how the boys seemed to be squabbling less. I am pleased to say that I didn’t fate it and that this has continued into May.

Kipper has learnt to share more with his brother. Quite often saying ‘Kipper nice share’ and promptly hand over something to Monkey. Whether he wanted it or not! But its a win in my book and I am taking it..

It has meant that they are playing more and more together. And as a result we are starting to see a sneak peek into what their future relationship may look like. Although the play is relatively independent still. Kipper is starting to follow Monkeys’s orders. For example when they were playing in the sand pit with these dumper trucks. They both had a smaller one each and were using it to fill up the huge one. It kept them both interested for about half an hour. Which although doesn’t sound long is the longest I have seen them engage in the same activity together.

As much as I hope this will last. I have a sneaky suspicion that Kipper’s character is such that he won’t be bossed around for long. He has already started expressing his disinterest when asked to do things he doesn’t want to. Its amazing how the word ‘No’ is learnt so early on and he’s really quite forceful with it. I think it could be a real challenge learning to parent their different personalities since they feel like they are polar opposites.


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  1. Sharing is such a learned skill! In some ways I’m fortunate to have had twins because they’ve basically had to share 80% of everything right from the start but we still do have those moments of not wanting to cooperate. I try and make sure they both have a few things that are theirs as well as things for sharing. It works…most of the time.

  2. Wow, sounds like he’s doing quite well on the sharing front. Your pictures of them together are just adorable. And yes, the word no (and its meaning) are learned far too quickly for my liking. At aged 4 it’s now accompanied by stomping and screeching in our house!

  3. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    This is a brilliant thing to keep record of. I’m sure it’ll be really interesting to look back on in the future.

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