2018 Bucket List May Update: At the beginning of the year we put together a bucket list as a family of all the things which we would like to do in 2018. The last couple of months have gone by in such a whirl that I missed April’s update all together. Although that does mean that  we have managed to tick off more things from the list than we did in March. Although as the half way point of the year is dawning I have realised we are going to have to go some to actually get all of these things done this year. We have also been pretty rubbish with our ABC of Castles which is something I plan to address in the Summer months, as many of the castles we wanted to see will have opened in April.

We did however manage to tick another property off our  12 National Trust Properties we hope to visit in 2018. When we met up with Laura and her girls from Dear Bear and Beany and visited The Vyne.

Kipper turned 2 in May! I am still astounded by how quickly the last two years have gone by. We did hold a little party for him at home with close friends and family. I always feel slightly sad that he doesn’t yet have any little friends of his own. When I had Monkey I was much closer to the NCT (still am) group, yet this time with everyone having such busy lives its dissipated a little.

As I write this we are on our way back from France, so although thats ticked off I will wait until next month to tell you all about it. We did have a professional photo shoot done with the boys and Portrayed Photography in April. Which was a great success, you can see my favourites from the shoot here. We also managed to find some Bluebells on our trip to Winkworth Arboretum.

Easter Egg Hunt – we were lucky and had several egg hunts this year. Monkey and I had our own secret little one in the snow at his grandparents house. We also went on a virtual one in London around the the Battersea area of the river. Plus there were several National Trust rabbit hunts too.

When we went to Battersea we were also given the opportunity to be a tourist in London. Hopping on and off a Clipper boat on the Thames was great fun and we have decided to go back in the Summer to spend more time on it. Maybe even go from one end of the line to the other. You can see some of journey in this little video I made:

I have been trying to encourage Monkey to stat a scrapbook of all the places we are lucky enough to visit. I finally managed it when I took him to Barcelona over the Easter holidays. Now all we have to do is keep sticking and writing in it.

We’ve had a busy couple of months with trips, so much so that I am keeping June reasonably quiet on that front. In April we visited Norfolk with Haven to try out their tots activities, we had a great time and made a video of our weekend:

At the end of the month we also took the boys to the Isle of Wight to stay at Rockley Park. Having been to the Isle of Wight as children it was lovely to take them to Blackgang Chine and relive the memories we had.

At the beginning of May we were invited to the Royal Garden Hotel which looks over Kensington Park in London. Treated to a Park View Suite we were totally spoilt. Its ideally located for many attractions including the museums. So despite the weather we had a wonderful time. There is a new video on my youtube channel where you can see what we got up to:

Although we still have a fair few activities to tick off the bucket list we have now at least made a good dent in it. June will mean Monkey’s party and with my birthday too a chance to review my 40 before 40 list. Which if I am honest has been totally forgotten about until now. So I am not expecting much success on that front.

Whats on your bucket list this year?



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  1. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    This is nice to look back on now, and be reminded of the things there are to do out and about in spring. It sounds like you had done pretty well by this stage; I hope your plans for the rest of the year work out perfectly.

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