All Aboard the Toilet Train with Bing: When Kipper turned two a month ago it suddenly hit me. It will not be long until we are going through the whole potty training thing all over again. Eek! We got extremely lucky with Monkey going through the whole process pretty much stress free. However Kipper is a very different child to Monkey. He is not as malleable and I wonder what this may hold for our journey.

With Monkey we started early. Not physically training but starting to introduce certain things into our routine. We brought a potty when he was about 28 months and let it sit in the bathroom. He was encouraged to sit on it if he wanted. We also brought one of those kiddie toilet seats and did the same. We started to put him in pull ups over nappies and we started to talk about it. All this was happening around six months before he decided he was ready to give it a go. When we did we went cold turkey both day and night. I can count on one hand the number of accidents we had. I am sure this is all to do with the amount of pre work we did.

Part of talking about it was using a book to help him understand. With Kipper we have just started to introduce such a book which is All Aboard the Toilet Train, by Bing. It’s an interactive sound book designed to encourage children in the transition from potty to toilet with the popular pre-school TV character Bing Bunny. Kipper has quite a soft spot for the the little black bunny.

He was instantly interested in the book pushing the button and turning the thick pages. When you push the button you get a train noise followed by wee wee all aboard the toilet train in the characters voice. Kipper loved the button.

Things I loved:

  • Good quality thick pages which are easy to turn.
  • The illustrations are bright and engaging with no blurring and look exactly like Bing does on the television. It also includes some of the other characters from the show including Flop and Hoppity.
  • Being a character that children already know it isn’t an unnatural step to Bing being in a book and taking about the toilet train
  • The words are a good size and clear, Monkey can easily read the book to Kipper too for this reason
  • Its a simple message which is not over complicated about the sometimes scary step of using the toilet over the potty. I also like how it goes through all the steps including flushing, washing and drying hands etc.
  • I like that it also covers the fact that there could be an accident and that its okay as its all part of learning to use the toilet.
  • It holds Kipper’s interest until the end of the story and the noise element is a big hit ( I can not stress the noisy bit enough – he really does love it).

Even though Kipper is only just starting his potty training journey talking about using the toilet at an early age us really important to help lay the foundations. Monkey hardly used the potty at all preferring the toilet. It did make like a lot easier and I hope that Kipper makes the same choice. This book will definitely help him to do that.

All Aboard the Toilet Train by Bing is aimed at children ages 2 and over. Its made up of 12 thick board book pages and published by Harper Collins. With a RRP of £6.99 it is available online from Amazon.



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We were sent a copy of All Aboard the Toilet Train by Bing for the purpose of this review. I was compensated for my time all words and opinions are my own.


  1. Kim Styles Reply

    thats a great idea! it gets their attention on their own without making an issue of the whole ordeal. its got to be a very proactive approach

  2. Books like this are great. I don’t envy you though, I hated the process. I am sure you’ll all breeze through it though. #bloggerclubuk

  3. Margaret GALLAGHER Reply

    We’ll be starting our potty training journey too -we’ll need all the help we can get

  4. I think each child is different with toilet training. Even with twins there was a huge difference with readiness and the number of accidents that occurred. Strangely the accidents ceased when the potty went and the only option was the toilet.

  5. gemma hendry Reply

    this sounds good im toilet training at the moment with a very resistant two year old lol

  6. Ren Taylor Reply

    Thats such a good idea for toilet training… sister will be going through all that again soon with her 2nd …. due November ?

  7. What a great idea to introduce and support potty training. I am pleased to know about it.

  8. My oldest was the easiest kid to potty train and we did the same thing you did. We started early by talking about it, reading books, having a potty seat in the bathroom and such. He wasn’t fully ready until he was 3 but then it only took two weeks and he was fully trained. My youngest, on the other hand was a handful. He was never ready. He was definitely a challenge. But I think books are a very good way to introduce potty training to kids. #BloggerClubUK

  9. We are potty training so I will look this one up , looks good.

  10. It’s Good idea to have a book we did the same with my grandson we had a potty in the bathroom and one downstairs I think all little ones are different and get there eventually and a lot of praise goes a long way once they use it

  11. Sean Eccles Reply

    My son was the hardest to train but we always have to check what toilet stops we can do when we go out lol

  12. Ali Fanstone Reply

    what a great idea, I will get this for my grandson who is potty training at the moment thanks for the review

  13. Katie Robertson Reply

    Great idea I am in the process of potty training my daughter she asks to go to the toilet and will go just not every time.

  14. Anthea Holloway Reply

    What a lovely way to augment toilet training for your little ones. It sounds like a really fun book.

  15. Charlotte Wilde Reply

    I love BING! both my girls were good at potty training …. although maybe i’ve blocked the worst of it out!

  16. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    My 2 children love bing we have about 3 bings, bing house and car

  17. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    That sounds good. Like you say, every little bit of groundwork can add up, in the end, so it’s really worth doing.

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