Review Orchard Toys What a Performance Board Game: We have always been big fans of Orchard Toys games. Over the last couple of years we have been lucky enough to try out a number of their games and have always had a good experience. So when we were asked to try out their new What a Performance Board Game we had high hopes. We were not disappointed and I think it has become the new favourite in the Mudpie Fridays household. I think this in part to do with the fact that it is so different to anything we have played before. Monkey really enjoyed playing and it has become a firm favourite.

Things you need to know about Orchard Toys What a Performance Game :

  • Age range – 5 adult
  • Number of players – 2-4
  • Contents – 1 jigged board game, 1 card holder, 100 activity cards, 1 star, I spinner, 4 character stands and playing pieces, 1 dice, 1 magic decoder, 1 sand timer and instruction leaflet

  • Aim of the game – the winner is to be the first player to reach the finish star. You race around the board by rolling the dice and completing the action on the space you land on. If Monkey lands on a Do, Say, Act space then they pick one of activity cards and complete the corresponding  action. There are a wide range of different activities from pretending to be a drummer, taking like a pirate or crossing your eyes. If he can’t do the activity then on the back of each card there is a hidden forfeit which is revealed by using the decoder. In the player lands on a spin space then you use the spinner to determine your next move. It also gives the opportunity for all players to take part in a challenge together. The last type of square has a question mark on it. When you land on these you must take the next activity card and complete the forfeit on the back with the help of the decoder.
  • Skills – Part of the reason this is a firm favourite is because of all the different skills it helps Monkey with.  It encourages a lot of discussion because of all of the activities and so is widening his vocabulary all the time, only he doesn’t realise it! It also helps his imagination, observational and social skills just like many games do. The fact it includes a dice it also means that it helps his counting and number skills.

Monkey was very excited to give it a go he loves playing games and getting one on one time with us. A game takes us around half an hour with four of us playing which is longer than many other games we trailed. Yet it really doesn’t feel like it drags in anyway. In fact we were really surprised by just how quickly the time when by. Unlike many other games we have tried out it felt like a game for the adults as well as the kids. I can honestly say that we haven’t laughed as much for ages. The activities were easy yet still required thought which was nice from our perspective. Monkey didnt come across one which he couldn’t do in our training.

Things I love the Orchard Toys What a Performance Game:

  • I am always drawn to Orchard Toys because of the educational nature of the games, What a Performance game is no different.
  • I like the fact that the cards have forfeit on them and you have to use the decoder to see it. Monkey you d this element a lot of fun. Some of the forfeits were hilarious too which helped.
  • It is the usual high quality I have come to expect from Orchard Toys, the illustrations are bright and detailed, the card thick and sturdy.
  • The idea of the game itself is a real win as its so different to anything else we have ever played.
  • It really is a game for the whole family.

The What a Performance Game has a RRP of £16.50 and Orchard Toys have very kindly offered one of my reader the chance to win one. To enter please use the link below to the Gleam application and note the T&Cs.

Orchard Toys What a Performance Board Game

  • Competition is open to residents of UK aged 18 or over
  • There is no cash alternative offered
  • The winner will be drawn at random and win a Orchards Toys What a Performance game.
  • The competition will close on 19th July at 11.59pm, the winner will be notified through Twitter
  • The Winner will be asked to provide an email address and full postal address

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We were given a Orchard Toys What a Performance Game for the purpose of this review all opinions are my own



  1. Ren Taylor Reply

    Orchard toys do some great and educational games….this one looks fun and perfect for my niece ?

  2. The Orchard Toys range is very good and, like you, I really appreciate bright illustrations and sturdy card. It’s good to read a review about a game the whole family can play.

  3. Caroline Shepherd Reply

    Orchard games are always fab, and this one looks like lots of fun!

  4. Adrian Bold Reply

    Thanks for the great prize and competition. Good luck everyone!

  5. Rosemary Tily Reply

    It’s surprising and comforting to know just how much the children, including the teens, still enjoy board games. Despite the attraction of mobiles, iPad etc. they seem willing to put them on one side when the Monopoly board is produced. We have played many of Orchard’s Games in the past and they never disappoint – this one looks good fun as well as educational!

  6. Val Pownall Reply

    This sounds very exciting and lots of fun for all the family.

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