Its been a little while since I wrote a #LittleLoves post. Life has got away with us with holidays and birthdays. However its a habit I would like to get back to, so expect a few more of these going forward. This week Ive only been at work three days which has meant I have been able to enjoy the good weather more than normal, day dreaming of travels that lay ahead.

This week I have started researching things to do in Portugal. At the end of the month we staying with James Villas in the Algarve. Which we are all very excited about, so I am busy building a list of things to do. So far we have decided on a water park and a beach which is covered in Anchors. I have found that now more than ever I have been getting itchy feet. So I am starting to pull together a big list of places we want to visit, although at the moment its a little bit more my list than the rest of the families…

On Wednesday we went to Hampton Court Flower show which was lovely. It was nice to spend some time as me and not just as a mummy. The weather was glorious and there was lots of beautiful flowers. I am always a sucker for the roses which were just as beautiful as they always are.

80s pop music! In August I am going away with a couple of close girlfriends to Rewind Festival. To say we are a little excited is a bit of an understatement. So much so that I have been compiling some playlists for the car journey. Ive written a blog post all about it – Building an 80s Playlist.

Both the boys are a little rice mad. If you ask them what they want to eat its either curry or risotto. This week I have been trying out our new oven with this wonderful Baked Margherita Risotto from HelloFresh. Its perfect for a quick convenient healthy meal and is a real crowd pleaser.

I didn’t realise but HelloFresh have a huge range of recipes on their website including express ones ready in ten minutes which are ideal after the school run. Each has full written and pictorial instructions, exactly like their hard copy recipe cards which come with their food boxes. The fact that they are all online and available at a touch of a button is so convenient when trying to juggle everything with a young family.


I treated myself to some new sandals for the Summer. I have been hearing a lot about Salt Water recently so decided to try out some of their rose gold ones. I have only worn them once so far but I can totally see why they are so popular. I can see them becoming my footwear of choice.


We spent last weekend in the Confetti Fields in Wick. It was ridiculously hot and I struggled to get pictures of the boys because of the heat. But it was stunningly beautiful. If you get the chance I would definitely recommend visiting before the 8th of July or next year.

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  1. That baked risotto that sounds delicious and right up my street! My mum went to Rewind last year and she said she had a fab time so enjoy!

    Kate xx

  2. chantelle hazelden Reply

    That risotto sounds delicious! I love a bit of 80’s music. And those flowers are simply beautiful!

  3. Oh I didn’t know hellofresh had recipes on their site love the idea of easy quick ones. Oh I saw you went to the flower fields I wanted to so bad had plans to but it was just too hot and far for a newborn in the car. Looks amazing though hunny.

  4. I didnt know hello fresh did quick meals, I loved it when we used it but found it a bit time consuming for those busy nights, I will have to have another look. I am off to look at Salt Water sandals everyone is talking about then at the moment. Cant wait to follow your Portugal holiday we have not been for years x

  5. I love the Algarve, I’ll message you a couple of places we’ve been to and loved. I’ve not yet tried saltwater sandals, even though everyone is talking about them. Maybe next year! x

  6. I keep admiring the rose gold saltwater sandals as I believe they are meant to be really comfy. We tried Hello Fresh about a year ago and I keep meaning to order another box. The quick meals sounds ideal when the weather is like this, who wants to spend ages cooking in a hot kitchen x

  7. The festival sounds fantastic, what a great way to spend a girly weekend. Portugal is on our list for a visit. I love my saltwaters. Super comfy and definitely I had the rose gold. This is my third summer and always my go to sandal

  8. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    I’d love to go to Hampton Court Flower Show; there’s always so much creativity on display at events like that.

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