Both Hubby and I work, sometimes long hours outside of the normal 9-5. Although we try to balance childcare between us its not always possible. Thankfully parents are close by and on hand to help out when needed which is a life saver. Yet what happens when they can’t? Or what if we fancied a night out as a couple and needed a babysitter? Preferably someone close by so if you end up dancing into the early hours of the morning its not too much of a big deal… who am I kidding? we are normally in bed by 10am.

Thats where comes in, established in 2009 its the largest childcare website in the UK. We research and buy so many things online now why should childcare be any different. Especially when the site has  ver 1.8 million members and the best bit is that individuals and organisations have been rated by those who have used them. I always look for recommendations so I was impressed to see this function on the site as well.

I decided to give it a try and look for babysitters close by. All I need to do is choose the service I would like and enter my postcode. Selecting babysitters I was surprised to see that there are 145 babysitters within 5 miles of where I live. No longer will I be using the excuse I cant find a babysitter. You can also search for childminders, nannies, au pairs, nurseries, nursery nurses, maternity nurses, private tutors and schools.

For each entry you can click on and go through to read more about the individual. If they are Ofsted rated or have a DBS check. Documents which should be asked for and checked at the first meeting. There is more details on the website about checking documents and references which is worth a read.

The profiles also include other information such details around, driving licences, insurances, experience, qualifications and a simple tick chart which show their availability. Which is great as it means you won’t waste time messaging people asking to babysit on Friday night when they can only do a Wednesday. When you do find someone you like the sound of you can message them directly by creating an account. Accounts are free to set up or you can use your Facebook profile to login. Alternatively when you register you can specify your childcare requirements and then the providers can contact you via their messaging service, by email or over the phone.

So I guess the question is would I use I would definitely use it to research local childcare providers. The review section is of particular interest to me. However before I leave the boys with anyone, or invite people into my hope to babysit, I would want to meet with the individual or organisation in question. Check their documentation and recommendations and make sure that I get my questions answered. So it works brilliantly as a starting point in my search and I can see us using it to find baby sitters in the future.


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  1. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Can be so difficult to get it right – o often go off recommendations from friends – works well for us

  2. Rosemary Tily Reply

    This seems a good idea and as security checks have been made may be safer than most methods. I suppose I would ask good friends or relatives first. It is more difficult now that families often live so far apart – easier when Granny was just round the corner!

  3. Peter Watson Reply

    Grandparents are worth their weight in gold for the value they have.

  4. I look after my little grandson while his mummy and daddy work and wouldn’t have it any other way. We know he’s safe with myself and my husband and at our age now early sixties we want to enjoy him as much as we can . If for any reason we couldn’t have him they do have very good reliable friends that can be trusted with him. I know some have to have other sources of child care but always should be checked out and very safe

  5. Hayley Colburn Reply

    I really struggle to get a babysitter for a night out, since my brothers have had children of their own they aren’t so keen in watching mine too and my husband’s family live over 40 miles away, I don’t think I would be comfortable using myself simply for a night out as I’m far too much of a worrier but that’s just me, I worry even if family do have them

  6. Penny Wilsher Reply

    Interesting post and good to know as family don’t live close by

  7. Rebecca Whatmore Reply

    That website looks great. Prefer to be someone I know and trust like family / friends.

  8. CA really useful resource but having had a very bad experience in the past, my trust has been eroded. Family and close, trusted friends are a blessing for childcare.

  9. sharon stanley Reply

    We’re not lucky enough to have family that can help at the drop of a hat so a service like this would prove extremly useful.

  10. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    As a stay at home mum I have not needed childcare but very useful information for those who need it

  11. Hayley Todd Reply

    We are very lucky to live very close to our family, so as I only work part-time, and my husband works great shift patterns, one of us is normally home for the girls, but on the odd occasion we need child-care, one of our family members is always happy to help.

  12. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    That does sound helpful; at the very least it consolidates the details of the different people providing the services locally, which can be overwhelming otherwise.

  13. Gemma Hendry Reply

    seems a great way to find childcare we are living far away fro family so would be helpful to us

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