‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

We’ve had a weekend of two halves. Saturday I spent at home with Kipper while Monkey went to the airshow with his daddy. Its lovely for them to spend time together alone. Its definitely something that Monkey seems to be craving at the moment. After asking if we can go away on our own again. Ive nothing like that planned this Summer. I think he has a secret hope that I may have done. Which now makes me feel bad for not… Well it gives me something to think about for the Autumn I suppose.

Hes been disappointed this week. After a glowing school report I brought him a new school bag which was his one request. He was super proud of said school bag. Unfortunately his friends didn’t feel the same which he was highly disappointed about. Although I am all for doing things because you want to and not to impress others. At the age of six thats not how the world operates and apparently a lesson which I need to help him learn for himself. Sunday we spent the day in London, during which he had this amazing milkshake at Planet Hollywood. He managed to finish pretty much all of it!

The photo of Kipper was taken from a garden we try and visit once a year. Its close to us an I can use my RHS membership. It inspires me, as one day I would love a garden thats similar. There is a rainbow bench which is perfectly instagramable. Although with an active 26 month old theres very few that are even in focus let alone good enough to share. This was the best one. He had decided to head over to see the pigs…

Whatever you are doing to enjoy the good weather this week have a good one x

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  1. Oh my word that milkshake looks amazing, and I’m pretty impressed that he got through it! Love that photo of Kipper too, it’ll be fab in years to come to see it and remember him just wanting to keep moving! Hope Monkey is ok after the disappointment with his new bag, I just want to wrap my children up and protect them from things like that but you just can’t can you. x #LivingArrows

  2. paula cheadle Reply

    fantastic photo’s, glad that Monkey had a great time with his Daddy

  3. I so understand that and it’s something that really worries me and upsets me. My six year old is exactly the same and it breaks my heart when his friends are not very kind or excited for him.

    Gorgeous photos and that dessert looks super impressive #livingarrows

  4. That bench is amazing! I hate that our children have to learnt life lessons like Monkey and his bag – I hope he carries on loving it despite what his friends think x

  5. What lovely photos. That milkshake looks pretty epic and I love the brightly coloured bench. Such a shame that Monkey’s excitement over his bag was spoilt. I hope he continues to love it and carries on not just doing things to impress others.

  6. That milkshake looks amazing! Sorry to hear about the bag though – it’s so hard to protect them from things like that isn’t it? And that bench is fab too, although Kipper does look like he’s ready to make his escape 🙂 #LivingArrows

  7. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    Really nice photos of some happy times. I hope Monkey is doing OK now with working through that process with his peers; it can be really tough.

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