The weekend before we went on holiday to the Algarve we took the boys up to London to My Scarecrows Wedding. It was Kipper’s first experience of theatre and he was transfixed for the majority of the show. Thats quite an achievement for a twenty six month old. The show finished at lunchtime so we knew we would need to feed the boys before heading home. When Planet Hollywood got in touch to see if we would like to review their London restaurant it seemed like perfect timing. Especially as Planet Hollywood London is only a short walk from the Leicester Square Theatre on the Haymarket.

I was interested to see what made the restaurant so popular since it obviously has staying power after recently celebrating its 25th Birthday. Plus they have been voted Bookatables Best Family Restaurant three years in a row. Normally I would shudder at the thought of going to a themed restaurant. As past experience has taught me they tend to be big on decor but rubbish on substance. We have taken Monkey to a few over the years and have always left feeling disappointed.

We arrived about half an hour earlier than our planned reservation. Both kids were hungry so I was very relieved when they sat us at the table straight away. There is a small bar at the front of the restaurant for those that do fancy a drink first. Monkey was super impressed there was a Power Ranger at the entrance. We had one of the booths which was ideal for Kipper who has developed a real hatred for high chairs. Both kids were given a colouring sheet and some crayons. While we got a chance to look at the A La Carte Menu.


They have a children’s menu which I ordered off of for the boys. Monkey opted for the hot dog and I ordered the pasta for Kipper. Hubby and I both had starters and main courses. I decided to go for the Texas Tosados followed by Chicken Fajitas, Hubby who has a thing about prawns at the moment had Blackened Shrimp followed by the Surf & Turf Burger. We were all very full so didn’t opt for desert although Monkey did manage to fit in one of their new Super Nova Shakes which was a monster. Hubby may have helped him to finish it…

So what did we think?

Review Planet Hollywood London – Service

  • I can not fault the service at all. The sceptic in me did think that perhaps they are being super helpful because we were there for a review. But watching the other customers they received the same great service.
  • Nothing was too much trouble – Kipper must have thrown half a dozen items of cutlery on the floor but they just kept replacing them without even blinking.
  • The kids food was brought out with our starters automatically
  • We took a little time to make a decision on the food because there was so much choice and because the boys were being a little boisterous. Some restaurants would make you feel under pressure at this point to make a choice, but we didn’t feel that at all there.
  • All the staff, not just our server seemed genuinely happy and helpful

Review Planet Hollywood London – Food

  • There is so much choice from all around the world, I would really challenge people not to find something they liked.
  • The portions are huge, its really not like me not to opt for dessert!
  • It all tasted lovely. I think that they are probably the best fajitas I can remember having. Hubby loved his shrimp … I didn’t even get a chance to try one.
  • There is a good range of gluten free meals too. My mum will quite often opt for gluten free so its good to see that they can cater her. Its not just one dish either which we have found elsewhere.
  • The kids menu is well priced at £9.50 with a main, dessert and unlimited drink refills.

Review Planet Hollywood London – Restaurant & Facilities

  • There are TV screens up around the restaurant which play movies, a video cam and welcome messages. Monkey was very impressed when he saw his and Kipper’s name up on the screens.
  • There is a lot of memorabilia around the restaurant including Hans Solo in Carbonite as used in Starwars, The Empire Strikes Back. At six much of it is lost of Monkey other than the Power Ranger of course. But I can imagine if your children were slightly older they would love it. 
  • There are two function rooms upstairs as well as wall of handprints which monkey spied on the way to the bathroom. There are also toilets on the ground floor with baby change. The toilets downstairs were newer than the ones upstairs.
  • The booth was perfect for dining as a family, especially with little ones.

We had a lovely meal at Planet Hollywood London, would I change anything? Not at all probably only limiting what we ordered for the kids as the portions are huge! To find out more visit the Planet Hollywood website.

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We were invited to eat at Planet Hollywood for the purpose of this review, all words and opinions are my own.


  1. That milkshake is the biggest I have seen! I wonder how many calories are in it?

  2. Rosemary Tily Reply

    Appetising meals and good entertainment – a good place for the family to relax!

  3. Wow, that milkshake!! I have to confess that I actually love places like this, but I do think the service makes or breaks it, so it sounds like they’ve got it spot on here. We love a booth for when we’re out as a family too, it makes it all so much easier doesn’t it? Even if you do need a highchair it’s easy to pop on the end, and it’s so much better than a chair for kids who’ve outgrown the highchair but are still a bit fidgety. I love that you got a shout out on the TV screen too!

  4. We often take trips to London as a family and Planet Hollywood looks great. It’s always good to hear about restaurants with super friendly staff and which also caters well for kids as well as adults. My little nephews would love the Power Ranger and my kids would love the food (even if they couldn’t manage to eat it all – that milk shake is huge!)

  5. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    What a fab place – not had tge pleasure yet – hope to visit soon

  6. That milkshake looks amazing! I’ve not visited Planet Hollywood before but looks like a great all rounder for family dining, although I do think £9.50 for a children’s meal is on the more expensive side. I love the décor and the fact that your name came up on the screen. Will definitely consider a visit for our next trip to London.

  7. I remember visiting here a few times for my birthday as a child and it being so magical when you see your name on the screen! That freakshake looks incredible too 🙂

  8. I really want to visit this place , as i think i have as much fun as my daughter will – your post just made me realised we got to squeeze a little visit before school starts x

  9. Ooohhh this looks like a fantastic place to take kiddies. Very reasonably priced for the children’s menu too. The milkshake looks incredible!

  10. Wow that Super nova shake looks to die for! I’m a mystery shopper and some of the service I have encounter in the past is laughable. Its always nice to hear when restaurants put children first, and they certainly look like they do here! It is a tad on the expensive side, but for London, and the experience it would be a nice treat. Thanks for reviewing!

  11. i’m a regular London-go-er and have never seen or been to Planet Hollywood. It looks like somewhere I need to try on my next visit, Oyster card at the ready!

  12. Sounds amazing! I’m a sucker for diners like this. It’s great they have a full gluten free menu – I’m GF and it’s so frustrating when restuarants have just one token dish.

  13. The food looks really tasty and glad the consistency of the franchises is the same. We’ve visited PH in Singapore and NYC but never visited the London one yet! #BloggerClubUK x

  14. I’ve always enjoyed this restaurant and the Hard Rock Cafes. The memorabilia is so much fun to peruse. #BloggerClubUK

  15. I love Planet Hollywood personally. The girls and hubby have yet to experience it. #bloggerclubuk

  16. Despite living within a hour of London we’ve never been, and my three would love it too! Perhaps it’s a trip we could plan for half term… #BloggerClubUK

  17. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    Wow, that’s an amazing shake, I’m very envious! I’ve never been to Planet Hollywood, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

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