‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Theres no surprise that this weeks Living Arrows are photos from our recent holiday to Portugal. We returned Thursday and went straight into a weekend of camping. We had such a great time that I wanted to share more photos of our holiday. The boys loved the pool especially Monkey who went in it everyday. He really liked the inflatables including the pink flamingo, which we have left for future holiday makers. He wasn’t sure about leaving it but then his giant lollypop won – I mean there is only so many inflatables you need right? (Especially when you don’t have a pool!) So I promised I would take a photo so he could remember it. Jeezzz I thought I was meant to be the sentimental one.

Kipper’s language has come on a treat while we were away. He is communicating in whole sentences and is developing a wicked sense of humour. He has also become very clear on what he wants! Ice cream is one of those things. However we really struggled while away to find dairy free and there is only so many lollies that he would have while his brother was tucking into ice creams. So when we went to a large supermarket and found some soya alternatives he was really happy and I think this face says it all…

Whatever you are doing have a good one x

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  1. Ah bless him so glad you managed to find something suitable for him!


    He really is devouring that ice cream with a look of pure joy

  3. That picture of Kipper sums up my relationship with ice cream at the moment – I could just stick my face in it! I love how much Monkey loves that inflatable too. You can’t beat a flamingo! x

  4. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    Wonderful happy photos. I’m glad you all had such a good time there.

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