2018 Bucket List June & July Update: I am not really sure where this year is disappearing to. We are already almost at the end of August and I am only writing up the early Summer update. Its funny how in the New Year you think you are going to get all these things done. But actually time seems to speed up more and more. Especially over the Summer months, although that could be because we have been travelling quite a bit. Net year I will have to be mindful of this fact.

We haven’t managed anymore of our ABC of Castles since visiting Corfe in March. Equally Ive not managed to tick any more of the 12 National Trust Properties off either.

So what have we done?

Well I didn’t think we had done that much but actually we have had quite a productive couple of months on the bucket list front.

I took the boys Strawberry Picking at Garson’s farm. It was something I wanted to do last year but didn’t quite make it. So this was Kippers first experience and he was difficult to control. Wanting to put everything in his mouth. I particularly like Garson’s because their strawberries are on struts. Which means they are a lot easier to pick. They were so big and tasted very sweet, probably the best we had all season. Monkey was also quite partial to the raspberries.

Camp in the Garden – We got the tent out to make sure it hadn’t gone mouldy over the Winter and to give it an air before our first camping trip of the season. Monkey loved the idea of staying in the tent in the back garden. Hubby less so… unfortunately I had to stay in the house because of Kipper. They both enjoyed their first camping trip to Countryfile Live, hopefully its one of many more to come.

In June Monkey turned 6 and he wanted a Lego Party which we arranged and he loved. There was a lot of lego building going on and a rather special birthday cake.

While we were in Portugal we had the most amazing outside terrace. On a couple of evenings Monkey sat outside with us and played cards. But it wasn’t long until we were star gazing. We saw Mercury and Venus as well as many of the constellations. But I think that really stood out for him was the blood moon. So much so that it has now become the focus of his school project for the Summer.

Go to France – over May we went to the South of France with Eurocamp. It was a wonderful holiday. It has become a little habit travelling over May half term and one which I would like to keep.

Another family tradition is visiting the Mayfield Lavender Farm. I have been taking the boys for around five years now. I got some beautiful photos of monkey this year, although Kipper was less than impressed. He really isn’t the sort of child who likes his photo taken. Another way in which he takes after his father!

While we were at Countryfile Live there was a National Trust area which had a number of different 50 before 50 activities. Of which roll down a hill was one of them.

I was lucky this year and visited a number of National Trust houses with lovely rose gardens. Kipper and I spent several Friday afternoons on the hop visiting places, looking at gardens and running around. None of them really made the blog and I took very few photos. But we did also make it to the Confetti Fields.

From a monthly get away perspective we have had some fantastic breaks. Including our trip to Eurocamp mentioned above we have also visited Guernsey for a long weekend.

During which we visited Herm Island which is so beautiful. We also saw dolphins on the way back, which really made the trip extra special.

Camping wise we had a couple of nights at Countryfile Live and more recently I went to Rewind Festival with some girlfriends. Although a lot of the camping bit was done for us with boutique camping.

Our final large trip was the Algarve with James Villas. Although I am yet to edit the video you can read all about our adventure in the dairy posts which are now live. There will also be more adventures to write about in the next update since we are ending the schools holidays with a bang.

Although we still have a fair few activities to tick off the bucket list we have now at least made a good dent in it.

Whats on your bucket list this year?



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  1. Wow what a productive year so far! You’ve still got 1/3 of it left though 🙂

  2. margaret gallagher Reply

    magical always inspiring us to do more and more

  3. Laura Turner Reply

    Hope we’ve still got a few more sunny days left this year to go on more adventures like this.

  4. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    These are gorgeous photos. I hope you’re doing well with ticking things off the list, and that you’ve enjoyed them so far.

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