Sixth Birthday Questionnaire

Sixth Birthday Questionnaire: Driving down to Devon it occurred to me the we hadn’t done Monkey’s  Birthday Questionnaire. I swear my memory is getting worse. Although I am not sure he was really up for answering them as I have ended up with a lot of one word answers. Its interesting to see what changes and what doesn’t year to year. There was quite a lot of consistency this year so it maybe time to change the questions!

  1. What is your favourite colour? – Blue
  2. What is your favourite toy? – The remote control car that Nanny Brighton & Bamps brought me for my birthday
  3. What is your favourite fruit? – Blueberries
  4. What is your favourite TV show? – Blaze and the Monster Machines
  5. What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch? – Cheese and Ham Sandwiches
  6. What is your favourite outfit? – Superman dress up
  7. What is your favourite game? – Monopoly
  8. Where is your favourite food? – Curry
  9. What is your favourite animal? – Elephant
  10. What is your favourite song? – Paw Patrol theme tune
  11. What is your favourite book? – Dinosaur series
  12. Who is your best friend? – Holly, Arthur & Tedddy
  13. What is your favourite sport? – Football
  14. What is your favourite thing to do outside? – Play football
  15. What is your favourite drink? – Chocolate milkshake
  16. What was your favourite holiday? – When we went to Portugal with James Villa Holidays because I liked having my own pool
  17. What do you like to take to bed with you? – Bear Bear
  18. What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast? – Honey on toast
  19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? – Curry
  20. What do you want to be when you grow up? – Palaeontologist

Do you think I am missing any questions? If so let me know in the comments below.





  1. sharon stanley

    Favourite school subject would be a nice one to see how/if it changes over the years. What a lovely idea doing a questionaire like this. Although my eldest is 16 this year and only answers in a series of grunts unless it involves me spending money this is definitley something I would like to start with the younger two.

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