My Boys { August 2018 }

One of the things I wanted to do this year was keep a record of the boys developing relationship. At the end of the Summer holidays we visited Beverly Holidays. It was just me and the kids which meant that without Hubby to keep them entertained they gravitated towards each other more. It gave me plenty of opportunity to watch the boys and how their relationship is developing.

We had several days out while we were away and I was touched by how Monkey really picked up on his little brothers needs. He seemed to adopt a little bit of a parent figure checking on him, pushing him around in the buggy, telling him off! Its really funny listening to him doing it as he has much of it down pat repeating something I would say. He seemed to really put in that extra effort to looking after him.

While we were away Kipper ran around after Monkey constantly. I am not sure if its a second child thing but he is normally so independent running off in his own direction doing his own thing. Only these last couple of weeks he’s much happier looking for Monkey. Its something that has followed us home as he will quite often get in the car and he will ask ‘where’s Monkey?’ Then before I answer he almost thinks about it and tells me he’s at school or beavers or whatever it may be.

There feels like there was less bickering over the Summer months and I really hope its something that follows us into the Autumn.

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