Review Ausu Vivobook E406S: Monkey is in his last year at infant school and they have been starting to use the laptops more. In todays environment like many children he is quite at home with a tablet or a smart phone (ours not his) yet a laptop is still a new experience to him. But as he gets older a laptop will likely become a very important part of his school environment. So when got in contact and asked if we would like to review on of their laptops – the Asus Vivobook E406S I thought it would be the perfect laptop to start his journey with. At six I think he is too young to have his own, but by giving him access to it as a ‘family laptop’ I hope he will be come familiar with Windows and all the things he can do. So that as his lessons at school progress he will be familiar with how they work.

Benefits of learning to use a laptop

Some of the benefits of Monkey learning how to use a laptop properly:

  • Being a typical six year old he has a lot of questions. He loves learning about animals, space and gold mining! I am starting to struggle to answer some of his more specific questions. The laptop will allow us to google together and also download PDFs and pictures a lot easier. Its also good practice for him to start to find his way around the Internet.
  • His school has signed up to a number of online resources which we can now access easily via the laptop. The Asus Vivobook E406S has a 14 inch screen perfect for study and much larger than a standard kids tablet.
  • Using a proper keyboard rather than a digital one will help his typing skills and gain confidence in writing. Plus it has a trackpad which for a first time user can take a little getting use to, giving him extra practice is a must.
  • Monkey is fast turning into a budding photographer. With a HD screen he can look at and learnt to edit his own pictures in great quality. Its also great for watching movies.
  • It comes with a years subscription to office 365 which means he also has the chance to play with Powerpoint and also excel.
  • A laptop is much more social than a static desktop. I want to foster the experience that technology is something to be shared. He’s still a way off gaming of any sort and thats they way I want to keep it for as long as possible. I hope that by instilling that this is something we do together will mean that he continues to view it in that way as he gets older.

Other benefits of the Asus Vivobook E406S

  • It comes preloaded with Windows which means Cortina
  • It has a 14 hour battery life so the need to constantly keep plugging it in is reduced. Which is just as well since we always seem to forget that.
  • The laptop is incredibly lightweight (1.22kg), weighing  so suitable for a child and also means that its incredibly portable. Especially since it is only 17.6mm thick.
  • 4GB of RAM means that it will be able to process multiple tasks. It allows me to do everything I need for the blog quickly and efficiently.

In addition one of the other benefits of the Asus Vivobook E406S is the price. Its represents incredibly good value at £229, although at the time of writing AO had a special offer on and its available at £199. Just like any other technology we limit Monkey’s time to a set number of hours a week. Over time I think it will become a valuable part of his education, especially since many careers now revolve around computer technology.

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We were given a Ausu Vivobook E406S for the purpose of this post, all words and opinions are my own.


  1. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    Those are really sound points in favour of laptops; I have to say they’re probably my number one format preference too. I hope he enjoys using that one.

  2. Tracy Nixon Reply

    Very helpful thanks! It is amazing how fast kids learn these days but scary when they become more it literate than you!

  3. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    What fun my nephews have been showing me what to do – feel like I’m back at school

  4. Shelley Jessup Reply

    That price is excellent & it comes with so many great add ons! My God-Daughter is 8 years & is more interested in learning on the laptop now I think I’ll pass thin info over to her mum.

  5. My six year old also uses a laptop and I think it’s great – my elder two are in senior school and homework is posted online, so I think getting him ready now is a good idea. It is beneficial, because technology is growing more and more, so it’s becoming a valuable lifes kill, plus it’s a novelty but they also learn too! Great post, thanks for hosting #BloggerClubUK

  6. Lindsay Brown Reply

    This looks like a great product! I completely agree that it is important to get kids computer literate at a young age. My kids both have a lot of online resources that they use for homework and at school and to be honest, they are better at navigating most of the sites than I am lol

  7. Diana Tidswell Reply

    It’s funny that he ask about space and gold mining. As a kid, i don’t think i won’t even ask something about that. 😅 Now that he had so many questions, it is fine that you bought that Asus laptop. So that whenever he got questions, Google would always be there to answer him.

  8. kelly wheelhouse Reply

    I do think it’s important for kids to be introduced to laptops, especially when a lot of their school work revolves around using technology. It’s lovely that he is into photography and will learn how to edit his own photos too. 😊

  9. I think it’s a good idea for him to have access to something running Windows at home so he can get used to it. I would consider doing the same for L in a few years as we both use Chromebooks at home which is a slightly different experience #bloggerclubuk

  10. Our daughter has just started to ask for a laptop (she’s 8). So far we’ve been able to do all her bits and bobs including school work on an iPad but we’re going to need to think more about a laptop. This one is a great price x

  11. Laura Wheatley Reply

    As much as I really didn’t like the thought of mine having a laptop i’m glad I gave in, it is used for homework all the time, they are extremely computer literate which is important these days. This looks like a really nice laptop

  12. 14 hours battery life is always a winner and if it actually lasts that long then it’s a definitely winner

  13. Bindu Thomas Reply

    This sounds like a great one. Nowadays its important to have laptop for children because they have lot to work on it. This one is a great.

  14. Being able to use technology is such an important part of education these days that the sooner you can get children used to it the better!

  15. James Travis Reply

    The ability to use technology is vital for children’s future, they will need it when the start work, regardless of what type of job they choose to do.

  16. A nice little laptop and a good idea to familiarise children with them before they go to big school.
    I know what you mean about answering the how and why questions!

  17. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    My daughter Sheriah 6 has an Amazon tablet that I got her last Christmas

  18. Gemma Hendry Reply

    it sounds great especially the battery life, my laptops battery life sucks

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