Anyone else feeling a little over whelmed with Christmas on its way? I have done nothing, in fact its a little touch and go whether the advent calendars will be ready and filled in time. I guess thats the issue with managing a young family, a full on, full time career and a business. This time of year things all get a little muddled and I tend to make it thorough by the skin of my teeth.
Only with Kipper now a full on toddler and into everything and Monkey needing entertainment constantly. It gives me very little time to sit down and plan anything ready for the big day itself. But now I have a solution. If you are regular readers of Mudpie Fridays then you will know that back at the beginning of October we reviewed the Sky Kids App. It means that I can have some head space and get things done ready for the festive season while I know the boys are being entertained in an appropriate way.
Since we last wrote the boys have been watching various shows via the app on a regular basis. It has been a godsend with all the travelling we have been doing over the last couple of months. Especially with the flights to Crete and Finland and most recently the train to Edinburgh. As they enjoy it so much I have no qualms in continuing monitored usage on the run up to the festive season. The time limit option really helps with this. We are not the only ones who have had a great experience. Since I last wrote about it the Sky Kids App has won Mumsnet Rated. This means that out of the 103 Mumsnet testers that tried the Sky Kids App 94% would use it again and 97% would recommend it.
When I was little I have vivid memories of sitting down with the rest of the family and TV guide. We would go through it circling what we wanted to watch. Inevitability there was clashes and many a discussion (argument) over who got their choice. Using the Sky Kids App really helps address that those issues. Kipper’s favourite programme on the app is The Gruffalos Child. A good Christmas classic, but at six rather depressingly Monkey has grown out of it. At least I know that Kipper will be able to watch it without argument. Along with his other favourite shows such as Bing and Hey Duggie without any problem too.  Its not just shows though, Sky Kids App also has a wide range of games available which we are yet to utilise fully.
I am also looking at arranging some festive days out for the boys. We try to visit Reindeer, go to a Christmas market, see Santa and go ice skating. Sky Kids is sponsoring the ice rink at Winter Wonderland this year. No one likes queuing with kids – so there will be iPads in the queueing area, mums and dads can entertain their little ones with the Sky Kids app while they wait to skate with festive games, quizzes and their favourite shows. So not only do I not have to worry about getting everything done in time for the big day or sharing the TV remote. I also can relax knowing that our festive days out will be less stressful too. I call that a win win!
Sky kids app is available on apple, android and amazon devices. More details can be found on the sky kids app webpage – Sky Kids App


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This is a collaborative post written with Sky kids and Mumsnet. I was compensated for time, all words and opinions are my own.


  1. Tracy Nixon Reply

    This sounds a great app! I shall look into this! Thanks! Love the Xmas jumper too!

  2. The app seems very interesting, will definitely check it out. Thanks a lot for the recos.


  3. We’re always looking for ways to entertain the kids and theres so many options out there! I will give this app a whirl!

  4. You’re not the only one. I feel swamped and barely got our tree up. I think it’s just pure exhaustion feom the environment.

  5. Oh gosh yes we are so overwhelmed! I need to try this app out – thank you!

  6. Catherine Santiago Jose Reply

    I have never heard of this app before and it sounds really interesting for my kids. I will definitely check this out, thanks for sharing this with us!

  7. Bindu Thomas Reply

    Wow..this app sounds interesting. Such a good way to keep kids engaged while Mom is busy with house chores. I will share this with my sister.

  8. It’s a good app isn’t it. The ice skating is coming to Norwich on my Birthday so I’m keeping an eye on the Sky VIP app and am hoping to bag some tickets!! Merry Christmas!! #BloggerClubUK

  9. Fiona jk42 Reply

    This app sounds good for kids, I shall get my daughter to look into it for my granddaughter to use

  10. Sounds incredibly helpful and enjoyable. Will check it out. Happy Christmas!

  11. Gemma Hendry Reply

    i got sky kids app after reading this review, my daughter loves it

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