Great Minds UK Go Far Planner Review: Its that time of year again when we all reflect on the year gone by and think about what we are going to do in 2019. For a long time I have not set new year resolutions. Preferring instead to set myself goals. Historically they have been in the form of bucket lists of activities and adventures. However as I reflect on last years I find myself accepting they are not really working for us as family. Probably because they are mine and not ‘ours’ if you get my drift. This year we complied a Travel Bucket List 2019 where we have all inputed. It’s shorter and more realistic, the things included are less time consuming and more relevant to us so I am hoping it will be more successful.

Thats all very well and good but what has that got to do with Great Minds UK? Well I have had a little bit of an ephinaney over the festive period. The bucket list is great as a  kind of to do list. But I also need a goal. A proper goal. An achievement. Something that is not tied up with the kids (who I lovely dearly), or the blog (although it is in a way) or my corporate job (miles apart). I need something for me, something that gives me the sense of working towards a purpose, something that will increase my happiness. I am happy – but I am a little lost. Which could have something to do with a rather large birthday happening this year…. I have no idea the motivation. But I do know I realised what it is over the festive break. Its something that has been troubling me for six weeks. Ever since the lovely people at Great Minds UK sent me one of their Go Far Planners.

This is a serious planner. 

It is designed to help you achieve your goals. Of course you need goals or one big goal with little ones surrounding it to start using it. I haven’t had that goal until now. But now I have I know that the Go Far Planner will help me achieve it. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous. If I achieve my goal then it could potentially turn our loves updated down. Exciting and flipping scary at the same time.

Things I love about the Great Minds UK Go Far Planner

  • There are three sections to it – a Goal Setting Guide, Weekly Planner and separate Notebook. There is a considerable amount of self coaching involved. This is something which really makes the Go Far method really stand out. Although it can feel a little daunting as long as you set time aside to get started its really easy to use.
  • Plus if you have a wobble or want to read more within the planner there are scannable QR codes which will take you to a knowledge and guidance centre. To help answer questions you may have.
  • The fact that its weekly means that when you are just starting out you don’t feel overwhelmed. Although as I am fast discovering once you are in the mindset you can’t help but add little things to your plan frequently.
  • The leather cover available in both grey and blue gives a feeling of luxury, the paper is a good weight and the gold writing gives an expensive feel
  • The Go Far method has been developed taking into account theories around time management, personal transformation, positive psychology and talent development.
  • Its possible to buy refills. Although I can see the planner lasting me for some time because of the nature of my goal (its huge!). I often find there is never enough doddle paper. With the Go Far set you get a note book with dotted paper (my favourite) and can buy multiples once yours if full. So you never feel like you need to be careful with space. Discounts are available if you buy multiples too!
  • Its undated which means you can start it whenever you want. Its just taken me quite a while to figure out what my goal is and so has coincided with the start of the year. But you can literally pick it up and start using it straight away without wasting a single page
  • You can use it along side what you are already doing. As this is all about goal setting, doing and then reflecting much more strategic by nature. So it will work along side my day to day, month to month planner which is much more operational. Covers my to do list for both the family and the blog.

My goal at the moment is a secret one I have only shared with my husband. But if you are thinking about your goals ahead for 2019 then here are a few suggestions of things you may want to consider:

  • Starting a business around a hobby – which is something Married Meeples is looking to do in 2019
  • Reduce plastic use – which although sounds simple can be very involved when you really start to break it down. Passport and Adventures will be talking about this on her blog soon and everything that goes along with it.
  • Make parenting life easier- simplify and systemise – extreme house and toys declutter, monthly meal plans and online food shopping, systemised house cleaning and laundry, capsule wardrobe for everyone in the family. The list goes on and to be honest one I could do with doing all of this too from the Cosmo Mum.
  • Take time to write letters and reconnect with old friends in our lives and spend less time on social media – Scrapbook Blog
  • Spend more time outside as a family – beaches and parks and many more adventures, something we could all do more of I am sure Two Hearts One Roof.

The lovely people at Great Minds UK have given my readers the chance to win their own Go Far Planner (RRP £33) which includes everything you need to get started. To enter please use the gleam application below and please note the T&Cs.

Great Minds UK Go Far Planner

  • Competition is open to residents of the UK aged 18
  • There is no cash alternative offered
  • The winner will be drawn at random and will receive a Great Minds UK Go Far Planner
  • The giveaway will close on the 3rd of Febuary at midnight, the winner will be notified through Twitter
  • The Winner will be asked to provide a full postal address

I have some other giveaways running at the moment so please check them out in the Blog Giveaways Page above.



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  1. I love goal setting and I am very keen on Law of Attraction but being an active in the process. I am not very successful with my goal setting and need some assistance which this seems to give.

  2. Theresa Wakeley Reply

    Perfect planner for me! We’re moving into our new build home soon and there’s a lot of things I need to plan and get organised! Love this!

  3. Chloe Taylor Reply

    A lovely planner! I work as an admin assistant for the NHS so have lots going on during the week. I also have appointments and leisure activities so it would be great to be organised with a personal planner.

  4. Lynda Jones Reply

    What a fantastic motivational tool, thank you for the chance

  5. Emily rixon Reply

    This would be so amazing! I recently started an apprenticeship with the NHS and have lots going on so it would be very useful

  6. Oh I love a planner, and this one is gorgeous! If I don’t win, I might consider buying one myself. Putting that much of an investment in would make me less likely to stop using the planner after a few weeks 😀
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  7. Lisa Wilkinson Reply

    These look great. I’m always looking to plan better. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Debbie smith Reply

    i adore tis planner i love that there’s space to reflect it looks fab xx

  9. Megan Kinsey Reply

    Such a good idea for a planner. I’m trying to have a more mindful 2019 too 🙂

  10. Claire Nutman Reply

    Love the reindeer and a great first attempt I must say….

  11. Christine Dodd Reply

    After a year of turmoil I am thinking of re-starting my blog, so this would be perfect

  12. Laura Williams Reply

    Ohhh I love this! I have 6 kids.. I could do with getting my hectic life in order! haha! Thank you!

  13. this is a great idea! im always forgetting things so planning my life out would be great!

  14. Karen hutchinson Reply

    Need something to make me more organised as always forgetting stuff

  15. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    HOW beautiful Thankyou – will give so much inspiration

  16. Georgina Prince Reply

    This looks like a really great planner to help me get organised x

  17. Rebecca Nisbet Reply

    Love the idea of this, a bit of daily encouragement.

  18. I could do with a planner, my life feels pretty disorganised at the moment lol.

  19. Kirsty Shears Reply

    Love the idea of this! Didn’t know it existed before seeing this.

  20. Sarah-Dawn Pope Reply

    Great! I could keep all my lists in one place 🙂

  21. Susan Willshee Reply

    I would love to win this because since I was diagnosed with epilepsy last year my memory has slowly begun to disappear. I now can’t remember things that have happened from one week to the next.
    So in addition to using this to give me hints and reminders about forthcoming events, I could also use it to look back and remind me what I did recently

  22. Hayley Todd Reply

    This would be absolutely amazing as one of my resolutions this year is to become much more organised! We are an extremely busy household, and due to many doctors, hospital, and medical appointments for my youngest daughter, I tend to be far less organised with all other events going on in our lives.

  23. Sallyanne Rose Reply

    Sounds like a very useful prize for this time of year.

  24. Laura Corrall Reply

    All the best on your secret mission goal. I have had a goal for a while to be healthier. Eating better, cooking more home made, exercising more. All wasn’t something I am good at. I’m getting there but really noticed writing things down has helped massively. This would be a great help.

  25. Adrian Bold Reply

    Thanks for the great prize and competition. Good luck everyone!

  26. lorraine kirk Reply

    This looks really great for getting some direction in life and for making definite plans and goals

  27. Laura Wheatley Reply

    I would absolutely love this, I love planners <3 I like tyo feel organised even if I am not haha

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