I am hoping I am not going to regret this. I have been encouraged by Over 40 and Mum to One to join in with Project 365 a photo everyday for a year. It is something which I tried when Monkey was about 6 months old. Only I felt compelled to print them out and stick them in the album. I lasted three months.

I am hoping with the ease a simple upload that I will manage to stick to it for the full year. Along with my weekly Living Arrows post I hope it will help me keep that photo journal of the kids. Plus we get up to a lot that doesn’t reach these pages of the internet so its a great way to record the simple things.

Tuesday 1st January – Day 1

So I am cheating a little as this photo was actually taken the day before. But since I didn’t know we were going to be doing this… anyway thats my excuse. We went to Hatchlands Park National Trust to blow away the cobwebs after eating and drinking too much over Christmas. We had visited before and last time the house wasn’t open either. But the play area had seen an update and the boys just loved being outside. Running off the excitement from the last few days. Both will climb anything, Kipper likes to copy his older brother. Only this one was a little high for him.

Wednesday 2nd January – Day 2

We headed out to the Sea Life Centre in Brighton to make the most of our Merlin Passes before they run out at the end of February. Only half of it is shut down for refurbishment so we could not see the large ocean tank. Which meant we were not in there for very long. So after a quick lunch we went over to Brighton Pier to play on the 2p machines. Monkey now has a nice collection of tickets to cash in at a later date. I do love the flashing lights on the pier and I managed to capture this while I waited for him. He had gone in to try one last machine with a friend and her mum.

Thursday 3rd January – Day 3

I took the whole two weeks off work over the Christmas period and spent Thursday trying to catch up with some blog plans I have. I pitched to a few companies which I am hoping to work with and I brought some fresh spring flowers to go with some photos. Its lovely having fresh flowers in the house although Kipper was not too keen on the strong smell of the Narcissi.

Friday 4th January – Day 4

Kipper and I normally have a music class on a Friday morning. Although it doesn’t start back until next week so we decided to go out and play. He loves running around outside so we headed to Nymans another National Trust property which is local to us. Its nice to spend some time on our own, I hadn’t realised how much I had missed it over Christmas. We played hide and seek around a tree which had him in fits of laughter. Squeezed in and out of bamboo, took the pushchair for a walk and visited the Snowdog Trail. He loved pushing the buggy around at this angle, not that the photo looks like it! Unfortunately it was the only one I managed to capture but he was giggling most of the time. I love two and a half its such a wonderful age.

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  1. paula cheadle Reply

    a great way of recording your children growing up through out the year

  2. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    Some lovely pictures, great expression on the 3rd January lol

  3. Good luck with Project 365! You can do it! It is easy once you get into a habit of taking a photo every day.
    Fab photos! There is nothing better than the 2p machines at the seaside!

  4. Welcome to 365, it’s good to have you on board! I love the photo of Monkey jumping off the tree and Kipper with the daffodils. I look forward to reading more of your adventures over the coming months.

  5. Love Kipper’s expression with the flowers! Shame about Sealife not being fully open. I hope you enjoy taking part this year, we all have times where we feel like giving up but the rest of the group keeps us going. Look forwarrd to following your adventures #365

  6. Welcome to project 365! Lovely to see more people joining in; glad that Mary managed to persuade you. We’ve been twice to Brighton with my younger son, and he remembers the walks on the pier with fondness, and especially our “gambling”. We only ever managed to win some cheap sweets, but oh the excitement!
    Kipper’s expression in the photo with flowers made me smile. What a cutie.

  7. Sian Buckingham Reply

    What a lovely idea! It looks like you’re having a fantastic time already this year!

  8. Samantha O'D Reply

    Looks like a fun week. Im so ready for my kids to go back to school tomorrow

  9. Welcome to the project, it is a lovely diary to look back on if you can keep going all year.
    Love his padded suit.
    Yes our 2 yr old tries to copy everything the 5 yr old does and succeeds more often that you would have thought possible.

  10. welcome to 365 and i look forward to reading more about your adventures. I have many fond memories of playing the 2p slots on Brighton Pier as a child

  11. It certainly sounds like you got outside a lot. I think NT properties sound wonderful places. #365

  12. Welcome to 365, I am hoping to complete it this year as I have failed miserably for the last few, love the expression on kippers face with the flowers. We have lots of saved tickets from our local arcades, the children can never decide what they want to spend them on! I haven’t been to Brighton before, but my eldest son has a uni interview next month, so I may finally get to visit, if only for a short time, although if he decides to go there, I may get a few more visits!

  13. Glad to have you join in. Looks like a good few walks. I love seaside arcades too – lots of fun

  14. Welcome to Project 365 and good luck! You can do it! Aww Kipper really doesn’t look pleased with the smell!

  15. I took part in 365 last year for the first time and I love looking back at all the pics and seeing what we got up to! #project365

  16. Gemma Hendry Reply

    ive always wanted to go to brighton, its definately a plan this year

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