Travel Bucket List 2019: Last year I wrote a 2018 Bucket List of to dos for the family. It consisted of all sorts of things many of which were season related. Towards the middle of the year I fell a little out of love with it and struggled to keep up to date. So this year I have decided to do something different. There maybe the odd seasonal bucket list, especially as we head into Spring. But for the moment I am focusing on the travel related things we want to do as a family in 2019.

Although I could quite easily write an ultimate style bucket list post. Because there are so many places I want to experience both with the kids, with hubby and on my own. I think I would struggle to keep it to 200 places. What I really want to do is focus on some of the things we will do this year. Make it realistic so I don’t fall out of love with it. And since we didn’t win the lottery at the weekend. I need to keep it in the realms of the doable, accepting we both have jobs and Monkey is at school. As it is 2019 I have kept it short as well at 19 things in total. Which is harder than it sounds and had to accept some of the things needed to be dropped, as there just isn’t enough weekends or holidays in one year.

I also wanted to make sure that its not just ‘place’ driven but ‘experience’ driven too. After all its the experiences that tend to stay with us long after the places have been forgotten. I can’t tell you which bar in Havana we got talking to the locals in, but I can tell you what was said and what the mojito I was drinking looked like. So in no particular order heres our list.

Travel Bucket List 2019

  1. Indoor sky dive – So I am cheating a little here as this is also on my 40 before 40 list but both Hubby and Monkey are going to be doing it with me. I have the vouchers I just need to book it. However because the location is not close to home it will require an overnight stay. We have family local to the venue so it would also be a good excuse to see them at the same time.
  2. Have a wedding in Vancouver – There is a good chance that we will be travelling to Canada in the early Summer for a family wedding. We have never been to the West side only every going to Toronto and the surrounding area. So we are hoping to do a fair amount of exploring too.
  3. Birthday trip to Las Vegas – I actually went to Vegas for my 30th and so wasn’t expecting to go back. However it sounds like I may well be going with work towards the end of the year. I am surprised Hubby agreed to be honest since he loves it so much and I will be going and leaving him with the boys. Dates are likely to be confirmed by the end of the month. It will only be for a few days so any tips for dealing with jet lag gratefully received.
  4. 40th birthday weekend with the girls – Initially I was thinking this would probably be to Marrakech however we have had an interesting offer of accommodation in Europe. So final destination is yet to be confirmed but it will be happening in November. My birthday is actually in the Summer but with everyones commitments and cricket season November is better for all.
  5. Eurocamp Italy (Venice & Murano)– I am excited as this is all booked and finalised. Italy is where hubby and I had our honeymoon and the campsite we have chosen is close enough to visit Venice and Murano. Both of which we went to ten years ago. I am also very hopeful that we may even seen the sunflowers in bloom, which I have now been trying to do for five years. Fingers crossed the weather is warm enough for them to flower by the beginning of June instead of mid June!! If not it will have to stay on the list for next year.
  6. Easter city break with Monkey – Last year I took Monkey on his first city break to Barcelona. We are hoping to do the same again this year although the destination has yet to be finalised. I am thinking maybe Hamburg, Brussels or Budapest – not sure which one is best in springtime so I need to do some more research.
  7. Stay in a tree house – I have wanted to do this since I first realised this was a ‘thing’ and its all booked for March. Although I am wondering if it is perhaps a little insane since Kipper will only just be coming up three. I am also hoping for good weather since its as expected very rural and prone to getting dark early.
  8. Start our Monopoly Board of London – Monkey loves Monopoly, its always the game he goes to. So I am going to try and take him to visit all the locations on a traditional Monopoly board. The fact that it is in London means that we are likely not to get it done in a year unless we really decide to just hit it in a couple of trips. However I would expect thats probably a bit boring for Kipper so I envisage a couple of stops as and when we are travelling into London for something else.
  9. Tour Stonehenge – We have driven past Stonehenge a number of times when we travelled down to Devon and Dorset last Summer. At the moment we have English Heritage passes so it seems to make sense to see it before they run out. Ideally I would like to avoid the tons of people and get some good photos so I think we will try and visit either first in the morning or when it closes.
  10. Lapland to visit Father Christmas – This year could be expensive for trips. After our amazing trip to Finland in November I will be looking to book a trip to see Father Christmas. A four year age gap between the boys means that we need to time it right for maximum enjoyment. Kipper will be 3.5 years old and Monkey 7.5 years old at Christmastime so if we don’t do it in the next couple of years the magic maybe lost for one of them. Plus Monkeys ski gear should still fit!
  11. Visit castles beginning with A, H, D and L – these are the big four which I wanted to get to in 2018 with our ABC of Castles. But failed miserably. I am hoping this year we may make it. Plus I really want to stay overnight in a castle with the kids which I need to do some research on.
  12. Go on a cruise as a family – We have never cruised or even been on a cruise ship. I would like to change that in 2019.
  13. Visit Camber Sands for a beach day – This was on our Summer Bucket list in 2016. After a visit the year before and we never made it and haven’t managed it since preferring West Wittering which is in the opposite direction. So this year will be the year since I love the big dunes and Kipper is now the right age to enjoy them.
  14. Visit a theme park we haven’t been to before – I have a couple in mind which I am hoping we may make it to. Being lucky to have Merlin passes in 2018 means that we have tended to visit the same ones over and over again and I feel like we need a change.
  15. Escape to Disneyland Paris again – This could feasibly end up on the never quite happened list. Hubby and I took the boys on a pre Christmas treat and Monkey has asked to go back for his Birthday. Which also coincides with my birthday so it would be rude not to….
  16. Summer trip to Bournemouth to see family – My sister in law lives near Bournemouth and we decided over Christmas that we should make the most of the good weather and the beaches.
  17. Take part in a Gruffalo trail – Kipper has just started to really get into the Gruffalo and Room on the Broom. I think in part to the videos over the Christmas period. When Monkey was his age we went on a couple of different trails which I now want to take Kipper on. It would be the perfect Friday afternoon adventure for him.
  18. Camp – Being a family of boys I really feel like we need to camp more. In 2018 we had our first family camping experience to CountryFile Live. I would like to take the boys away again this year for a couple of days to experience the outdoors. All I need to do is convince Hubby that this is a good idea!
  19. Go to a Christmas market – we went to Edinburgh in 2018, travelling up by train and had a brilliant time. I forgot how festive they make me feel and I would like to do the same in 2019. Perhaps even travelling by train again into Europe. I have one I fancy the look of but I am not sure if Kipper is a little young at the moment.

So thats our list, I will be trying to update it quarterly so make sure you pop back to see how we are getting along with it. I am as always on on the look out for inspiration so please do share whats on your list in the comments below.

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  1. All of these things sound so exciting and fun! The Monopoly Board of London is such a good idea. We are hoping to get to a theme park this year. My girls have never been to a proper one before. x

  2. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Lots of fun for you all – theme parks and Disneyland Paris are always a favourite here

  3. Wow what a list and if you manage you will have a fab year. Love the idea of visiting everywhere on a monopoly board!

  4. I forsee a very busy year ahead for you all, lovely to have so many happy plans!

  5. Oh wow it’s certainly going to be a busy year travelling for you – how exciting!! I would absolutely love to take my girls to see Father Christmas in Lapland one year 🙂

  6. This year, we are going to the best place I want to visit on my bucket list. New Zealand. My wife used to live there and hasn’t seen her family in a long time. For, it will be a dream come true. For wife, it will be great chance to see family she has not seen in 10 years.

    John M

  7. Your bucket list is super exciting and so jealous of the many plans being made. I am thinking of doing something for my birthday either a couple months earlier or later

  8. What a list! If you manage to tick all these off you are in for a really exciting 2019! I look forward to reading about all your adventures xx

  9. That is an impressive bucket list!! We have yet to write ours for 2019, but managed to tick most of our 2018 ones off the list! We have an indoor skydive place not far from us and I did it years ago and it’s a lot of fun! Good luck with all your 2019 adventures! xx

  10. What a lovely list. I hope you get to tick a lot of these places off. I feel inspired to create my own one now!

  11. The 40th birthday plans sound very exciting indeed. Especially if you get to go back to Las Vegas, wow! This is a great list and I hope you achieve it!

  12. What a great list! i would LOVE to go a Las Vegas one year. Just have a total blowout and take a ton of money! Would have so much fun!

  13. That a fantastic list! Also I’m from Bournemouth so biased. I’m desperate to go to Vegas but think I’ll wait a couple of years. I agree with you in Italy too!

  14. You have lots on your list that I’d love to do too! I’d love to go to Las Vegas and definitely want to do a city break. We are off to Rhodes Island for our 1 year wedding anniversary in April so very excited!

  15. What an amazing list! Especially love the one where you stay in a tree house 🙂 That’s going on my list. And Stonehenge is amazing! Definitely worth a visit. 🙂

  16. Kristen Frolich Reply

    What a cute list. My boys would definitely love to stay in a tree house. There is something so peaceful about spending a night outside just listening to nature.

  17. I love everything on your bucket list! I would love to visit Stonehenge, too. My Mum went there a few years back and she says it was an amazing experience.

  18. WOW! You’ve got quite an impressive bucket list, on your hands. I’ve never thought about creating one, but after reading yours. I’m truly inspired to sit down and create my own. I hope that you are able to accomplish everything on your list and you have an amazing time while doing it! Thank you so much for sharing!

  19. Catherine Santiago Jose Reply

    Wow, you have a wonderful bucket list for this year and everything looks like a lot of fun. Hope you achieve and enjoy everything on your bucket list and I will do mine also,hahaha!

  20. Diana Tidswell Reply

    Ohbthat was a very long list, hope you can manage to achieve all of that in just a year. Have a very fruitful year ahead, more powers!

  21. I am in love with your bucket list. Numbers 3 and 4 are on mine. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we go on a cruise for vacation this year.

  22. I would love to travel ANYWHERE with my little ones. I love your bucket list – what a great idea!

  23. Your travel bucket list is so inspiring. I am too looking forward to an eventful year filled with traveling. Will include some of these on my list as well.

  24. I love going to Las Vegas – it’s so much fun and it is constantly changing. The place I want to visit most is the UK! #BloggerClubUK

  25. Wish I could travel more this year, your blog is really a motivation for me to travel. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  26. You have a busy year planned but it’s so exciting! I love travel – alone and with the kids. I might write one of these too! Thanks for the inspiration x

  27. Your bucket list sounds really fun. I have always wanted to do the indoor sky diving activity. I hope you get through the list this year.

  28. Great ideas! Vancouver is great, you’ll love it. I’ve been to Vegas once and would love to go back. Lucky you! #BloggerClubUK

  29. Natalie Crossan Reply

    Disneyland Paris was on mine – but I very unexpectedly won a holiday to Florida – so now we’re going to do a day at Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld 🙂 My daughter is over the moon!

  30. What a fab list. Sounds like youve got a jam packed year ahead. I need to save and work on business and house this year. Might steal this idea for 2020 though. Enjoy your adventures x

  31. Sian Buckingham Reply

    Sounds like you have an amazing list there! Hope you acheive it all!

  32. Georgina Prince Reply

    i share loads of the same wants lol I really want to go a german xmas market i think that’s the most realistic one for me here lol x

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