I have really enjoyed taking part in project 365 this week. Its made my normally uneventful commute into London more interesting for a start. Since it actually made me pay attention to my surroundings as I walked to the office, looking for a suitable photo. It made me take pictures of the boys which I probably normally wouldn’t have done. And it made me appreciate the little things such as morning snuggles with Kipper.

Saturday 5th January – Day 5

Today was the day I had been dreading – putting away the Christmas decorations. I am not sure why it seems to take us so long! Before we started I managed to get this picture of the boys next to the tree which is the only one I have of the two of them. I wanted to try and get some decluttering done at the same time. Both boys have books on their shelves which they have grown out of and I want to go through their wardrobes. However I managed neither of these things and will have to do it next weekend instead. As I think everyone else is hoping for a day out tomorrow. Lets hope the weather behaves….

Sunday 6th January – Day 6

We decided to head to Wisely which is somewhere we hadn’t visited for a long time. I was instantly reminded of how much we love it and since we have RHS membership with a picnic its a very cheap day out. The boys ran wild and we knackered by the time we got in the car to go home. Both of them really enjoyed feeding the ducks the remnants of our breadsticks. The ducks were very hungry probably because they haven’t had that many visitors recently. A couple were very brave and would eat out the palm of your hand.As we walked round the pond I then saw the sign that says ‘don’t feed the ducks’. Which could explain their excitement – whoops.

Monday 7th January – Day 7

Monday was my first day back at work after the Christmas holidays. For some reason the post Christmas brain fog seemed stronger than ever. This photo was taken of Monkey over dinner. Its a photo I would not have taken if I wasn’t doing project 365. To get a natural looking photo of him is unheard of!

Tuesday 8th January – Day 8

I was in London for work today, normally I try not to go in more than a couple of times a month but for some reason January is particularly London commute heavy. We recently changed buildings but todays meeting was in our old one and this was the view from the meeting room. It was a technical training session so I had my back to it for most of the day. Which is just as well as I needed to pay attention! When we first moved into this building many of the closer buildings hadn’t been built so you could see even more of the Thames.

Wednesday 9th January – Day 9

Another early start meant I got to see the sun coming up near St Pauls Cathedral. Both of the London photos were only taken on my phone and I am pretty impressed with how they turned out.

Thursday 10th January – Day 10

I had an early morning alarm call this morning with Kipper. All of a sudden he seems to be developing an uneasiness with the dark. He had a Lumie Bug light which goes down to a really dark orange. Normally it gets left on all night, only last night Hubby forgot and turned it off. Which meant I got woken up around 4.30am when Ikle Pickle goes off over the monitor, about twenty times later I decided to go and find out whats going on. The only thing Kipper said to me was ‘where did my light go’. You see Ikle Pickle not only sings he also lights up. Needless to say I took him into our bed and left the annoying alarm call behind. He was obviously unhappy since he slept with his little arms tightly held around my neck until morning.

Friday 11th January – Day 11

Friday morning Kipper and I went to our usual music class. He had been asking to go for most of the holidays. Only when we got there he spent most of it sulking since his favourite instrument had been fixed. Apparently at two and a half you prefer it when they are broken. To try and get him out his grump we headed out to the beach after. Its only a small pebble beach and theres not much there. But armed with a kite and a polystyrene aeroplane we sat on the rocks, explored the stones and broke the aeroplane! I thought he would get upset but he’s quite happy popping it in the bin.

This weekend we don’t have much planned. The boys both have a Birthday Party to go to each. But other than that I am planning on getting some more sorting out of the house done in an attempt to get it on the market…..

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  1. Project 365 is fab for recording those moments you probably wouldn’t.
    hehehe! If ducks are there you have to feed them despite the signs.
    I love the shot near St Pauls Cathedral! Stunning x

  2. Your Christmas tree looked very pretty. The view from the meeting room might be spectacular, but it would give me a vertigo; I really am not good with heights. The sun behind St Paul’s is so beautiful.
    How lovely to be able to go to the beach. We love the seaside, but we are very far away from it.

  3. the great thing of this project is you take photos and record smaller things that you might not otherwise and it is fab to look back on over the months.
    Great sunrise over St Pauls.

  4. The sunrise over St Paul’s is a beautiful picture, I need to go back to doing project 365, I got the best pictures when I was doing 365 and it was natural to take so many! Never to late to start, right??

  5. I love your London photos! And who knew a broken musical instrument would be better than one that worked properly?!
    365 is great for making you notice and photograph things you wouldn’t normally bother with. I must say it’s a bit challenging in January for a work at home mum who doesn’t include photos of her kids on the blog! I’m restricted to my house, garden and village in the tiny bit of daylight we get.

  6. Aww such great photos. That is very cool that the instrument is better. I love the sunrise photo, it is pretty xx #365

  7. I love the fact that photos are being taken that may not otherwise. Toddler logic is something I’m familiar with too.

  8. I don’t envy you the London commute but I love those photos. Were you in the Gherkin?? I adore that building. I agree, 365 is a great way of getting photos that you’d otherwise not think about and for recording the little moments in family life #365

  9. Project 365 really does make you take pictures you normally wouldn’t!

    Am loving that sunrise picture…gorgeous! And the view from the building is fab…I would get distracted by that

  10. Alice Colling Reply

    What a busy life you have! And great photos, thanks for sharing all you do.

  11. have you managed to get ahead of the decluttering now? Hope the little one is sleeping better with his light on now

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