I am a not a fan of January. Most of the week I have spent thinking about escaping the UK for warmer climates. But since the kids are at school and nursery and we are at work thats not going to happen. I need to learn to live in the moment more.

Saturday 12th January – Day 12

Today Kipper went to his first ever Birthday Party. It was for a little girl at his nursery who was turning four. It was a lovely party with a children’s entertainer who was a lot of fun. However Kipper was probably a little bit too young for it if I am honest. Although he enjoyed parts he also wanted to run riot. Monkey is at the age now where we drop him at a party and then pick him up. So it was a little bit of a shock to have to chase around after Kipper. Its funny how much you forget. The rest of the day was spent putting some new storage together for the kids bedrooms.

Sunday 13th January – Day 13

Its was Monkey’s turn for a party today. However Hubby travelled to Switzerland for work, which meant Kipper and I had some time to ourselves. So while Monkey was at his party we headed to a local park. I am glad we made the effort to get outside, theres something about his time of year. I would much rather sit in front of the fire with a cup of tea. But the boys need to get out. He had a great time running around. Although he took quite a lot of convincing to leave in time to get Monkey.

Monday 14th January – Day 14

Hubby didn’t get back until late Monday evening so today was a whirlwind of work and kids.

Tuesday 15th January – Day 15

Today was pretty much the same as Monday although the highlight of the day was buying some Daffodils. Its so nice to have them in the shops again. I am going to try and get some pictures of the boys in the daffodils once they are out in the gardens. I did enjoy the macaroons which Hubby brought me back from Switzerland, they don’t last long so you need to eat them pretty much all on one go…. honest!

Wednesday 16th January – Day 16

I had an important client meeting in London today. It does seem like I am up in town weekly at the moment despite being based at home. I know next week is the same. Last week I talked about how Project 365 is making me pay more attention to my surroundings. I have also realised that there is a lot in London I have never taken the time to visit, see or understand. Maybe its time to change that. I took this on my walk through Leadenhall Market.

Thursday 17th January – Day 17

Thursday nights are always rush for us. Normally I don’t pick Monkey up from school club until around six. However he started Beavers just before October half term. It was on a Friday which worked for us since it was my day off. However after Christmas it moved to a Thursday. So when I can, and I won’t be able to do it every week. I rush home, head to school club with a change of clothes, Monkey gets changed in the cupboard and we speed over to a neighbouring village. If he didn’t love it then I would never have agreed. This week he got invested. So I now have three badges to sew onto the new turquoise top we brought at the weekend. He can not wait to collect other activity badges to fill up the arms!

Friday 18th January – Day 18

Today Kipper and I went to Music bus like we normally do. He looks forward to it all week often asking if its Friday so we can go. Yet for the last two sessions hes not been that involved. He will just sit on my lap. Despite knowing the words and actions for many of the songs he doesn’t take part. Yet if I suggest we do something else he’s horrified, insisting we go. Its a totally different experience to the one I had with Monkey.

After school we headed to the park with Monkey. He’s been asking to go for a while now, as we are lucky enough to have a Dinosaur Park close by. We stayed until it started to get dark. Hopefully they will sleep well tonight.

Theres no big plans for this weekend. Monkey has a party on Sunday which he is really looking forward to, as it a climbing party. Oh and tomorrow I am up and out early to go into London for a travel show, which I can not wait for. After the week at work I’ve had I will quite happily loose myself in promises of adventure and bucket lists full of dreams.

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  1. Love the Beavers photo and the London photo. I felt like the worst mum in the world because my eldest didn’t start Beavers until he was 7 and a half and some of his friends have already moved up to Cubs. He was at after school club too and I didn’t realise that they would actually take the kids over to Beavers! Time certainly flies – he’s just left Explorers!

  2. Yay, the first birthday party for Kipper! Now there’ll be no stopping him.
    What’s that animal he’s sitting on in the park? Is it a triceratops or some other prehistoric creature?
    Beautiful sunset photo. The macarons look scrumptious.
    I’ve never enrolled my younger son in the Beavers. He never showed any interest, when we talked about it.

  3. January is a rubbish month. I am not a fan of it either!
    It sounds like Kipper had a fab time at the party.
    Ahh! Daffodils are fab flowers. They are so cheery. Your hubby is fab for bringing back macaroons! They look so yummy!
    The photo of your boy at Beavers really made me smile x

  4. Your kids look so adorable!! And the purple sky and Leadenhall market look so beautiful in the pictures. I agree, Project 365 is making me pay more attention to my surroundings as well and take interest in and value the little joys in life.
    Overall, u’ve had a very interesting week 😊

  5. Loving the beavers picture, my son is now in cubs but unfortunately Harry won’t be able to go beavers yet as we can’t find a club on a day we are free! I’m hoping to start project 365 this week!

  6. Alice Colling Reply

    I love reading about your travels, you go to so many amazing places and have great experiences.

  7. Enjoy the travel show and making new plans for the year ahead!

  8. Sounds like a busy week. Loads of parties – thankfully now most of N’s class just do days out or activities for just a handful of children so we don’t have many to get him to. Enjoy the travel show

  9. Love the glass ceiling, so pretty. I had macaroons recently and had to share with friends as it was a big box, didn’t realise they were so fresh

  10. Natalie Crossan Reply

    Oh my gosh – the ceiling is amazing – I wish that was in my house!!

  11. i agree that this project has made me slow down and take photos I wouldn’t otherwise. As for kids I have to agree that our little ones are full of energy. My eldest has sat still for shows before but my youngest wont #365

  12. So many great photos. Love the beavers one and the london one. The ceiling is amazing isn’t it? So many great photos and memories xx

  13. Oh wow that purple sky looks stunning!

    How cool that you have a dinosaur park nearby. Must admit I hibernate a bit in winter and avoid going out unless I have to..

    Love that ceiling!

  14. My eldest had been through Beavers and now my daughter has joined, my youngest has had his name down since he was 1! #project365

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