Its been quite a week and I can not pretend that I am not glad that its the end of it. Which is unusual for me as I am very much a believer of living each moment to the full. I can’t really say much about it but it will be several months before I am though the other side. But I do have my health and my beautiful family so I am still very lucky.

Saturday 19th January – Day 19

Today I went on a bit of an adventure on my own to London to a travel show at Olympia. Its only a small show but I did a couple of the seminars which were really eye opening. Its given me lots of ideas for our bucket list. Although some of them will need to wait until the boys are a bit older. As much as its nice to have time out on my own, I always feel a little guilty since the weekends are short enough as they are! We had a fire late afternoon when I got home. I do love sitting next to an open fire, last year we didn’t get the chimney swept early enough so didn’t have one all Winter! I really missed it. Its been freezing here although no snow yet, much to Monkey’s disappointment. Looking at the forecast we may get lucky on Thursday.

Sunday 20th January – Day 20

Monkey had a party late morning which meant we didn’t get out until the middle of the afternoon. I am at a loss as to why it seems to take us quite so long to actually get out the house. But the weather was far too nice not to go out. We only had a couple of hours at Nymans in the end. But the boys enjoyed running around and Monkey found a painted stone. Which was promptly borrowed by his younger brother. We decided to re-hide it for another little boy or girl to find.

Monday 21st January – Day 21

Work as usual today but it was so busy that I didn’t take a photo so heres one from yesterday instead. When life was un-stressful and I wasn’t needing to juggle everyone else’s demands!

Tuesday 22nd January – Day 22

My mum brought me some roses at the weekend and dropped them round. They have big beautiful pink heads and the centres are a pale yellow. Very unusual and so pretty. I can’t wait to see what they look like when they fully open.

Wednesday 23rd January – Day 23

Today was the first of two days in London. I seem to be spending more and more time up there and the commute tires me out. We had a ladies networking event which was a huge success. It came with an important message that we should support each other on our career journeys whatever they may be. Its something I am going to be giving some signifiant thought over the next couple of months as I have some big choices to make.

Thursday 24th January – Day 24

My second day in London today training. I really enjoy helping and coaching people that are just starting out in their careers. Its really not something I ever thought I would do. Yet despite falling into it I get a real sense of achievement from it. On the way over the bridge this morning the sun was rising. Normally everyone is on a mission to get to their offices but today many people were stopping to take pictures. Of course there were still people on a mission to get to wherever they were going that didn’t approve and kept tutting. But it was nice to see at least some people appreciating it.

Friday 25th January – Day 25

After our music class this morning we headed into town. Hubby has been nagging me for a while to get Kipper’s haircut so we headed to the barbers. I hadn’t realised how long it had got and it took the barber quite a while to actually cut it. Of course now he has had it done he looks so much older…sob. It also feels like his attitude has suddenly tripled as this afternoon he’s been exploring the terrible twos with defiance. Hopefully the new haircut doesn’t mean my sweet mummy’s boy has suddenly gone along with the blonde locks.

This weekend we are away for Hubby’s birthday which I am looking forward to. I just really hope that the weather holds as what I have planned won’t be much fun in the rain!

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  1. Alice Colling Reply

    Those roses look amazing, lovely colour and I love them!

  2. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Beautiful – so many amazing experiences – ALWAYS a joy to see

  3. Your London photos are stunning. Love the little colourful coat. Embrace all the colours while you still can! My kids only want dull colours now and have done for many years. Sorry to hear that something hasn’t been right this week.

  4. Sorry to hear that there are some health (?) issues that you have and are not comfortable talking about.
    Going to London 3 times in one week must be exhausting. The London sunrise photo is so beautiful.
    The rock painting seems to be very popular here too. The rose is gorgeous.
    Also love the photo in the park, it’s lovely.

  5. Natalie Crossan Reply

    Oh wow look at that rose, and the London sunrise – your pictures are lovely x

  6. So sorry that it’s been a rough week.
    That fire looks fantastic. I bet it has been great for keeping you warm.
    That is such a pretty stone. What a great find.
    What a beautiful morning in London.
    Have a great weekend x

  7. What a beautiful rose. I always find that heading into London or somewhere different for work always seems to take a lot out of me. I’m the same as you, falling into what I do. Hope you’ve had a good weekend.

  8. I love how ur week went 😍 the pictures of the landscape and the bridge look amazing. And what a cute looking rock to leave and pass on to others 😊

  9. Hope you have a good weekend away. Love love love that rainbow coloured jacket, so bright and cheerful.
    Great London pictures, lovely reflection of the crane.

  10. Such beautiful pictures, love the sunset of London – as much as it’s horrible being away from family and commuting those views are lovely. Loving the hair cut too!

  11. Sounds like a busy week. Love your son’s colourful coat – my H would have loved one like that (in fact he probably still would). I do like the London sunset picture.

  12. That sunrise shot is just stunning, our capital really is a beautiful city but I don’t think I could stand the commute. The occasional meetings were bad enough with the rush hour. Oh bless him, he does look all grown up with his new hair cut, I hope he’s back to being cute again by now. on a side note, your weekend looked amazing #365

  13. ooh I do love those roses, they look amazing. Your sunrise picture is gorgeous. How grown up does your son look with his hair cut. Very cute xx

  14. Sounds like a busy week with all the commutes to London! Love the sunrise photo! Simply beautiful.

    That painted rock looks lovely!

  15. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    Beautiful photos of a great week, I always get caught in the moment and wish afterwards id caught the moment on camera xx

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