‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

This weekend seems to have gone very quickly! In my head I am already making plans for next weekend and trying to finalise a few things for half term which is almost upon us. The photo from Kipper this week was taken at our normal music bus class. This week he was really on form and loved joining in. Especially with the hola hoops which turned into the steering wheel of a bus.

The photo of Monkey was actually taken at Alice Holt. We had decided to head over to give the Zog trail ago and found loads of snow! Which worked out very well since we hadn’t had much at all at home over the last week. Monkey really enjoyed the opportunity to build some snowmen. I think he did a very good job!

Hope you all have a lovely week

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  1. The Zog trail sounds really good, I thought their might be one local to us bit there isn’t this year. It’s great that you found some snow to play in. #livingarrows

  2. Natalie Crossan Reply

    Your snowmen are so good! our stones kept falling off our snowman! He ended up with one eye, no nose and missing buttons….

  3. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    Sounds like a fun week, we visited an indoor play area Saturday, I cant believe half term is nearly upon us again xx

  4. Alice Colling Reply

    Took me a while to understand what living arrows are, but I get it now, that’s fab!

  5. Sheila Reeves (CakeReev) Reply

    Sounslike a fun time, loved the snowmen photos – miss making those with my (grown-up) boys

  6. These are cute snowmen indeed. We didn’t manage to make one this year because the boys were just too cold by the time we decided to make one.

  7. Lorna Ledger Reply

    Hope you have a lovely week too, we are going for a HUGE walk tomorrow, i am on fitbit craze!

  8. It sounds like you’ve had a lovely week. We hardly got any snow here – the boys were very disappointed! Glad you managed to find some 🙂 #LivingArrows

  9. Looks like you had so much fun! Love the snowmen. We didnt manage to build one as I have to work and I have to bring my son so he is stuck indoors with me haha.


  10. I imagine the Zog trail was a blast. We did a Gruffalo one but I’m sure the girls would love one on Zog. #LivingArrows

  11. Catherine S Reply

    Love the snowmen! The Zog trail sounds like fun. My girls have been hunting for Stick Man in the garden and wanting to help him find his way home.

  12. The weekends just seem to be going so quickly at the moment – they are over before they began. I hope you had a lovely one this weekend x

  13. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Goes to show how fast our weather changes – beautiful week for you all

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