This week has been exciting from a travel perspective. I have been really lucky arranging both a long weekend over the February half term and also a little European road – or rather rail trip in Easter. Although I am hoping that there will be enough time to get whatever is needed to get us into the countries in question with Brexit hanging over our heads! I always find a little adventure planning does wonders for my stress levels. Next on my list is my 40th Birthday weekend.

Saturday 2nd February  – Day 33

Today we headed out and ended up finding snow totally unexpectedly. We had such a lovely day I wrote all about it in my Ordinary Moments post. Monkey was very excited by the snow but Kipper was initially a little unsure, probably because he was so little last time we had it. Although it didn’t take him long to start eating it! We didn’t stay too long as once the sun started to go down it got very cold. Even if we don’t get anymore snow this year at least they had a chance to play in it, even if it was by accident.

Sunday 3rd February – Day 34

Today we had planned to pop out to the park as the weather was glorious. But when we got up we realised our heating wasn’t on. Turned out that the oil boiler had stopped working. I am really hoping they can fix it tomorrow. This meant we were a little later than planned so in the end we only got our chores done instead of being able to get out too. Both boys rooms were tidied and Spring cleaned. I went through Kippers clothes and both the boys bookcases decluttering. There is a collection at the school this week for old clothes and we will be donating books to both the school and some friends with a young baby this week.

Thankfully we put a real fire place back in the front room when we moved in. So we spent the early evening in front of the fire. Kipper was so tired he fell asleep which was not ideal. Since Sunday night was his first night out of a cot and in a big boy bed! I snapped this while we were snuggled under the blanket trying to keep warm.

Monday 4th February – Day 35

Today was pretty average, I was out all day seeing clients chasing my tail again. Although I hadn’t thought about the impact of the remaining snow on my journeys. When I picked Monkey up from school he had blood all down his shirt. Turns out the wobbly tooth which I figured still had a good couple of days (its been wobbly for two weeks!) Had other ideas. I am still not certain it didn’t have a bit of help. But its left behind the beginnings of the next tooth which is actually through quite a bit, more than I expected. He was very proud and excited  for the tooth fairy!

Tuesday 5th February – Day 36

Monkey was very impressed with his £2 coin! Although now he things he should get £2 every time he looses a tooth. Kippers not doing bad with his new big boy bed, enjoying climbing in and taking himself to bed.

Wednesday 6th February – Day 37

Today I wasn’t at work officially although I did a little in the morning. Instead we went to a funeral in South London. It was my Step Dads Mum who was a wonderful lady that loved and lived life to the full. The service was touching and a worthy send off. Hubby came with me although we took two cars so he could go back and get the boys. Unfortunately he didn’t make it in time and a friend picked both of them up. We would have been totally up the creek if she hadn’t been able to do it. I didn’t take a picture today. Somehow it felt wrong. But heres the one of the boys in their ZOG onesies.

Thursday 7th February – Day 38

London again for me, although its nice when its only once a week! It was at our new office which means I walk past St Pauls. It was bitterly cold, I always find its several degrees colder in the city. Monkey’s Beavers tonight was bring a friend. He choose to take a little girl who he has know his whole life from NCT. It was Chinese New Year celebrations so they made some dragons and ate Chinese food. Only Monkey had to be careful because of his allergy to sesame. I ended up staying to help out – oh my they are a rowdy bunch although why thats surprised me I don’t know! Since twenty off kids between the ages of 6 and 8 in a hall is never going to be quiet.

Friday 8th February – Day 39

Today we had a our usual music class. Kipper loved it this week really getting involved playing his little yellow cow bell with force. Afterward we headed to a huge inflatable inside play area. I had no idea it existed until the lady that runs our music class told me about it. They have toddler sessions in the morning so I thought it would be a good opportunity to check it out. Needless to say Kipper had no interest in the toddler area and enjoyed playing in the rest of the park. The ball pit was a firm favourite. Every time he jumped in the smile said it all. He was happily jumping off the highest platforms and climbing over six foot… at two and a half. He’s a dare devil this one!

Blog Posts this week

I have been particularly rubbish on the blog post front this week. If I am honest I am struggling to find the motivation to write, with everything else going on. Instead I seem to spend most of my time day dreaming about beaches and adventures!

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  1. Gemma Hendry Reply

    well done on transferring to big boy bed, you have had a busy week

  2. big beds are a big step and take a bit of getting use to.
    great ball pool picture, all ages love ball pools.
    Thank goodness for the friend picking up the boys for you

  3. I’ve been the same the last couple of weeks, not really having much mojo for blogging. Love that first snow photo. And who knew you could get Zog onesies! Fab

  4. Natalie Crossan Reply

    The big bed is always a tough one! Well done on achieving it 🙂

  5. What a lovely photo in the ball pool! It sounds like a really busy week for you all and I’m sorry to read about your step dad’s mum. I’ve helped out at both Beavers and Rainbows before and the noise is horrendous! To be honest, I think the Rainbows were worse because girls seem to shriek more.

  6. Sounds like a busy week, with adventures and travel plans. The boiler has chosen a wrong time to be broken.
    Your selfie with a sleeping Kipper is beautiful. And ZOG onesies are super cute.
    The tooth fairy is very generous in your house, it is typically a pound here. 🙂

  7. The ball piut was a fab find and your son sounds very adventurous. That’s a very generous tooth fairy you have there.

  8. It sounds like you had a busy week and your ball pit was a kool one. Your son is an adventurous kind i guess.your selfie is such a cutie!

  9. Sorry to read about the funeral but sounds as if you’ve had lots going on this week. Well done on the tooth, we found with a lot of my son’s teeth so far that the new one is already up and pushing the baby ones out. Glad the boys got to enjoy some snow in the end and that the big boy bed is working out ok #365

  10. It sounds like you have some great trips planned.
    Oh no! Your boiler not working is not what you needed when it was so cold. At least you had the real fire.
    Loosing teeth is always so exciting. My youngest only has a couple left to loose. She is gutted.
    Those Zog onesies are adorable. So sorry about your Step Dads Mum. x

  11. It’s funny how things like changing beds doesn’t phase little ones at all in fact they feel so grown up. My eldest has now declared that turning 4 means she is an adult! #365

  12. I love the ball pit photo it’s so cute. Sounds like a really busy week. So sorry to hear about your step dad’s mum that is a shame. xx

  13. Sounds like Kipper is doing well in the big boy bed. Love the ball pit picture…so cute!

    Sorry to hear about your step dads mum

  14. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    So much fun and laughter for you all – magical memories to last a lifetime of love

  15. My eldest has teeth growing behind the baby ones and only lost his first tooth on Christmas Eve (3 months after his younger sister lost her first one!) #project365

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