Wisely Lego Safari – Great Brick Safari: At the weekend we went to Wisely to see their Great Brick Safari. We normally visit around Hubby’s Birthday as they have the Butterflies in the Glasshouse this time of year. It was nice to have a change although being the first Saturday where the sun was shining and there was no snow I was expecting it to be busy.

We arrived early just after 10am. Carpark one and two were almost full. I hadn’t got timed tickets from the website because we have RHS membership. I hadn’t realised it was even possible to get a timed ticket. It was only when we made our way down to the glasshouse and saw the queue that I realised. Thankfully there were not many people in front of us and it moved really quickly. Although by the time we came out the queue was really long and not moving. Wisely had put up a shelter to queue under to protect you from the rain and wind.

Considering the weather we have been having I thought that was a nice touch. Its not possible to take buggies in but there is plenty of space to leave them next to the Glasshouse.

Having been lucky enough to visit The Great Brick Safari at Marwell Zoo I had high hopes. Unfortunately it didn’t quite live up to expectations. I think this ie because the decision had been made to keep it in the Glasshouse only. Apart from the lion which was outside the cafe. This meant that although they tried there wasn’t the depth and breadth that we had experienced previously. I think if we hadn’t seen it at Marwell Zoo then we would have been more impressed. I am also saying don’t go. But go expecting to do other things while you are there. Wisely offers a whole host of other activities to keep kids entertained. Including the play area, bird hide, ducks, veg gardens, fruit mount and other trails. Its a lovely place and the reason we still have our RHS membership. I was just a little disappointed with the Lego Brick Safari.

As you enter the Glasshouse the room to the right has a number of the smaller exhibits which consist of main insects. There is also a meerkat cat exhibit that moves and the opportunity to sit in a lego car for a photo. They have the the elephant which you can see in my Living Arrows Week 6 post. Some of the other ones that are definitely worth seeing are the Hyenas, Zebra, Ostrich, Tiger, Gorilla and Kangeroo. If you follow the path around the Glasshouse you will see them all.

There are also a number of smaller models scattered throughout. Which are low down, so its good for little ones such as Kipper. Most of the models also have a little notice next to them that tell you how many bricks are included. The number of people involved in building it and the number of hours it took. Since its Wisley there were also some plants that had been created in lego such as a Bird of Paradise and a Pitcher Plant. The models were new to us and I like how they have been slotted into their surroundings.

Wisley’s Great Brick Safari is running until the 3rd of March. There are 40 different models to spot and you can buy a spotters guide for £1. As it is pretty much all in the Glasshouse I would recommend going early to avoid the queues or book timed tickets for weekends and half term. Its a good activity to keep little ones entertained while the weather is a little hit and miss. There will also be other activities running in the Core Learning Centre next door. See the website for details.

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  1. This looks such fun. The animals are brilliant! I have been look for somewhere to take 3 year old and this fits the bill perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Margaret GALLAGHER Reply

    Amazing place looks so much fun for all the FAMILY

  3. Oh that does look like fun! I hate that all of these fun places are always so far away from us! Lovely photos!

  4. Oh what a shame it was quite a small spectacle. I am always hypnotised at how they can make such big and life like builds out of lego. Totally mesmerising

  5. The lego safari animals look really good! Probably because the only other brick statues i have seen are in Legoland. I can see why you suggest seeing other things while your at Wisley though.

  6. Natalie Crossan Reply

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen – look at the parrots!!

  7. This looks like a great place to visit! I’m sure you had a fun family day out!

  8. What a cool place to explore!!!! I can only imagine what my little guy will get into loving when he’s older!

  9. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    Looks like a great day out, my daughter went with her friend in the summer to Cardiff to see the Lego safari models which she loved xx

  10. These are gorgeous! Brilliant idea and sounds like a great fun day. Thank you for sharing.


  11. Wow! We love anything to do with legos, legoland and lego discovery centers.

  12. This looks like the perfect day out for my grandchildren!

  13. Oh cool! It looks fab. Wisley is one of those places that actually isn’t too far from us (caterham, Surrey) yet we have never been before. My kids would love it.

  14. What a great day out! I love how they have built all those animals from Lego, they look amazing against all the plants.

  15. Alice Colling Reply

    Looks great for a family day out, and different to anything else!

  16. Sania Ahmed Reply

    Ohh those animals are made of Lego, surprising and something i have never seen before. Great place for kids.

  17. These Lego models look amazing! We once went to an exhibition in Germany where they had lots of scenes from different eras in history recreated with Lego – it was quite something!

  18. paula cheadle Reply

    I have never seen anything like this before, it is excellent

  19. Jessica Barber Reply

    Wisely has some fab exhibitions, this one looks amazing!

  20. Wow! This is amazing. I would love to visit. It really feels like an adventure even through the photos.

  21. We loved the Great Brick Safari when it was at Marwell. Nice to see it’s touring the country

  22. Those models look amazing and in such a great setting. It’s great that they have models down low for the little ones.

  23. Nina Cochingco Reply

    Wow, the pictures were so nice, looks like the two kids had so much fun.

  24. Teddy sheldon Reply

    Great review looks a great day out for the family your Two looked like they had a ball, I’m sure sure William and Ava would love this two and the butterfly house seems something for everyone , we are definately going during half term thanks for the review

  25. This looks like a wonderful place to visit with kids! Your pictures speak for itself how much fun you had!

  26. This looks like the perfect place for family fun. My toddler would absolutely love it!

  27. I love lego sculptures! It is so interesting to me to think that there are people out there who are so talented that they looked at a pile of legos and decided to make art out of them,.

  28. What a fun place! My daughter would go crazy here! She loves zoos and aquariums so this is such a perfect place for her!

  29. Anthony Harrington Reply

    I would enjoy this place too! A perfect family day out

  30. Fiona jk42 Reply

    I remember taking my son, who is a Lego fanatic, to see a similar exhibition years ago. He really enjoyed it and came away inspired to make new things at home. I’m always amazed at how detailed the models are, considering the constraints of building with Lego bricks.

  31. Hayley Colburn Reply

    Sounds like a lovely place to visit if you live local, you can see a lot of care has gone into things, perhaps wouldn’t be worth a special trip from Birmingham for us but its good to know this place is here if we are in the area

  32. Emma Russell Reply

    This looks fab, I actually think my husband would love this!

  33. This looks like heaps of fun! I don’t have children myself, but will share this post with a few of my friends who do x

  34. Bindu Thomas Reply

    This looks like a great place to visit! My kids will definitely love visiting there.

  35. Rebecca Whatmore Reply

    This looks like a great day out – glad you all had fun!

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