This week hasn’t exactly gone to plan! It was always going to be pretty full on work wise… like every other week. But what we were not expecting was that Kipper was going to come down with conjunctivitis which put a bit of a spanner in the works. I am also keeping my fingers crossed that no one else comes down with it, since we are off on a half term adventure this weekend.

Saturday 9th February  – Day 40

Today the weather was actually okay and brightened up as the day went on so we headed to Wisely. This time of year they normally have their Butterflies in the Glasshouse. However this time the are doing a Lego Safari. Thankfully we arrived early as it was very busy and managed to get round the glasshouse in about an hour. This was one of the first photos I took, although its not perfect. I would normally be a little further back so you can see the whole car. But there was a number of other people in the queue which meant you couldn’t get a very good position. After we went for a run around which was just what was needed to blow away the cobwebs. The rest of the day we spent running chores, fixing the car and returning some clothing I had brought for Kipper. Monkey also spent some time practicing riding his bike, hes super keen to get the stabilisers off.

Sunday 10th February – Day 41

We had a very lazy Sunday morning not eating brunch until around 11.30. It was nice not to do much, of course I say not do much I ended up trying to catch up on blog work for the coming week. Then in the afternoon I Spring cleaned our bedroom and managed to throw out yet more clutter. Although I didn’t go through my wardrobe which is on my to do list. But I think it may take me most of the day to clear it out, sort and put back. I am actually toying with the idea of taking a day off work to do it. The boys watched films and made dens out of the cushions and throws in the front room. Hubby made a lamb roast. Its unusual for us to have a relaxing Sunday. If the weather had been better we may have gone out as Monkey is hankering after doing the ZOG trail. But I think it will need to wait until another weekend.

Monday 11th February – Day 42

I always dread those mornings when you wake up and you kid is ill. The battle between who is going to make the call to work, who can juggle their meetings or clients. With both of us working in professional, demanding environments some days it can be a real struggle. Today it was an easy decision as Hubby had to fly to Switzerland late afternoon. Mind you I have decided I am not a fan of putting eye drops in a two year olds eyes. I think its to safe to say that Kipper is of the same opinion!

Tuesday 12th February – Day 43

Today Kipper stayed at home as he can not go back to nursery for 48 hours. He was happily entertained by water beads. Its something Monkey use to play with all the time at Kippers age. But Kipper had never seen them before. I think Monkey was a little jealous that he got to play with them alone with his Nannie.

Wednesday 13th February – Day 44

Back to childcare and a full on day at work. I had a hair appointment in the evening to cover up the grey. For one reason or another I have had to cancel a couple of appointments so it was very needed. The evening I spent planning for our mini break, writing a list of the things we wanted to see and do. Along with trying to plan a little itinerary. I always try to keep it fluid when travelling with the little ones. I think there is going to be a lot of walking going on! I made cookies too for our journey. The boys helped after school. We don’t do a lot of baking

Thursday 14th February – Day 45

My last day of the working week and Monkey’s last day at school for half term. I was in London today for a team meeting. We don’t really do much for Valentines Day. Hubby had brought me back some macaroons from Switzerland including some special Valentines ones. I spent the evening packing for our trip so not very romantic!

This coming week is half term for us. We have a couple of things planned. Including an adventure this weekend which is why my week is one day short! As a result I am only working three days next week which is much needed. Monkey will also be spending some time with his grandparents who are kindly helping out with childcare. If you are off this week then I hope you have a great time with the children and I look forward to reading all about your half terms next week.

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  1. Tracy Nixon Reply

    Macaroons from Switzerland! I bet they were delicious! So thoughtful of your hubby x

  2. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Wonderful fun for you all ‘ memories to last a lifetime of love

  3. Sue Carter Reply

    I have a very similar photo to this of my grandson- struggled to get him off!

  4. Hectic and exhausting don’t properly describe each day as a working mum, especially with a poorly child. Have a great half-term and weekend adventure.

  5. Hope you have a great weekend and half term. The Wisley Lego safari looks fun, but I don’t like it when things are too busy.

  6. Kim Styles Reply

    The red sweat shirt says it all ‘HAPPY’ isnt he just!!

  7. Lovely photos.
    I love that Lego car. What fun.
    I hope Kipper is all better now. The poor love. Have a great half term.

  8. Poor Kipper! I don’t envy either of you with the eye drops. Whenever my kids were ill, it was always me that took the time off. I worked for a council and my husband is the main breadwinner. My parents would have them when they were slightly ill, but not if they had very high temperatures or were throwing up.
    Lovely photos of the boys. I hope you had a good weekend away.

  9. ooh those macaroons from Switzerland sound and look wonderful. How nice. I hope you had a good weekend away xx #365

  10. Katie Robertson Reply

    I know how you feel my little one had to stay of nursery this week too as she had been sick so she had to stay off for 48 hours it is awful trying to juggle everything but somehow we just manage to do it.

  11. We’ve loved the Lego Safaris when we’ve seen them. Can’t wait to see the dinosaurs at Marwell this year. I’ve got 3 days off work for half term, but had to work from home today because N is sick. The OH was due to have him on the farm for 2 days, but he would never take a day off to sit at home and I can just about work from home

  12. I can truly understand why your little one wants to do the Zog trail. My two thoroughly enjoyed doing the one near us. #365

  13. How big is your wardrobe if you need a whole day off work to sort through it? lol I hope Kipper is better now

  14. Oh no hope the conjunctivitis is all cleared up now!

    Water beads are fab aren’t they and keep the little ones entertained!

    Those cookies look pretty tasty.

  15. Lorna Ledger Reply

    Oooh more Rainbow clothes, love it! Hope everyone is feeling better now!

  16. Gemma Hendry Reply

    hope the conjunctivitis is better, i hate when the little ones are poorly

  17. We’ve never had a brunch before: the kids wake up at 6am every day! I have allergic conjunctivitis almost permanently at the moment so you have my sympathy… #project365

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