Natural Sciences Museum Brussels Review: The first place we headed when we landed in Brussels with the boys was the Museum of Natural Sciences. I wanted to see if it lived up to expectations, as everything I had read made it sound like a great activity for the boys. We were not disappointed. The museum although small offers access to exhibits we have never seen over the countless museums which we have visited in London and other capital cities. At the entrance there is the opportunity to leave coats and buggies free of charge in the cloak room. There is also a good number of free lockers for valuables. You will need a Euro to operate these.
The map puts the museum into numbered zones across several levels. It’s a good way of doing things as it also means that if there is a particular area you want to see it’s easy to find. Plus it helps navigate the different levels – where the lifts and stairs are. The exhibits have explanations in Dutch, French, German and English.
Our first stop was the dinosaurs as both boys are dinosaur mad. I don’t think I have ever seen so many dinosaur bones under one roof. What is really nice is that many of the ones were actually found in Belgium. The biggest exhibit has a number of Iguanodons all lined up as a family. Encased in glass all around you can walk through them and also get up close to their heads on the level above. On the level below there are even more of them but laying down which meant the boys could get really close.
As well as the Iguanodons there are lots of others including a T-Rex, a triceratops and many other dinosaur favourites. With lots of interactive elements Monkey was especially in his element. His favourite being the computer dinosaur which will run at you if you move too quickly. He thought it was great fun to try and get it to crack the glass.
Moving on from the dinosaurs we went into the room adjacent which looked very much at how as a human race we are making animals extinct. The first example was a Thylacine. Reading the story of how quickly we managed to destroy them really resonated with Monkey. It’s something he has continued to talk about since coming home. There is a fair amount of taxidermy in the museum. In this area but also in the evolution of species section. What I like is that it’s not there for sake but part of the story. Monkey was a little young to full understand the evolution of organisms but he was interested in some of the interactive elements. Being two Kipper just liked looking at the different animals!
Downstairs there are two further areas. One which looks at different types of semi precious stones and rocks. I don’t think I have ever again seen so many different types. Monkey is a little obsessed by gem stones and absolutely loved this part. Especially when he discovered that there was also the opportunity to buy your own in the gift shop. I was pleased to see that there was multiple price options so you didn’t need to spend a fortune but he could still add to his collection. With some more unusual ones we have not found elsewhere.
The last exhibit is all about human evolution. This came a very close second to the dinosaurs for me. The first part looks at various skeleton remains of humans through the ages. Based on these the museum has created a number of 3D printed mammals. It shows the development visually of the human race from part monkey through to man. Each was accompanied with an interactive screen which explained more about what that animal was likely to be doing and their physical appearance during that time. It really below Monkey’s mind. It would be the perfect education exhibit for someone studying the evolution of man at school. Looking at it visually was really interesting
If you are travelling to Brussels with young children then this has got to be on the visit list. There is a park right next door plus a larger one around ten minutes walk away.You can read more about here – 11 Things to do in Brussels with a 2 & 6 year old . We headed there for a picnic lunch and go give the boys the option to let off some steam after being in the museum all morning. I would allow 2 hours to explore the museum. Entry is free for children aged 5 or under. For adults its included in the museums with free entry with a valid Brussels Card.

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We were invited to stay at Made in Louise by Visit Brussels who paid for our stay and a Brussels card for both myself and my husband.


  1. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Never actually been here – will visit next time I’m there

  2. Lorna Ledger Reply

    Amazing place! Love that kids learn about how their actions (and ours) can impact the future

  3. This sounds like a great museum to visit with kids. When my children were young they always enjoyed natural history museums. It’s nice that nowadays there are not just skeletons and stuffed animals but various computer-aided exhibits which help bring the exhibits to life.

  4. I just love natural science museums! And this looks like a great one at that. Will need to go to Brussels even more now than after your last post!!

  5. We’ve never been to Brussels before! It sounds like you had a lovely time. Since seeing Jurassic park, mine can’t get enough of dinosaurs so the walking with dinosaurs would definitely be an exhibit that she would be keen to see. I love that it’s so big!

  6. I love going to natural history museums. I think they are so educational and interesting. I also love how they put those dinosaurs on that disco floor. It looks like they are doing the hustle.

  7. sounds super fun! I love dinosaurs, they are so cool! My niece is also crazy about it, she would have died to visit this place. looks perfect work weekend too

    • This must have been a very interesting experiences for the kids. I’ve been to some nice science museums in my hometown and I’d not mind a trip to natural science museum.

  8. Oh wow, it looks great. I have not taken my family to Brussels as I wasn’t sure how much they’d be to do there. They would totally love the museum.

  9. Oh this looks like a really cool museum. My kids would LOVE to see the dinosaur skeletons. We’ll definitely visit next time we are in Brussels

  10. Your pictures are wonderful, the exhibits are amazing. This looks like an exciting adventure for the little ones and the the big ones. What a great way to have fun and toss in a teaching moment too.

  11. I myself love visiting such places… and your pictures are even more convincing.

  12. Monidipa Dutta Reply

    I have been to Brussel but I have never been to museums there but I would love to be there. Such a lovely place. Seems you had a great time.

  13. Oh wow this has come at great timing for me. I’ve just booked our summer holiday to Holland and we are planing on stopping in Brussels as part of the journey back. A visit to the museum would be fab, especially as my daughter is dinosaur mad at the moment.

  14. clare minall Reply

    This is really a great place to bring your kids i to, they can gain a lot of knowledge and will surely enjoy it

  15. Oh wow Harry would go crazy for this! He is dino-crazy! Looks like such a fab place to visit, putting it on our bucket list!

  16. This sounds fantastic! I keep seeing reasonably priced flights to Brussels but wasn’t sure what the kids would be interested in there. Now I know!

  17. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    I love museums with a focus on nature, and this one looks wonderful.

  18. Sian Buckingham Reply

    I absolutely adore museums, this one looks amazing! Loving the dinosaurs!

  19. Anthea Holloway Reply

    What a wonderful museum this is! I did not even know it existed until I read your super account.

  20. Darrell Perry Reply

    We also visted this museum and I can highly recommend it. It was great for the kids & made a nice few hours break from the shopping. Unlike the London museums, which always seem to be packed solid, this felt spacious and not too busy. Certainly worth a visit!

  21. Layla Thomas Reply

    That looks like an amazing museum, we recently two museums with the kids and they really enjoyed it.

  22. Wow! My sort of museum. I have never grown out of my fascination for all things dinosaur.

  23. Sarah Roberts Reply

    I have to say l have always been fascinated with dinosaurs since l was young, i’m fortunate that our grandaughters love them too. This looks amazing great day out!

  24. Looks like a lot of fun. I am not going to Brussels any time soon, but am inspired to visit the London Museums after reading this

  25. Sue Bielewicz Reply

    The museum looks amazing, I’ve taken my kids and grandkids to the natural history museum in London and they loved it, wish we had a chance to visit brussels

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