I have often written about how difficult it is to find more unusual clothes for the boys. I am constantly on the hunt for items which are both tough enough to weather the boys energy. But at the same time interesting and different. So when Romanian 3fnky kids got in contact and asked if we would like to try out some of their gender neutral clothing I of course said yes.

I was initially drawn by the neutral colours and bold patterns. The fact that the items are designed to be gender neutral appeals to me. I also like that they are loose fitting and practical. Both boys are constantly climbing and running riot so to have clothes that move with them is essential. We ordered several items but my favourites by far are these star outfits which are available on Amazon as well as direct from their website. The pieces are designed specifically so that they are easy to match. Which means I can dress the boys in the same pattern but in different pieces.

Made from 100% cotton they are extremely comfortable and I know this because the boys always ask to wear the stars! Not only do the clothes look good, feel good they also wash well. They are thick to touch with the inside being lovely and soft. I did wonder if the new clothes feeling would disappear. But having been washed several times they are still as good as when they first put them on.

3fnky Kids clothing is available in three sizes ages 2-4, 4-6 and 6-8 years. I opted for 6-8 for Monkey who will be seven in June. He is long in the leg and arm but all the clothing fits him well. Kipper is in age 2-4. There is less room in the top and hoodie than expected but he’s very broad and this is something we have come across with other brands. Price wise on amazon the trousers are £41.50 and the cotton tops £38.00. So they are on the upper end of the price scale, however like many things you get what you pay for.

I will definitely be looking to buy more items from 3fnky Kids. The fact that they are so versatile, great quality items that wash well and the boys obviously love them. I would be silly not to, and they are even available on Amazon Prime! Which when you are a stressed working mum is invaluable.

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*We were gifted the items in the post in return for writing this blog post. All words and opinions are my


  1. Cute kids. Having those same outfits is a thing really. Makes them more connected in someway or the other.

  2. Great little review! I don’t have children myself, but will share this post with a few of my friends who do. I am sure they’ll find it very useful x

  3. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Love this brand – certainly endures the Rutgers of childhood

  4. the clothes looks so cute! i would love to wear it myself. The pattern is very pretty and at the same time useful. great set, I bet boys love it

  5. Rebecca Whatmore Reply

    Love those outfits – going to have a good look at the website.

  6. Loving the brand name 3fnky kids as much as those cool designs. Especially the zip up to the side. A lot of high street fashion tends to be quite samey, but you’d certainly stand out in one of those outfits. Gorgeous!

  7. THese outfits are so cute! I am always looking for new things for my kiddos!! I will have to check these out!

  8. These joggers are just adorable. I love when kids clothing is stylish and at the same time, super comfy for them. I can see any little boy enjoying himself in these.

  9. Gemma Hendry Reply

    theres deffo more choice for girls clothes but i think boys clothing is getting much better

  10. I love the star pattern and they look so comfy. I often look on Instagram for inspiration for boys clothes from small businesses.

  11. These look comfy and hardwaring clothes – and it’s good to see it’s all mix and match.

  12. Aw, those kids look so cute and happy! They sure look like they like their clothes 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh I love these outfits. The stars and neutral gray works really well and your boys look so cute twinning xx

  14. Love these clothes, they look really stretchy and comfy may. My boys prefer loose fitting clothes over tight jeans etc so these would be a big hit.

  15. They look so super cool in their outfits, it’s so nice to find clothes are different. I think they’re going to get so much wear out of those!

  16. The outfits are fabulous – they look comfortable and stylish. And the kids look like they are having a great time too!

  17. Much more fun than when my kids were small and things that they enjoy wearing. I’ll certainly tell my daughter and Amazon makes buying much easier too. Good post.

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